Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jesus Christ My FIRST Choice!

Today I woke up disappointed and tired, yet the SON is up as a new day has dawned and My God Who is always faithful to bring forth a new day out of every long night, is the FIRST Presence I seek and the pose I am found in is humbly at His Feet. Yes, it is a new day and I WILL position myself in His Grace! I WILL hope in Jesus and I WILL believe that God's revealed purpose of yesterday will be for His best on earth for us today, as it has been foreseen in heaven! Our God reigns and His purpose has been set forth yesterday and begun to be worked out today in each one of us, as His ultimate good will be revealed through us. Despite my disappointment in not getting what I wanted, JESUS IS FIRST and truly all I need! I take hope in this as I face changes in this nation through the eyes of His Hope!


As I opened my Facebook this morning, I found a message from a Christian friend whom I recently agreed to disagree with, as she is a Democrat for Obama and I am a Republican for McCain, yet we worked out our relationship during this election through our Common Denominator of Jesus Christ, that always and forever unifies us for all eternity! This morning she wrote me this:

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"I am thrilled to be able to see Dr. King's dream come to fruition with this election. I know most of you on this thread were McCain supporters - but this Democrat (me!) is thrilled at the outcome. As a Christian, I am hoping that the conservative faction will come behind our new President - God Bless President Barack Obama!"


In response to her Facebook message this morning, I set my heart towards God as He is my FIRST response in my all and all and I write this from my heart after God:


As a Christian, I am NOT part of a "conservative faction", but wholeheartedly Jesus Christ's in spirit and in truth. He is wholly Who I am! As a Christian, I humbly wear His name and undivided in heart, serve Him and Him Alone! Every day I get up and dedicate my life to Him and I wholly walk in His truth, not rationalizing it but believing it as He has written it on my heart, respecting it in whole and acting upon God's principles within it… Spirit and Truth that HAVE made this nation great by HIS FAVOR! JESUS FIRST!

The dream of Martin Luther King's originated with God Almighty Who breathed His breathe into mankind His Life, His Personality, His Purposes with the full intent of equality and it is Almighty God as the common denominator of this nation that unifies us now. God has a purpose in all things and His ways are not our ways. As a Christian, I bow before Him today and I vow once again to diligently serve His purposes, to work for His Kingdom and to live in the Grace of such a God as this. JESUS IS MY FIRST CHOICE! He has my full respect, whether I understand Him in all things or not, I believe in Him and respect Him wholeheartedly. Yes, I believe in God's authority on this earth and I am behind Him FIRST! My heart belongs to God Almighty 100 percent and it is my belief and hope that He uses all things to bring about His purpose in all of us. My hope rests on Him because I know He is submitted to me 100 percent of His Life and gave His Only Son so that I might live. God respected me wholeheartedly therefore, I do Him. JESUS IS MY FIRST CHOICE! He is my Advocate, my best friend, my only hope and the truest thing there is on this earth. I am 100 percent behind HIM FIRST!

As for the respect and loyalty to the United States of America and the office of President, these things do not change for me with the change of Presidents ever four years! I am a very patriotic American, whose allegiance is for this great nation and whoever holds this office! I have respected this honorable office of President of the United States and fervently prayed for each person who has held this position as I follow after Jesus Christ and His truth; hoping and believing for His Kingdom to come in all of us!

I am not deeply rooted here on this earth! This is not my home. I set my sights on the Kingdom of God FIRST, the promise made to me that will be kept by Jesus Christ, that I have a true future and I live walking in the Light of this eternal hope.

I believe God is in control of all...therefore I say: God Bless America. This is a new day in America, yet my common denominator is not new; I changed my denominator February 14th 1975 from myself to Jesus Christ and from this earth to His Kingdom and, His authority and my honor in my today, remains the same! JESUS IS MY FIRST CHOICE! I am behind JESUS FIRST and HIM alone, nothing changes this. As His Christian, I wear His Name and I am positioned under His Authority! I choose JESUS FIRST and I am His Living Legacy on this earth and He is my Provision, Peace and Protection as I rest in His Presence!

Today I wholeheartedly submit to Him in prayer: Jesus, bless our outgoing President and his family and bless our incoming President and his family by Your Spirit, Favor and Power and may Your Truth be the foundation of their lives. I pray You, Holy Spirit, would cause this country to be united by the Greatest Authority ever, Jesus Christ the One Who gave us HIS all! Jesus, You can be trusted to carry out Your promises and You are the faithful Common Denominator of this great country; You are always with us and will never change in purpose and heart towards us! As Your "living legacy" here on earth, I submit to Your will and know that Your good purposes will be done as they have been foreseen by You in heaven. AMEN! JESUS FIRST!

PS… Jesus may Your Truth always be the "ring" of our liberty and the course of our freedom. So be it! AMEN!

Glowing His Glory…. Kimberlymac



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