Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thanksgiving That Runs Deep!



I have to admit, I love Thanksgiving Day because my favorite meal on this earth is Turkey Dinner! This morning the Lord asked me this: What am I most thankful for? When asked that question my first surface thoughts of course, go to my husband, my children and my grandchildren. Selah!


As I go deeper beyond the surface thoughts, I realize that I am deeply, deeply grateful for the Cross of Calvary. You may think that is an odd thing to be thankful for! I am a very image driven person. Images refresh my memory constantly of things my heart, spirit and soul need to be reminded of. I have a picture hanging in my house of a Christ Fellowship Life Group that greatly encouraged my life. This picture reminds me to pray for them, to encourage them and it refreshes my memories of the value of relationship! So images really affect me in my walk with God! So yes, today I am thankful for the cross, an image that deeply encourages my soul in the memory of all it stands for in my life!


The Cross is an evidence of a timeless reality, a focal point of the "heavenly hindsight"

of God's Mercy that always brings hope and thanksgiving into my every day.


Worthy Is The Lamb! Hillsong


Thanksgiving That Runs Deep!

A Cross in any shape size or form will always represent for me my salvation, the changing of my destiny from death to life! The cross depicts the very reason I have a relationship with the Father God today and I am deeply thankful for my personal relationship with the One True Living God! Oh what a blessing my relationship with my Father God is to me! The cross reminds me of the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ so that I might have the freedom of a relationship with God The Father! The Cross paints a picture of me, a life destiny changed, a paid forward life with an extended future further than this moment, this day, this year, this generation or this world! I am living onward in Christ Jesus… into forever. From Life To Life! Yes, this is why this Thanksgiving week, I am completely grateful, thankful and humbled at the foot of the cross and I know you are right there with me! Thank You Jesus, Thank You For The Cross!

JESUS= Completed Resurrection Offering Succeeding, Salvation=

Every time I see a cross, I am reminded of God's Mercy of yester year that bought for me the peace, stability and hope that is in my today as I walk in the Presence of God Almighty! I am thankful today that the Cross symbolizes a change from the path of life that was leading me to death! This Thanksgiving, I stand in the shadow of The Cross that stands positioned, anchored in the Grace of God as a life-marker at the intersection of my salvation! The Cross stands forever imprinted as an image on my soul, as Jesus sealed my spirit in His Forever Life February 14th, 1974! My heavenly hindsight began that day and casts my gaze upon this cross as each day dawns to remind me of the choice I need to make! I choose a legacy of life, being a dedicated servant completely surrendered to Jesus Christ, His Way, His Truth and His Will. It was His Holy Spirit, Who met me at the crossroad of death and life, giving me a fresh new way for my feet to walk, a new message of good news for my life to talk up and replicate! Jesus set a new course of hope for me that auto-pilots me into a good future from life to life! As I carry His cross as an image that has been forever burned into my pliable heart, I am deeply thankful!



Thanksgiving That Runs Deep!

How thankful I am for the Cross of Jesus Christ! God has taught me to see His Cross in all things in my life. One day, I walked into our church renovation project only to find a scene of vandalism, where windows had been broken out and there was debris everywhere from the violent attack on our facilities and God showed me the image of His Cross in the middle of all the havoc! He does that for me in every situation I face In life, I can see His Cross, I can see His Sovereign Will and Infinite Love, I can see His mercy and I can see His Unconditional devotion! I am so deeply thankful today, that the Cross and the timeless hope that it represents is in our all; its message of mercy and new beginnings is weaved throughout our everything! I am so grateful it changed my destiny from the dictates of sin and uprooted me from the love of this world! The Cross has translated me into The Kingdom of God and filled me with all the passions, intents and love of the Lord of this Kingdom of Heaven! I am of this world, but not one of its citizens, therefore I am God's Ambassador in my life here! Jesus has written my Name in the census book of heaven, therefore I cling to the Cross of Calvary, to Jesus and I dig my roots deeper into His Kingdom with each passing moment on this earth! I know Whose I am, I know Whose purposes I represent and I know my future is awesome! My Thanksgiving Runs Deep!




THANK YOU JESUS! Thank You That Your Mercy Said No,

To My Eternal Demise And Gave Me A Future And A Hope!

Sin Demanded Justice For My Soul, But Mercy Said No!

Mercy Said No!

Thanksgiving That Runs Deep!

Lord, You asked, and I answered! Yes and Amen Lord Jesus, You are Who I am deeply thankful for and Your Cross is an image that is forever engraved in my heart, a constant reminder of my common denominator as I serve this world, yet belong to another Kingdom that is greater! Thank You Jesus! I am so grateful and humbled in the Presence of Almighty God because of You. You, Lord Jesus are so worthy of my praise and I dedicate this season of Thanksgiving unto You! My Thanksgiving thoughts run deep from the surface of worldly stuff to the heavenly hindsight of the Cross of my salvation! Jesus! Thank You!


Happy Thanksgiving, I hope for you all a sweet day of God's peace and joy!

Join me my friends and family in "A Thanksgiving That Runs Deep"!

Let Be, Be Still And Know God!


Selah! Let His Holy Spirit Take You To A Place Where God's Heavenly Hindsight Canters Past Your Mind Thoughts And Gallops To Your Heart's Treasure Chest of Wisdom And Finds A Memory Where The Cross Of Christ Is Inscribed! For Only Then In Remembrance Of Jesus' Cross, Will Your Thanksgiving Run Deep!


Position Yourself in His amazing grace, within the stillness of Your Spirit! Develop a Thanksgiving that runs deep by becoming willess and allowing your inner personality to be refreshed in the profundity of a grateful praise that saturates your soul, as your inner spirit-man rests under The Shadow Of The Cross Of Jesus, In The Destiny Of His Peace!

Thanksgiving That Runs Deep

It Is My Hope For All Of Us, God's Servant Warriors To Be Gripped This Thanksgiving, In A Gratefulness That Runs Deep! I Pray That His Almighty Hands Undergird Our Lives This Thanksgiving Day, By His Omnipresent Sovereignty That Upholds His Mercy With An Infinite Love… Forevermore! God Bless You Much!

Jesus This Thanksgiving, Lead Us To The Cross

Lead Me To The Cross Hillsong




Completed         Refinement         Of         Sin,         Shame    

Consecrated     Redemption     Of         Soul,     Spirit     

Certified         Ransomed         Offered     Simply,    Sincerely    

Constant         Reminder         Of         Serene,     Stillness    

Calvary         Resurrected     Our         Spiritual,     Salvation    

Creditable         Restoration     Offered     Selfishly,     Sacrificially    

Crucified         Redeemer         Our         Sacred,     Sanctification


JESUS= Completed Resurrection Offering Succeeding, Salvation=



Galatians 6:14

I never want to brag about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through that cross the ways of the world have been crucified as far as I am concerned. And I have been crucified as far as the ways of the world are concerned.

New International Reader's Version (NIRV) Copyright © 1996, 1998 by International Bible Society


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