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Military Families Perusing Psalm 11

Military Families Perusing
Psalm Eleven

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Perusing For: Purpose-Truth

As a person in a military family/friend what truth, what purpose of God do I see in this Psalm for me and my military warrior?

  • I like verse 4 and 5! They define purpose the best!
    The Lord is in his holy temple. The Lord is on his throne in heaven. He watches all people. His eyes study them. 5 The Lord watches over those who do what is right. But he hates sinful people and those who love to hurt others.
  • What can we do? When we are battle weary, justice seems like it will never happen. Yet God, our Advocate continually has His eye out for justice for all of us!
  • God is our Way-Maker! Jesus is the common denominator of our liberty! The Holy Spirit knows when we are battle-weary that injustices can truly knock us off course and He knows exactly when injustices occur and has made a way for us already He works in the unseen to right our lives at all times. We have the Triune God Who goes before us and also protects us from behind! AWE-GOD!
  • As a military warrior and a military family member I must do what it takes to trust God completely! Why? God is always watching over us, our warrior and our families. The Word of God will guide us, to do what is right and we will discover God's Kingdom purpose in our battle weariness – we will see with clarity His justice and it will infuse our weariness with the Light of His Hope!

Perusing For-Promise

What is God promising my military family/friend in this Psalm? What promise can I hold on to this week as my promise for them?

  • Verse 7! is definitely the promise that will get in my heart to batte my weariness.
    The Lord always does what is right. So he loves it when people do what is fair. Those who are honest will enjoy his blessing.
  • As I walk in integrity and honor He will bless me with His justice and Favor.
  • When I am battle weary, my courage needs a blessing boost from God! This scripture gives me hope and strengthens my resolve to always do what is right and expect a blessing of favor and strength from My God – My Commander and Chief!
  • Even when I am feeling truly battle weary, if I choose God 1st, He will bless me and I will grow through it. AWE-GOD!

Perusing For-Praise

What does God show me in this psalm about praising Him?

  • Verse three and four really stood out to me!
    3 When law and order are being destroyed, what can godly people do?" 4 The Lord is in his holy temple.
  • Praise is a great weapon for the battle weary! We must remember to praise God! Praise Him That He Is Present, Omnipresent God!
  • When we can't do anything we praise Him, when we can do something we praise Him. Praise Him! We always praise Him because praise is a shield of faith to keep our souls from getting hit from the enemy and to keep us from being wounded with battle weariness! Praise Him when we lose, praise Him when we win. Always Praise God!
  • In war there is no law, and no order to our days and this can truly make us battle weary. God restores our souls through praise! Praise Him when you feel battle weary and He will lift your soul above and beyond what you even thought He could.
  • We praise You, Almighty God! You are in your Holy Temple. This is our Holy Ground! We Praise You On Holy Ground And Every Burden Becomes Light, And Our Battle Weariness Is Lifted! AWE-GOD! Praise!

Perusing For-Prayer

What verse can I use as a prayer for my military family/friend this week?

  • I really liked verse 6 - it gave me wisdom and hope.
    6 He will pour out flaming coals and burning sulfur on those who do what is wrong. A hot and dry wind will destroy them.
  • Let God Be Enough! He Is! I like this prayer because it shows that God is able to take care of my enemies. I pray it for my warrior today and it helps me to let go and let God fight the battles.
  • Battle Weariness can cause an irrational emotional reaction! Don't be impulsive. When things get wronged, don't try to make it right by anger instead of waiting on God's wisdom. Don't take justice in your own hands.
  • Ask God For Help! Vengeance is Mine says the Lord. God is a God of Justice and He does undergird our military families with the eternal strength of His Kingdom purpose. True Justice in our every situation does matter to our God!
  • God's Kingdom is founded upon principles of righteousness, peace and joy for all. God is the common denominator of all things fair! So pray to God when you have been wronged, when life treats you unfairly, pray to the God of Justice, the God Who makes all things right!
  • The wisdom I gained was this: For the battle weary, God is the best Way–Maker there is! Talk To God Today! Ask Him To Destroy Your Enemies! He Can – He Will!

Perusing To-BE His! Just Do it

As a part or head of a military family, which verse helps me to be better, to act better, to trust God the best this week?

  • These verses 1-2 give me the best wisdom for overcoming my battle weariness.
    I run to the Lord for safety. So how can you say to me, "Fly away like a bird to your mountain. 2 Look! Evil people are bending their bows. They are placing their arrows against the strings. They are planning to shoot from the shadows at those who have honest hearts.
  • Are you battle weary? Run to God! The truth is – God Wins! God is our true Commander and Chief and His Justice wins out in the end.
  • Always be repositioning yourself in God's Grace! Be found in Him, endure and grow through the unfairness of life, because in the end God's right prevails. Evil shoots out its lies and hopes you exchange them for your truth. So keep fighting the good fight of faith, hoping in God's Justice because eventually His good does prevail and He rights every wrong in that special way only He can.
  • This Psalm 11 really supports the battle weary! Are you battle weary? If I am battle weary then I know I have exchanged the truth for a lie! The truth is God is simply my enough! Let God Be Enough! The Truth is – God has won – His Justice will win out in the end. Be found in Him, endure and grow through the unfairness of life, because in the end God's right prevails.
  • God has His eye out for justice for all of us! He is the common denominator of our Liberty! Cling To The God Of Justice–Endure-Grow Through The Injustices Of Life–––Eventually All Is Balanced By His Kingdom Purpose!
  • I realize to fight this battle weariness I must dig my roots deeper in His Infinite Love and stand firm in it, because eventually in Christ Jesus – ALL IS GOOD!


Dig Deeper! Dig Deeper!
Simply-Significantly: Let God Be Enough!


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