Friday, December 12, 2008

Twas The Night…

Twas The Night Before Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas poems to read. I have read it thousands of times! The Lord gave me a new rendition of it; it is what I call a "truth filled twist" of divine implications of Twas The Night Before Christmas! LOL! The Bridegroom is Jesus and the Church is the Bride! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!


Twas the night before Glory-Glow

written by Kimberlymac

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the earth,

darkness hovered over trying to mask The Bridegroom's Birth.

A chasm of eternal darkness, a stocking of fright,

hung on the hearth of humanity… so purposefully this night;

the Glory-Glow, the Bridegroom's Nativity was out of sight.

Original sin was nestled snug in the Bride's bed,

as satan's plan rested comfortably in God's stead.

While visions of captivity danced in the Bride's head,

despair blindfolded her heart, keeping her God-relationship dead.

The Church dressed in her hopelessness, the Bride tearfully capped,

settled down in winters lair and eternally napped.

Then without a fuss, without human clatter,

Almighty God arose, completely fixing the matter!

And by God's breath of redemption, His Son swaddled in meekness

was carefully sent to take care of the latter!

Away to the manger "Heaven's Revelation" flew like a flash,

tore open earth's shutters, threw open the Bride's sash;

Aroused from sleep, she hastily slipped out,

And hurried to follow this Shepherd's Star-Shout…

J trying to find out what all this angelic fuss was about.

The Bride hastened to pursue The Light she did not know,

by the glow of Salvations Scepter on new-fallen snow.

When to her wondering heart should appear,

The True Meaning of Life from her Bridegroom so dear!

But not in the form of a proud ruling king,

No, it was a baby in a manger, causing angels to gloriously sing!

With His mother, His father and Three Wisemen around,

She knew in a moment that this was Holy Ground!

On the wings of God's Eagle this Little Savior came,

And God the Father, that day called Jesus Christ, His High Name.

Then The Father God suddenly proclaimed with a heavenly shout:

Now, King of Kings, Now Prince of Peace,

On Counselor, On Deliver, On Healer, On Teacher

Now Sovereign and Mighty Savior,

My Church can now know what true life is about!

To the top of heaven, and unto the pinnacles of earth,

Away Holy Spirit, dash away One, then all…

proclaiming this miracle of My Son's Birth.

The days of His life ahead, miracles will fly

And meet all human obstacles, His Spirit raised to the sky!

Upon a cross He will be lifted up on high,

From here to there unto forever,

without giving an earthly reasoning of why!

To return with Salvation and a heart full of gifts,

With the Holy Spirit in tow, to always give us a lift!

That His Bride of Christ might live above all things,

In the light of the glory-glow of her promise ring!

And then in a twinkling of an eye, He left to prepare,

A home for us in heaven… to be with us there.

Just as the Apostles were turning around,

waiting in the upperoom to be found,

The Holy Spirit slipped in with great abound.

Dressed in tongues of fire, He anointed them head to foot;

And no more were their hearts to be dressed in soot.

A bundle of gifts the Holy Spirit flung on their back,

And they went out into the world opening their pack.

They shared with the world about a Jesus so Merry,

and asked them to come into His Kingdom and not to tarry.

They told them His Word looked like a sword and a bow;

with it their lives could be an all consuming glory-fire aglow.

The tune of His Kingdom desires beat with a heart white as snow,

And our lives should always reflect this same glory-glow.

And The Blood He spilt willess, with pain and clenched teeth,

would leave our hearts encircled, sealed in a beautiful life-wreath!

He had a beautiful face, the Image of God's Glory Aglow,

in order that we could be His reflection… wherever we go.

A Christmas Glory-Glow to enlighten those we meet,

so they too may walk through life with His Father's Hind Feet.

He was and is now our everything… all we should be, so

I laughed joyously when I saw Him, in spite of little old fleshly me!

A wink of His Spirit, then I am held in His hand,

always yielding to His will, keeping Him the tune of my heart-band!

This soon gave me to know, I have nothing to dread,

As long as I keep His Word in my heart and head!

He spoke not a word, but went straight to His work table,

And filled my heart full, carving on it Christian as my label!

I sat as responsive clay on His potter's wheel watching Him work,

suddenly He was finished and I U-turned with a jerk;

And laying His right hand upon my heart, with finger aside of his nose,

And giving an approving nod, up to Heaven He arose;

He sprang to His Throne, sat in His position of Grace ,that now I can see,

He paid for it through His personal life fee;

With His feet on His footstool, He then began interceding for me,

that I might be strong, faithful and always in Him be!

But I heard Him exclaim, ere I am never out of sight,

"Go Ye Therefore… Glory-Glow… Share My Christmas Light!

Happy Christmas To All,

And To All May A Good Future Be In Your Sight!"


Written By Kimberly McCarthy

Merry Christmas~Glow With It~Glory-Glow!

December 2007


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