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Military Families Perusing Psalm Twelve

Military Families Perusing
Psalm Twelve


Perusing For: Purpose-Truth

As a person in a military family/friend what truth, what purpose of God do I see in this Psalm for me and my military warrior?

  • I Like Verse 6! I See God's Purpose All OverIt!
    The words of the Lord are perfect. They are like silver made pure in a clay furnace. They are like silver made pure seven times over.
  • This verse really shows the purpose of God's Truth! Always! Always Your Word is with us and has been since the world was spoke into being by AWE-GOD Constant-Consistent -- Omnipresent-Omnipotence!
  • God, Your Word is always powerfully perfect for every situation of military families as we struggle to grow through our deployments in times of war and in times of peace.
  • Jesus, Your Word is the perfect common denominator for our purpose, hope and peace. It is full of Kingdom Purpose in a constant-consistency that gives us hope and courage!

Perusing For-Promise

What is God promising my military family/friend in this Psalm? What promise can I hold on to this week as my promise for them?

  • Verse 5 And 7 Are Powerful Promises That Will Always Comfort Us!
    5 The Lord says, "The weak are beaten down. Those who are in need groan. So I will stand up to help them. 7 Lord, you will keep us safe. You will always keep sinners from hurting us.
  • When I first read verse five, it just really touched my heart that God would stand up to help me and then I read verse seven and the promise was sealed with an always! How sweet is that?!!
  • As I read these promises, I realize the hope of this truth that is quieting my fears with God's peace: Always You, Almighty God are present to protect, keep, guide and defend my warrior in body-spirit and soul! Always you will be with our families in spirit and truth as we grow through our deployments.
  • The promise the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart right now is: God will always keep our families united, being the common denominator of our all and everything by His Spirit-Hope-Peace as we spend deployment time separated by continents with concern for our warriors as they battle with those who terrorize the freedom and lives of all men.
  • In response to the promise of these two verses all I can say from my heart to God's is this: Father God, Your Omnipresent Justice and Omnipotence always targets with Kingdom purpose and huge hope, giving our military inner peace-strength with promise as they continue to defend our freedoms for our country and make liberty ring louder and better for people in other countries!

Perusing For-Praise

What does God show me in this psalm about praising Him?

  • I Chose Verses 2-3 Because True Praise Is All About The "Always Of Our God"!
    Everyone tells lies to his neighbors. With his lips he praises others, but he doesn't really mean it. 3 May the Lord cut off all lips that don't mean what they say. May he cut out every tongue that brags.
  • I realize when reading this verse there is false and true praise! I guess it depends upon the motive of our hearts and whether our praise is horizontal or vertical! Hmmmmmm! I can really see through this verse that when we become too focused on ourselves, on our own independence- we become braggarts. When we brag- we do not praise God, we praise ourselves. I wonder if when we brag about our God, if our feet are not centered in the gospel of His love and hope and our walk is not pointing people to Christ... I wonder if our praise is false! Hmmmmm! Interesting verse! That is why I picked it! Food for thought... LOL!
  • False praise is something our military encounters a lot with the Taliban because their praise is centered only in self and not based on true reality. They brag to pump each other up and their praise has nothing of the Truth and Presence of our Almighty God in it. I am thinking that false praise that comes from braggarts is really dead praise, it goes nowhere except to the graveyard of words that don't make the eternal distance. False Praise=Dust! True Praise=Always All About-Unto Our God!
  • Our warriors need the strength that praising God brings to them, so I hope huge for "True Praise" to rise up in their camps; praise unto God that will bring forth a purity of strength in their hearts and carry them forth in courage and tenacity through their days. True Praise Unto God Enables Warriors To Know The Might Of Their Savior!
  • Lord, thank you for showing me the difference between bragging and praising because I realize it is a matter of the heart and where it is attached too. The issues of our lives do arise out of our heart of worship and what we care about most and that is why we need to cling to God, dig our roots deeper in His love and devour His Word! Warriors Always Praise Unto And For God! AWE-GOD!

Perusing For-Prayer

What verse can I use as a prayer for my military family/friend this week?

  • I Like Verses 1-3 Because They Show And Tell The Real Human Condition!
    Help, Lord! Those who do what is right are gone. Those who are faithful have disappeared from the earth. 2 Everyone tells lies to his neighbors. With his lips he praises others, but he doesn't really mean it. 3 May the Lord cut off all lips that don't mean what they say. May he cut out every tongue that brags.
  • Oh! We All Have "The Human Condition" Of Fleshing Out The Evil In Our Hearts! Our hearts are wicked at times and we do need to diligently guard our hearts through prayer and the word of God. We just need to do it! I know I do! As we face the stress of being a Military Family, we need to guard our hearts! I don't want to be one of "those" who don't do what is right, to be lumped in the category of "gone"! Lord help us to say what we mean and mean what we say and to not only wear Your Name but to be Your Character-Purity-Righteousness as we grow through our lives in military families! Always! Constantly-Consistently Always Being Yours And Acting Like It!
  • Sometimes I feel like I am going to throw up when I see the news reports of the vileness of war! When I get thoroughly disgusted and horrified by the hideous acts of our enemy, and fear, worry and anxiety start to rise in me, I always turn to God and cry out for help and He is always there to listen, comfort and balance out my weak flesh with His strength. PS! And as I listen to the fictitious threats of the Taliban against our military, I like these verses -- a lot! Can you see my smile? LOL!
  • Reading these verses, I realize life is all about the "Who" you serve with your heart passion! The taliban do not know any law higher than themselves – but that does not make the Omnipresent-Omnipotence of our God any less! The taliban have absolutely no value for human life and that is why we know we need to pray for God's help to understand and withstand them! They are a vicious enemy that is always plotting some coward act of evil behind your back! But God – He is the consistent-constant in this war and in the life of our warriors! Jesus is consistently and constantly interceding and intervening for our troops. He is an always-faithful advocate in the land of terror where there is nothing right as lawlessness is soaked in human dysfunction by the principalities and powers of evil.
  • Sometimes when I hear the taliban brag on news reports how they are going to kill all Americans, I can't help but feel so helpless! I pray and cry for God's help for my warrior, and instantly the comfort of God's truth comes, the truth that we can always trust our God to be the consistent-constant aid and to make all things right. Therefore Pray! Ask God For Help! He Is Always There For Us, As A Formidable Advocate! He Can Handle Anything! Let God Be Enough! Because He Truly Is! He Is Always, Always, Always For Us And Bringing About The Kingdom Best In Us And Through Us! AWE-GOD!

Perusing To-BE His! Just Do it

As a part or head of a military family, which verse helps me to be better, to act better, to trust God the best this week?

  • I Like Verse Five! I See In It That Whatever We Are Growing Through, Jesus Is Simply-Significantly Our Enough!
    Now will I arise, says the Lord, because the poor are oppressed, because of the groans of the needy; I will set him in safety and in the salvation for which he pants.
  • Praying and laying out all our fears, worries, hopes and dreams before our God, we realize quickly that He always brings us to a constant position of security in His Grace and a place of safety-salvation by His consistent omnipotence. We need to place our military families in His capable hands and Let God Be Enough!
  • I read this verse and I realize this: I Must Be Found In Belief! How do we do that when we face so many emotions and fears each day our Military Warrior is at war and daily their lives are in danger? Military Families, we must settle it! We must settle the truth that our God is simply-significantly enough for us and He is always present in power for us! Belief must become more than a definition of our Christianity; it must become what defines us in the all of our everything.
  • I am realizing as a military family member, we must continually reposition ourselves to be found in Jesus, He is always a consistent-constant in a world that changes every day and in Him we have a great future and a hope that is unchangeable because He lives! AWE-GOD! Believe In Him! Just Be Found In Belief


    Above Are My Insights From Perusing Psalm 12. The Scripture References Are Taken From: New International Reader's Version (NIRV) Copyright © 1996, 1998 by Biblica

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