Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Gotta Shine!

Nothing makes sense anymore in this world, everything and everyone is flip-flopped from being to doing, from growing to just going through and from caring to isolation. I went out yesterday to run a bunch of errands and people are so unattached to each other. No one truly cares. I had a full day of it, experiencing the world where there is no compassion, no forbearance, just angry, harried, frustrated, mean, ugly people who are not sharing the love, compassion, life, hope and peace of Jesus Christ. No one goes above and beyond anymore to help anyone.


Everyone does just what is expected of them and does it with no heart, no care for their fellow human beings. People have lost the idea of a servant's heart, they have abandoned their care, their compassion and isolation from heart to heart communication seems to be the norm. No servant's hearts, just doing the motion from their will and not being a part of the flow of it from their soul. I had horns blown at me, people grouch me because I stepped too close to the line in the wrong place, people not wanting to help me even though it was their job, wanting me to fix something that was in the realm of their service, people just don't care anymore. It makes my heart cry out for heaven, for Jesus to come on earth as HE is in heaven.


This is supposed to be the Christmas Season, but now more than ever, more than any season thus far it is Xmas and this is what it feels like when Christ is taken out of Christmas. So more than ever, we gotta, we gotta, we gotta let HIS LIGHT Shine. We can't give up, we have to SHINE in this darkness.


Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B07iK9uh9qY

"We Are Children Of The Day, So Wake Up Sleeper, We Were Made For More Than This- Fight The Shadows- Make The Most Of The Time We Have Left. We Are The Light Of The World And We Gotta Let The Light Shine." Kari Jobe

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