Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Ushered In Kingdom Hope!
There Is A Place For Us!

This song has encouraged me more than ever. We, The Bride Of Christ were made for so much more! This season of my life has been hard, I have not done well with all its changes, trying to adjust my focus and stay in a Holy Alignment with God and His Kingdom purposes.
I realize I have to give up more of what I thought makes me, me in this world and gain more of what God wants me to be for His Kingdom. God Shaped! I was made for so much more. It is difficult letting go of what you know, a way of life you have lived and are comfortable with.
My American life-style in its creature comforts of home has been rooted deeply in my soul. I feel God is tearing up my roots and transplanting them in His Kingdom. Ouch It Hurts! But It Is For My Good! The construction industry hit the road years ago, no more were we working in our home towns, we had to go where the work was. It has been hard going with my husband who is a traveling superintendent. We go from job to job, leaving my home, all I know and loved behind. I go into a new community, I make friends and I try to get settled for the short while I will be there. I try to bloom where God plants me and be His encouragement, pointing people to Him. Life is hard this way, the many challenges of it overwhelm me at times. Many times I cry out to God asking Him if He is sure I am up for this. LOL! Can you imagine little old me asking HUGE Sovereign God if what He did was right? Oh My!
Letting go of all I know that has brought joy to my heart, my family, my family home and my community and being transient, never settling down very long in one place, makes me know more and more I don't belong here in this world. I was made for more than this!  Now this year, we may even have to take it one step further and either pack up, sell some of our belongings in order to rent our family home, or up and sell it all together! Either way, I have to part with furniture and things I have had for years, sentimental things that are attached to my heart memories and sometimes I wonder: Why me?  Why me Lord? A simple person who has not wanted much, just security and a place called home. What are you trying to teach me Lord? What Godly characteristic are you molding in me, and in what way is this making me more like You?
You, Jesus, the King of all, Who came to earth the 1st Christmas to save me; You, the creator of all Who walked the earth homeless, with nowhere to lay Your head! You, Jesus because of Your Great, Infinite Love, because of Your mission to save the world, gave it all. You were ALL in and completely for me. I, in retrospect, I am a sorry example of what You are and have been.
I am sorry Jesus, please forgive me that I am so attached to my home and to a few things that stir my sentimental heart, that I complain when You ask me to leave them behind. Please forgive my human condition, Oh King of heaven, the ONE Who did leave behind everything, and laid down all rights so I could have a future in the Kingdom of God, a place where I do belong; a great future and an awesome hope!
Jesus! Please forgive me for holding on so tightly to things that don't matter, stuff that has no eternal value. I pray you give me a second chance to learn how to let go and be completely YOURS. I desire to be used by YOU to make an eternal difference, just like YOU did. Nothing in this world mattered to YOU, except for us…. not even YOUR life; You where ALL in with us and did not tuck yourself comfortably in this world at night, but worked to bring forth a new morning light. You did not hold tightly to things, You held tightly to the hope of our salvation. Jesus! I want to be like You. Please help me. Change my human condition, change my heart; make me like YOU, ALL in with the Kingdom of God.
I listen to this song today and I know I was made for more than the "keeping of a home here"; I was made for more than what my heart can even begin to desire. I do have a home, it is not here. I do have a place I belong, it is not here; yet here I was made to be YOURS and exactly Who I am and what You bring me through is enough, because my faith is in YOU! My hope in You and my future home will make me strong in the all of my life God Adventures.
Jesus! Thank you! This is what YOU want for me in this season of my life, it makes me very uncomfortable, yet much comfort is to be found in YOU as I exchange my focus from here to there with You. What a paradox life is as I let go and let God, I find freedom in my soul! The harder I hold on to me and what I want, the weaker I become!
Change me Jesus, change my heart, align it with Your Perfect Will for me. I pray that I will be able to stay in Holy Alliance with Your Sovereign Will for me, as I cling tightly to Your Infinite Love. I desire to be YOURS 1st before I seek to be comfortable here. I am called to YOU 1st and Your Kingdom mission. Jesus!

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