Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Family Prayer: Willessness=Revival

Excerpt From Family Prayer: “Willessness=Revival” Written By: Kimberly Mac Precious One, today if you are stuck in a riptide of life circumstances and tired of striving and beating the air…. Be revived in Him! Discipline yourself to willessness and be found in His purposes! Psalm 69:32 The humble shall see it and be glad; you who seek God, inquiring for and requiring Him [as your first need], let your hearts revive and live! Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation I have been learning over the past year to live a life of “willessness” before God. My nature used to pay forward a disrespectful-cocky arrogance, as I made my own plans and clung tightly to my personal dreams! I have experienced by my many “willful flesh fits” that personal dreams, plans and wants tightly held on too, is like swimming in a rip tide desperately striving to make it to your safe place, where you know your feet will be anchored in pleasant sand! If you have ever fought against a rip tide, you know that all you get is very tired, frustrated, defeated and nowhere fast! Precious Family, Jesus is placed over our all in all! It is our place to be willess before Him, positioned in His Grace: silent, still, trusting and honoring Him first; only then will we safely reach the Kingdom Shore and step out confidently in the big footprints of God! The cool thing is… willessness-obedience always leads to a better way and has totally surprised me many times as I have realized God’s Kingdom purposes, plans, dreams and visions and seeing through heavenly hindsight how they have yielded more than I ever expected, hoped or dreamed for! Willessness! Just Do It! Glow In The Glory Of His Reviving Presence! *My Prayer-HIS-THOUGHTS: KimberlyMac Shining 4-Him-Always-4Ever!* · Jesus revive us, this family… each one from the inside (our hearts-Your will) to the outside (our life-walk-Your plan)! May we glow Your Glory in our lives as we submit to You in our all in all! Jesus, Lord of our all! · Father God cause us to be a family whose reputation states: approval needed daily and sought after not by our might, power, deeds, actions but by our spirit connecting with the Spirit and Truth of our God… heart-to-heart! · Father I pray that Your Countenance will shine upon our character, giving Your life-reflection as the façade of our human nature. Make it so upon us. To Dig Deeper, Pray Deeper and Live Deeper email me and I will send you the full document prayer for: Willessness=Revival! Remember To: Talk It Up! Live It! Glow God’s Glory! Leave Your Comment To Encourage Others! Talk It Up! God Bless You Much Kimberlymac

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