Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Suddenly... It Stinketh!!

“He does not need to transplant us into a different field, but right where we are, with just the circumstances that surround us, he makes his sun to shine and his dew to fall upon us, and transforms the very things that were before our greatest hindrances into the chiefest and most blessed means of our growth. No difficulties in your case can baffle him, no dwarfing of your growth in years that are past, no apparent dryness of your inward springs of life, no crookedness or deformity in any of your past development, can in the least mar the perfect work that he will accomplish, if you will only put yourselves absolutely into his hands and let him have his own way with you.” Quote By: Hannah Whitall Smith Dear Precious Family! Jesus is Our Peace! He is a fresh fragrance that enriches our souls and creates an atmosphere of normalcy and security in our spirit; even if our world is suddenly out whack and really stinketh, Jesus Our Prince Of Peace, Is our Immediate Source of Life, Light, Fragrance and Help! Yes He Is! The Fragrance Of God Be With Us! So Be It! Yes, your life can suddenly be interrupted with a stench that encompasses your life-path with irreconcilable stink!!! In other words… suddenly the sh… well in honor of my relationship with the Lord, out of respect for Him…. I will say it like this… suddenly the “doo doo hits the fan” and your world is covered with the mess of it and the sickening smell of it follows you all around, clinging to your thoughts, attitudes and emotions! Yes, suddenly your enemy is shoveling it on you like no other and you feel like the situation is an impossible clean up, you thoughts keep nagging at you, establishing in a your head a mindset that says you will never get your life back to normal! You go to work, the smell is with you, you try to work it off and it still is just as strong, you try all kinds of remedies to clean up and it works temporarily, but then you get up in the morning and you are still stepping in doo, doo… reeking of it! “Just as the wise sailor can use a head wind to carry him forward by tacking and taking advantage of its impelling force; so it is possible for us in our spiritual life through the victorious grace of God to turn to account the things that seem most unfriendly and unfavourable, and to be able to say continually, "The things that were against me have happened to the furtherance of the Gospel.” Quote By Anonymous Okay, What now! Well… you have a choice to make! Here are your options: either you sit in it, grovel in it, try temporary air fresheners from today to tomorrow and forever; or maybe you could do the religiosity thing: “this doo-doo is not here”… “ this doo-doo does not smell bad”… “I bind this doo- doo In the Name of Jesus”… “I command you smelly doo-doo to be gone”; or you could cry out to Jesus and watch and see how He comes… immediately…. right to where you are… sitting right next to you in the middle of the stench, the mess and the impossibility…. He comes! Yes! You could tell Him the truth that He already sees, already smells! You could tell Him: “Jesus, my life is a mess, it really stinks and I can’t fix it, I have tried… but nothing has changed. I don’t know how this happened to me, but suddenly I am in this impossible life-situation and I can’t clean it up by myself and I feel stuck in this reeking mess and Oh boy does it stink to high heaven!” He will tell you: “I AM here with You. I will be with You through it and I will stay in it with you until it is cleaned up.” He will say: “Take My Right Hand and promise Me that you will not just “go” through this, but that you will “grow” through this with Me, by My power and My strength!” He will come along side of You and together you will sweep up the mess as you follow His lead, daily doing what He asks, what is right and working out Your relationship with Him until the reeking mess is gone! “Buried under the biggest burden is a good place to find an even bigger blessing.” Quote By Janette Oke Yes, He is the Right Choice! Whether You Created The Mess Or Someone Dumped It On You, The Only Permanent Solution to Your Sudden Stink Is Jesus! 1. He will purify your life path with the Presence of The Holy Spirit and He will fill your life with His fragrance that completely overwhelms any kind of “doo, doo” that hits the fan of your life! 2. His peace can and will carry you through, until your life path is pure, clean and new. It is Finished! After all… He is the Prince Peace! He is the Peace that surpasses all “doo-doo” and there is no “doo-doo” that He has not smelled, that He can’t deal with, that He can’t cleanse. He and only He can make your life clean, pure and fragrant again by His Holiness and Power. He can! He will! 3. He is Lord of the Impossible! Impossible does not challenge or even tap into His vast ability and mighty sovereign power! To Him, your clean up is far from impossible, there is nothing unfeasible to Him! What seems like an insurmountable situation to you, to Him it is already cleaned up and solved. He is the Master of the messes! There is no disarray that can challenge Him in any way. Nothing confuses Him, nothing stumps Him and nothing surprises Him! He created us, He knows the ways of man and He has seen firsthand what the flesh can “doo-doo”! WE do not challenge Him, He is after all… Almighty Creator God!! 4. He is Sovereign and in control of our environment and He can clean up any mess mankind creates by our fleshly failing and by the consequences of sin! 5. He is our Peace, our Fragrance that makes the stenches of this life bearable, purified and eventually brand new! “Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God's plans, but God is not helpless among the ruins. God's love is still working. He comes in and takes the calamity and uses it victoriously, working out His wonderful plan of love.” Quote By Eric Liddell Precious Family, when the “doo-doo” hits the fan on your life path, I pray that you will turn to Jesus… He is there…. Always with us! He waits for you to call out to Him from the pit of stench and He will pick you up, cleanse you off give you the tools, wisdom, strength, peace, perseverance and hope in quality and quantity; more than you could ever hope for dream for or imagine for your situation. He after all is, “The Price of Peace” and you will know His Peace that can surpass any “doo-doo” that the consequences of humanity’s sin, the consequences of your choices, the trials of life, the tempting of your enemy, the attack of your enemy…. All of it… Jesus alone is all you need. He is the Permanent Peace, the Ever present Fragrance that surpasses anything that for any reason, hits the fan and suddenly covers you in the “doo-doo” of humanity. YES…Jesus surpasses everything and anything and He can and He will make all things new! Jesus! Praise You! Prince Of Peace! Almighty God! You are….. You will be…. You can… You do! When Life Suddenly Stinks! Take Hope! The Fragrance Of God Rules! Jesus! Written by Kimberlymac “When circumstances seem impossible, when all signs of grace in you seem at their lowest ebb, when temptation is fiercest, when love and joy and hope seem well-nigh extinguished in your heart, then rest, without feeling and without emotion, in the Father's faithfulness.” Quote By D. Tryon Precious Family: I pray today for His Peace, His Presence, His Provision, His Protection And His Position of Grace To Be Yours Today In Abundance! Just Do It! Cry Out To Jesus every time your life-path suddenly gets littered by the stench of “do-do”! He will be with you through it all! Jesus! Luke 18:27 Jesus replied, "Things that are impossible with people are possible with God." New International Reader's Version (NIRV) Copyright © 1996, 1998 by International Bible Society

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Princess Teresa said...

Well, yes the doo-doo does stinketh!

Thankin Him for the redemption of the doo-doo He has done for Chris by giving Him recognition and an award for a job well done.

By the way, Well done to you too.

Love, tb