Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Live In And By God's Genuine Truth

This is an excerpt from: Family Prayer "Live In And By God's Genuine Truth" By Kimberlymac
Isaiah 45:18-19! I loved reading this today! It just renewed my soul! In a world where truth is whitewashed by relativity, rationalization and reason, this truth is a refreshing cleansing-detox to our spirit! God is pure, wholesome truth! How thankful I am for The Spirit of Truth! How much of what we hear each day is 100 percent truth and how much of it is stereotyped white-lies used selfishly to manipulate, control, flatter or impress? Genuine truth is such a rarity in our culture! Christians: I wonder if we speak it, live it or portray it? Do we live in and through God’s truth? Are we genuine to the core of our spirit? Are we real head to toe? Are we a reflection of this majestic truth of God? I hope and pray so! · God’s Legitimate Truth! Make it so in this family Lord Jesus! Make us a family that seeks genuine truth first and foremost in our all in all! · Holy Spirit create in us a pure hearts that speaks from holy lips, only that which is untainted truth, motivated by holiness and controlled by the Holy Spirit! · Jesus keep us from exaggerating, stretching, white-lying and rationalizing that we might be people of living, legitimate truth! · Holy Spirit cause us to be a family who walks in the wholeness of truth; saturated in our souls by the Object of genuine reality…. Jesus Christ! · Make it so in this family Lord Jesus! Make it happen in us, a genuineness of truth prevailing over our cuturalism of white-washed deceit!
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God Bless You Much! Kimberlymac