Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Sweet Ocean Breeze

A Sweet Ocean Breeze

By Kimberlymac


A sweet ocean breeze on my face,

reminds me of AWE-GOD'S Grace!


New hope rises up, saturating my heart,

I peacefully sit still and receive God's new start.


My flesh is tremendously weak, I feel it so!

AWE-GOD You are with me, this I know!


I sit at the shore dreaming of things to come,

hoping huge in AWE-GOD, for all not just some.


The waves crash violently upon the shore,

and the sandcastle I toiled to build is no more.


My mind is stirred with thoughts of 'what for'?

Yet, my heart remains AWE-GOD forevermore!

When God shuts a door, He opens way more!


Watching the waves come, I realize-know,

I have willfulness in my soul I must forego!

Selflessness is needed to sow,

in order to have patient-power to go!


I will hope in My AWE-GOD,

focus not on my loss;

counting the cost,

I will see past His cross.


The ocean breeze was God's tell and show,

I heard it and saw it, therefore,

to His Harvest field I humbly go.


Share the gospel, a Kingdom to grow,

AWE-GOD Whose Life all need to know!


The Ocean Breeze, Your Grace-Tis Thee,

it touches my passion-with Your heart I agree!

I cry out with purpose, by your eyes I see!

'Do It Again Lord – Salvation! Use Me!'

It is You, AWE-GOD, I hope huge they see!


The ocean breeze gently at my back,

I know there is nothing I lack,

His wisdom is sure to keep me on track.

I lean on His truth, this is a fact!


My AWE-GOD goes before me,

this truth I clearly see,

in His Presence on bended knee;

in the ALLNESS of His Love for me!


Oh Sweet Ocean Breeze-

Gently Breathing God's Grace,

I hope huge today to be a reflection

of AWE-GOD's Face.


Written By Kimberlymac

As I Sat At The Beach, Sadly Crying

Out To God, Because I Had Taken A

Step Backwards, Making A Choice

To Give In To Fear- Being Angry-

Not Trusting- Being Impulsive.

I Cried Out To God For Forgiveness.

He Answered With The Poem!







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