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Romans 15:13

Make My Life Excellent In You-Constant In Your Courage!

Verse Of The

"Love from the center of who you are; don't fake it. Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good. Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle." - Romans 12:10

My Thoughts About This:

Jesus, You want us to know how to love even though we are playing second fiddle. You want us to love just a deeply as if we had 1st chair. Help us Lord, that is so unnatural for us, it feels uncomfortable. Please teach me Jesus to be second fiddle with a good attitude. Jesus.

When you feel invisible, like you don't fit in this world at all-close your eyes-take God's hand!

#tworship Boyd Bailey

Loved To Love

"We love because he first loved us." 1 John 4:19

Almighty God loves with an incredible love. His love has no boundaries or bias. The love of Jesus is limitless to the extent to which He will give us His grace. His love goes behind the enemy's lines of deceit and rescues those lost in their loveless state of mind. Christ's love looks for the unloved and offers comfort, care, compassion and forgiveness.

The love of God is not without benefits. Those cloaked in the love of Christ will have great boldness on the Day of Judgment—indeed, His great love covers all sin for those who have appropriated His salvation. Moreover, fear is cast out of the peace-loving presence of the Lord's love. Fear and love cannot coexist where the love of Jesus fills humble hearts.

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear" (1 John 4:18a).

So, do you rest in the love of the Lord or strive under the unnecessary pressure of having to prove you deserve to be loved? Daily doses of eternal love are a remedy to earthly love's limited effectiveness. No one—no matter their sincerity—can replace the need for the love of Jesus to fill your soul. Receive first God's love and let other's love be a bonus.

Why does the Almighty love you with such abandonment? One reason is so that you can be a catalyst for Christ's love. You have the inconceivable opportunity to love others on behalf of the Lord. While a friend or family member may writhe in physical agony or emotional pain, you are an extension of God's eternal love on earth, because you are extremely loved by God. You have His extra love to administer to other's loneliness and to their frantic fears.

"But we ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters loved by the Lord, because God chose you as firstfruits to be saved through the sanctifying work of the Spirit and through belief in the truth" (2 Thessalonians 3:13).

Love is not received to be stored up in your soul like a savings account, rather to be paid forward to neighbors, work associates and enemies. Love is quick to forgive and slow to criticize. It looks for ways to bless those whose last blessing is long gone. Love grows a relationship into a beautiful garden of green plants, deep-rooted trees and the tantalizing smell of luscious flowers. Love does not sit still, but searches out souls in need of its care.

Therefore, take time to regularly receive the love of Jesus into your life. Commune with Christ, the lover of your soul, and you will experience His peace and security. Your rested spirit is positioned to be a robust lover for another hungry heart. Enter into God's eternal love, so you can deploy it on earth. The Lord loves on you, so you can love on others.

"God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them" (1 John 4:16b).

Today, have I experienced my heavenly Father's love? Today, whom can I love on?

A Minute With Maxwell

Alliance! A Word That Has more depth beside partner. You align values and priorities with them, become one heart, one mind. It comes from the word align it means one soul, one heart. A good heart beat beats with other leaders, aligned together with values and priorities. Two people can compound success more better than one. Align yourself and develop an alliance with people who are like minded.

My Thoughts About This:

I think it is kind of cool how God uses Holy Alliances in our lives, where He divinely connects us with someone else. I have had that happen and that person actually has been the wisdom that kept me from making a bad choice, she gave me truth and light! A Holy Alliance! AWE-GOD!

Father I thank you for the Holy Alliances that You have brought into my life. Joyce is one of them and she blessed me huge yesterday with Your Wisdom, she saved me from making a huge fleshly error! She helped me struggle through something that hurt me and find my way to the right choice, she encouraged me to make the right choice even though it was hard and I so wanted to make the wrong choice. The wrong choice had a strong hold on me yesterday. I struggled so much personally, making the easy choice really had a hold on me yesterday, tough struggle, I did not sleep much at all last night,  but today I feel with God's Word, Praise and Promises, I am doing a bit better. Something happened and I got hurt, but the hurt dipped back into a past hurt that I had stuffed. Not good!  So now God has used the situation to shine His light in an area that hurts in the light, but I am glad, it is time to clean all that out and bring it to the light.  I can hear the Holy Spirit speaking truth to me today about it. I decided to fully face God in this and let Him work in me, good choice because I can feel God's truth finally penetrating an area of extreme betrayal that happened to me 4 years ago. Please pray I can "grow through" this situation at hand and the one in my heart that God is dealing with and change to be more like Christ. It is funny how the Lord uses situations that the enemy sets up for us to fail in, to accomplish something else, something better for our good. AWE-GOD! I have been so attacked since the prison revival started. The 1st night I just had to laugh after I stumbled into the third road block to me getting there. I honestly had to laugh at the enemy trying so hard to keep me from getting there.  That night, I prayed with a young girl who gave her life to Christ. Yeah God! It is so cool to see God work,  so many women are coming to know Christ. It is almost like He trapped them in a prison so that they might see Him more clearly and choose Him.  I thought about us, you know we are so much like them, we may not have prison walls around us, but we are in prisons of our own making and it gives me hope, that God may have allowed us to be trapped so we might see Him more clearly.  Tonight is the last night, so keep me in your prayers. Then we are going to start small groups in the prison on Friday nights, I can't wait for that to happen.  Yesterday I almost did not go because of what happened, it totally derailed me emotionally, but God said to go, He said He uses: "broken vessels of light"!  He did! AWE-GOD!

Stephen Furtick Devotional

A phrase you hear all the time in sports is "playing not to lose." This refers to a team who is either winning a game or is better than its opponent, but is so afraid of losing that instead of going for the win, they play it safe and simply don't try to make any major mistakes. Not surprisingly these teams rarely amount to anything. They'll win an occasional game, but not much more. And when they lose it's usually in the final minutes of a game they could have easily put away much earlier. But now it's too late to stage a comeback.

I think this attitude and mindset extends beyond the playing field. I would say that most people play not to lose. In other words, most of us live in such a way that our main focus is on not ruining our lives with some kind of a major failure.

Typically ruining your life is associated with a big decision that you make. You make it actively. Definitively. Maybe you do something completely stupid with your money and go bankrupt. Or maybe you have a major moral failure and devastate your personal life.

Most of us are so afraid of these things that we focus all of our energies on not doing them. And none of us should want to. We should be careful not to ruin the lives God has given us.

But there's something that's just as dangerous and more subtle that we should be just as afraid of. And that's wasting our lives.

In fact, wasting your life has the potential to be more destructive because you don't realize it's happened until it's too late. You wake up one day and your life is gone. You might still be able to make something of it, but you won't be able to regain the time you've lost.

God hasn't placed you on this earth for the sake of simply avoiding making mistakes. He put you here to do something. Something significant. Something lasting. The measure of your life isn't in the mistakes you don't make but in the measurable impact you leave.

The people who should be most afraid of ruining their lives are the ones who aren't wasting them. They have the most to lose.

Pastor Steven Furtick Playing Not To Lose

My goal isn't to have the biggest bonfire in Heaven. I don't want to spend a lifetime building something that isn't going to last into eternity. Steven Furtick

******Ramah From God******

Ramah Word! Selah …pause, and calmly think of this :

  • God is a God of justice! He makes all things right! Trust Him! Lean on Him! He is your Waymaker through the hurts of your life.
  • The truth is, when you deceive someone, keep the truth from them it is because You are not walking in truth. Sin begets sin!
  • Beware of self Indulgence, excess and selfishness they are propped up by self deceit and lead you down a dead end road of deception.
  • I am trusting in God today to be our God of Justice. To bring all the hidden secret issues to the light of His Truth.
  • When you walk in deceit and purposefully conspire to deceive, that = broken relationships and sets people up for failure.
  • Be 100 percent truth proof! That is the only way to do life, to be found in the 100 percent Light of Jesus Christ! #AWE-GOD!
  • #AWE-GOD! When you have An Ancient of Days, there is no need for revenge or bitterness. Everyone will stand before Him in account for their lives!
  • If you have been hurt, betrayed, lied too, your response is to fully face Jesus. Because He loved us like He had never been hurt.
  • Very True! RT @melissasuoth: Be mindful what you toss away, be careful what you push away, and think hard before walking away.
  • God's Got This! How can He not? He is The Way-Maker- Formed Your Heart-KNOWS Your Name! Trust Him tworship
  • It is amazing how #AWE-GOD works out His purposes. What the enemy uses to derail us, God uses to shine a light on a hidden area that needs healing!
  • Did I deserve that? None of deserve to be hurt, but when you think about it, did Jesus deserve to die for OUR sins?
  • Life choices have different perspectives-people can reconcile matters of perspective disparity but adding deceit to the mix makes it hard
  • Look At Jesus! Humility is the only thing that repairs the broken heart deceit divisively shatters.
  • Truth Matters! You can't grow in relationship with others if you are deceitful in anyway. Be 100%Truth Proof!
  • When you are 100%Truth Proof, Respect And Honor Flourish – Civility Rules And Relationships Deepen.
  • Deceit dishonors and disrespects others, causing a disengaging of hearts and surface relationships. That is not what we want.
  • Why would you even want to step out in on the slippery slope of deceit when you could choose to be 100% Truth Proof?
  • Either you will respect by being truthful or you will have a surface relationships where your heart is not engaged.
  • Deceit! Is it a lack of common sense? You know truth stands the test of time and deceit severely lacks the stability to hold itself up?
  • Deceit? Is it taking matters in your own hands? Fulfilling your selfish needs in your way. Truth Is: God's Got This!
  • Deceit! Is it pressing your own personal agendas- stepping into selfishness with synonyms that sugar coat deception?
  • Do you feel disillusioned? A common denominator of this is deceit. Get yourself on the path of 100%Truth Proof living.
  • If you don't deal the "truth card" in your relationships- instead throw off the "trump card of deceit" you are being set up to fail.
  • 100% Truth Proof! I am so done with deceit! If you respect God, you will be done with it too! Be 100%Truth Proof!
  • 100% Truth Proof! I am so done with deceit! If you respect God, you will be done with it too!
  • Deceiving one another, just grows you apart and inhibits the atmosphere for unconditional love to bloom.
  • When we set an atmosphere of deceit, we set up everyone for failure who steps into it. It is like stepping into the enemies lair. Be 100%Truth Proof!
  • 100%Truth Proof is being open to love each with all our faults, being honest with one another-not deceptive in any way.
  • When you purposefully connive to deceive someone, you set them and yourself up to stumble into failure. You put a beating on trust!
  • If you have been hurt by deceit - Never forget God is with you, together you can grow through and trust again.
  • Deceit does not stand, because the Father of lies is not for you, he will rat you out if it benefits his sick devises.
  • When deceit is in play, anger is waiting on the side lines to pounce and destroy relationships.
  • 100% Truth opens the door to God's healing power and what deceit played out and destroyed, God's truth restores. Be 100%Truth Proof!
  • The enemy deceives us with thoughts of worthlessness. He wants to make us feel invisible, to stop us from Glowing God's Glory!
  • The enemy is a liar! Nothing he says or does stands the test of time like God's Truth Always Does. Infinitely So! #AWE-GOD

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Dads! Don't give up your position as head of your home trying to please others or fit into the culture. This is the place God has given you, this is the position of the power of God in you. Put your call to God 1st over your occupation, over all people and all things.

Exhortation- The Shepherd's Communicated Love-Wisdom!

Recently I have spent some time in a Women's Prison and I so loved the women I met there. I know they are bound by prison walls, but I realized that I was just like them, living inside a prison wall of my own making, isolating myself because of my response to extreme loneliness. We all are in prisons of our own making, by choices we make to situations we face. We may be trapped in prisons, but that does not keep God out, He will reach us and He will use our prison walls to draw us completely to Him! Don't you think loneliness is a prison? I do, I think it is a prison of our own making and it keeps us underneath it and isolated from reaching out to others. I think it is a deceptive device of the enemy to eventually isolate us from God. I think isolation of people from one to another is prevalently growing in our society today and has a strong root of loneliness turned inward. What do you think?

Worthy News Brief

Kimberly, keep close!

Ephesians 4:3-6 Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Aesop wrote a fable about four bulls who were the best of friends. They always kept close to each other so that in the event that danger came their way, they would face it together. They traveled together, grazed together, and lay down to rest together.

One day, a hungry lion who lived nearby spotted these four friends and became determined to catch one. He was no match for all four of them at once, so he would follow them and watch carefully, hoping to catch one alone. Every time he saw one lagging the least bit behind, he would sneak up and whisper to him that the others had been saying unkind things about him. This, he did with each bull until finally all four began to feel suspicious and uneasy around one another. Each thought that the other three were plotting against him.

When the lion succeeded in breaking the trust among them, the bulls went their separate ways...and one by one, he devoured them. I'm sure you can see the analogy here. The enemy would love nothing more than to divide us and break the trust among us in the body of Messiah. He knows full well that if he can just get us separated, he can come in for the kill!

Kimberly, let's not allow the devil to play out his wicked scheme! Be on guard! Don't gossip -- overlook offenses -- pray with one another and be determined to stick together, so that we may accomplish great and mighty things for God's kingdom! There's power in numbers -- and there's SO much work to be done!

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