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Constant Conversation W/God March 7th-19



Week Of March 19th

Wednesday, March 21st

Isaiah 46:4Amplified Bible

But "Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you."

Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life - a Daily Devotional

Isaiah 53:11

He shall see [the fruit] of the travail of His soul and be satisfied; by His knowledge of Himself [which He possesses and imparts to others] shall My [uncompromisingly] righteous One, My Servant, justify many and make many righteous (upright and in right standing with God), for He shall bear their iniquities and their guilt [with the consequences, says the Lord].

Amplified Bible

Isaiah 53 tells us that when Jesus died for our sins, He also bore the guilt. He loved us so much that He paid the price so we wouldn't have to suffer with the terrible feelings of condemnation. If we go to God and sincerely ask Him to forgive us, He does, and there is no reason to live with condemnation.

God loves you, and He wants you to believe it and receive it all the time. He also wants you to be free from condemnation. But it takes faith and boldness to be free. God says you are good enough. Accept that today and live a life of victory. Joyce Meyer

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So True! RT @vetsurvivor: The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity. - Rollo May

Let it be RT @The_Gospels: Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds & praise your Father in heaven. -Matthew 5:16

#AWE-GOD RT @100prayingwomen: Pray & Confess the word of God over your children...GREAT will be the peace of my children.

Let it be so in us! RT @mr_leadership: Proverbs21:3 Do what is right and fair; that pleases the LORD more than bringing him sacrifices.

Yes He Does! RT @can2009: God has resolution for your pain, a motive for your struggle and a gift for your faithfulness. Don't give up!


Isaiah 35

1 THE WILDERNESS and the dry land shall be glad; the desert shall rejoice and blossom like the rose and the autumn crocus.2 It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice even with joy and singing. The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it, the excellency of [Mount] Carmel and [the plain] of Sharon. They shall see the glory of the Lord, the majesty and splendor and excellency of our God.3 Strengthen the weak hands and make firm the feeble and tottering knees. 4 Say to those who are of a fearful and hasty heart, Be strong, fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance; with the recompense of God He will come and save you.5 Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.6 Then shall the lame man leap like a hart, and the tongue of the dumb shall sing for joy. For waters shall break forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert. 7 And the burning sand and the mirage shall become a pool, and the thirsty ground springs of water; in the haunt of jackals, where they lay resting, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.8 And a highway shall be there, and a way; and it shall be called the Holy Way. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for the redeemed; the wayfaring men, yes, the simple ones and fools, shall not err in it and lose their way.

Is 35:8 "The unclean will not pass over it, it will be called The Holy Way!" Makes me want to stay in Holy Alignment W/God-always-moment to choice!


RT: "Ps139 - you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out & my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways." #MKBiblechat

#Ps139 -Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely. #MKBibleChat

Completely is an amazing thing... I hope for it, to know and serve God completely as He knows me and loves me #MKBibleChat

RT: @CheriDouglas "The Lord doesn't really need us to pray...We need us to sync with our creator!" #MKBiblechat

#Ps139 - "You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me." ...YES thank you Lord!! #MKBibleChat

#Ps139 He is our WAY-Maker, going before us, leaving such a majestic trail of His goodness #MKBibleChat

#Ps139 - Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? #MKBibleChat

#Ps139 Omnipresent Reality Check! #AWE-GOD He Is Here For Us- With Us- Always #MKBibleChat

#Ps139 If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. #MKBibleChat

#Ps139 - If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me #MKBibleChat

Mighty Right Hand! Cling Tightly To It! RT @CheriDouglas: #Ps139 Your right hand will hold me fast. #MKBibleChat AMEN!!!

#Ps139 - If I say, "Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me," darkness will not be dark to You. #MKBibleChat

#Ps139 The Light of God shatters the darkness in HIM there is no dark, only light! Love it!! #MKBibleChat

#Ps139 - "The night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you. "...We needn't worry in darkness!! #MKBibleChat

#Ps139 God's Light Pierces Every Dark Night! No Worries! #AWE-GOD His Light is with us always- illuminating our way!

Praise God! RT @CheriDouglas: Our Lord is fully aware and can see the path out of any darkness we find ourselves in! Praise HIM #MKBibleChat

#AWE-GOD RT @CheriDouglas: #Ps139 - "You hem me in behind and before,

and you lay your hand upon me." YES thank you Lord!! #MKBibleChat

RT @CheriDouglas: #Ps139 - My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place,... #MKBibleChat

#MKBibleChat I just saw my grandson born a week ago, so #Ps139 is very "refreshed in my soul"

@CheriDouglas Yes even today people misuse the Name of God and twist His truth to pad their comfort zone #MkBibleChat

#Ps139 - They speak of you with evil intent; your adversaries misuse your name. (David tells on the bad guys) #MKBibleChat

Yes Lord God RT @CheriDouglas: #Ps139 - See if there is any offensive way in me,

and lead me in the way everlasting. #MKBibleChat

Very, very true! RT @CheriDouglas: What blessed days we would live if we started each one with Psalm 139!! #MKBibleChat


Week Of March 19th

Tuesday, March 20th 2012

Jude 1:20,21 Amplified Bible

But you, beloved, build yourselves up [founded] on your most holy faith make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], praying in the Holy Spirit; 21Guard and keep yourselves in the love of God; expect and patiently wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah)--[which will bring you] unto life eternal.

Worship Wisdom! Changing Me! Speaking God's Truth-Hope!

You Are God Alone: Phillips Craig and Dean

You Are God Alone! Unchangeable-Unshakeable- Unstoppable- Our #AWE-GOD! We #TWorship You!


AWE-GOD! No One Can Contend Your Power! You Are Worthy! Your Praise Will Never End! You Are Unchangeable-Unshakeable-Unstoppable! We Need You!

Mercy Came Running Phillips, Craig & Dean

God's Mercy Is For You! Turn To HIM Today! Fully Face Your God! He Loves You! Be Free In Him!

Strong Tower by Kutless

Have you lost your way? RUN TO GOD! His Mercy will set you free! He is your strong tower! Depend On God #TWorship

God Is Our Strong Tower! OH How We Can Hope In This! Fully Face God Today, Find His Strength! Depend On God #TWorship

What Faith Can Do By Kutless

Don't Give Up Now-Cling To God! He Is With You! Hope HUGE – Dream God!

Fight A Good Fight Of Faith


It Is Well By Kutless

Whatever happens we know God is with us and He will "grow us through" it. It is well with our soul! Thank You Jesus!


All Who Are Thirsty By Kutless

This World Can Parch Your Soul Quickly! Let God Replenish You Today. Come Lord Jesus- Come!

#TWorship #Loveon

Worship Wisdom! Changing Me! Speaking God's Truth-Hope!

The Greatest Thing By Shannon Wexelberg


The Greatest Thing In Our Lives Is Loving #AWE-GOD Give Your Life To Him Completely! Love Him Well!

#TWorship #LoveOn

A Minute With Maxwell


Is a good word because it describes what we should be on a daily basis. For us to live our lives and have goodness transpire is a high compliment. Live a good life and be filled with goodness.

In a world where goodness is eroding away by our selfish cultural climate, goodness is a word that will see revival. We may not "think" now that goodness is "break out" word, but it is a word that will stand the test of the heat of these days and it will augment as we, God's Bride give ourselves completely to our Bridegroom and His Glory Glows His Goodness in us and through us in powerful – selfless ways, kind of like Jesus, the sacrifice of salvation was the Glory of God's Goodness. Selflessness revives the goodness of God and replenishes it with His Glory… so get to it… Glow God's Glory And Make His Goodness Famous!

The Lord longs to love you through your trials. Especially, if you are a quiet, compassionate caregiver invite Christ to care for you. His comfort sustains you through the most stressful of circumstances.
Boyd Bailey

"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." Isaiah 46:4

A Seasoned Servant Of God Has Encouraged Me Today

Elliott Osowitt

Setting priorities, according to God's will and purpose, requires an ongoing, intimate, close,  and sensitive relationship with Jesus Christ.  It has nothing to do with your religion.  Our relationship with Jesus must be one where you and He are together in spirit continually no matter the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Have you found yet that the presence of the Holy Spirit is calming? In some of the most stressful situations, like moral failure, bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce or finding out you have cancer, the Holy Spirit can calm you; and even give you calming words to communicate to others. "His instruction lives" within you and me. We must be still and not just respond out of the flesh with what is going on around us. When you have that beautiful, personal relationship with God, the very nature of the "new man", "new creature" He created in you is SENSITIVE to the Spirit and how God is working around you.

Try these five actions today. Write them down. Stick them on your bathroom mirror or on your work place desk or station:

1. Practice His presence with you today.

2. Set your priorities according to God's will and purpose

3. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. This allows you to be instant in and out of season.

4. Do not let flesh control your mood or the situation. Don't join the pity party or the complaining game.

5. Do the right thing especially when it is not convenient or "politically correct".

I pray the LORD will grant you His blessings in your service to Him today.

Pastor Elliott Osowitt

It's natural to make mistakes -- but it's supernatural to learn from those mistakes and move forward! Boyd Bailey

Heart Tenderizer 

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, Who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God." 2 Cor. 1:3-4


Great trials produce big hearts. But to those who have never been knocked down, or who have not felt the woes of adversity, the heart is small and insensitive. Indeed, it is on the bed of affliction that human beings find themselves horizontal—looking up to the Lord in heaven.  A plague of bad news will pass—leaving behind a righteous residue on all hearts softened by the Spirit.
Where does the core of comfort come from for a Christian? Our consolation comes from Christ, where there resides an eternal security that transcends all fiery trials. He wraps us up with His love, and with a fire resistant blanket of belief. Jesus replaces anxiety with peace, and fear with courage. He is a friend who flocks to a friend facing great loss, giving His loyal support. A heart grows tender and true under the loving influence of the Lord.
"Because your heart was responsive and you humbled yourself before God when you heard what he spoke against this place and its people, and because you humbled yourself before me and tore your robes and wept in my presence, I have heard you, declares the LORD." 2 Chronicles 34:27
Ironically, the comforts of the world can crowd out the comfort of Christ. Our hearts can be so full of self-medication that there is no room for our Savior's intimacy. However, a humble heart is always on the hunt with spiritual weapons forged by faith. We go out of our way to be a blessing by serving behind the scenes. A tenderized heart stays moldable for its Master Jesus.
Above all, the green grass of grace grows best in a moist heart of humility. And it is grace upon grace that God gives you—to give to others. Grace extended to friends and foes alike helps them become like Christ. So, out of your softened heart, you comfort others for Jesus' sake. You are ready to birth comfort for others to enjoy, when your heart has been impregnated by Christ's consultation. Your tenderized heart is trustworthy to Jesus.
Lord, how can I apply Your tender touch to my heart, so I can be a conduit of comfort to others?
Related Readings
: Joshua 22:5; 1 Samuel 10:9; Luke 1:78; Acts 15:8; Hebrews 4:12
Post/Tweet today: The green grass of grace grows best in a moist heart of humility. #grace #humility


Isaiah 32

Isaiah 32:6 For the fool speaks folly and his mind plans iniquity: practicing profane ungodliness and speaking error concerning the Lord, leaving the craving of the hungry unsatisfied and causing the drink of the thirsty to fail.

This verse reminds me of people who take a piece of God's Truth and twist it to try to make it fit into their comfort "sin zone"!

8  But the noble, openhearted, and liberal man devises noble things; and he stands for what is noble, openhearted, and generous.

This is where we all need to be, working towards all things noble: dignified, righteous, good, decent. I like the word open-hearted, if we all would be that way with God and others, it would break down the barriers of isolation in our culture.

16  Then justice will dwell in the wilderness, and righteousness (moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation) will abide in the fruitful field.17  And the effect of righteousness will be peace [internal and external], and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confident trust forever.


When the fruit of God's Holy Spirit is alive in our lives, it points to a foundation of righteous God-living.

Right living, making the right choices consistently the 1st time constantly results in inner peace and deep trust.

Isaiah 33

5 The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high; He will fill Zion with justice and righteousness (moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation).6 And there shall be stability in your times, an abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the reverent fear and worship of the Lord is your treasure and His.

13  Hear, you who are far off [says the Lord], what I have done; and you who are near, acknowledge My might!

Is. 33:22  For the Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our Lawgiver, the Lord is our King; He will save us.

Interesting verse: Acknowledge My Might! Hmmmmmmmmmm Wow!

Mark 8

2  I have pity and sympathy for the people and My heart goes out to them, for they have been with Me now three days and have nothing [left] to eat;3  And if I send them away to their homes hungry, they will be feeble through exhaustion and faint along the road; and some of them have come a long way.

Jesus really does care about the every day things we go through. He cares enough to have compassion and to provide for our basic needs. He knows how long we have persevered and His heart goes out to us. I love this verse. It shows a lot about our AWE-GOD!

12  And He groaned and sighed deeply in His spirit and said, Why does this generation demand a sign? Positively I say to you, no sign shall be given this generation.

I think in His own way Jesus was sad about the "religiosity" and truly wanted a relationship, a relationship of trust. I really hope I never make Him sigh about that, I want a relationship, I truly want to trust Him completely.

He rebuked Peter, saying, Get behind Me, Satan! For you do not have a mind intent on promoting what God wills, but what pleases men [you are not on God's side, but that of men].

Another verse about putting our "comfort zone" at the top of our priority list instead of the Kingdom of God. Let it not be so in me Jesus! In our culture there are many things that we "want" to do and we ignore the fullness of truth, we err on the side of God's Grace and think we don't have to follow after what God has asked of us… I think about EVE… hmmmmmm You are not on God's side but that of men. I would think long and hard before I disobeyed the written Word of God! I want to be on God's side!


Week Of March 19th

Tuesday, March 19th 2012

Deuteronomy 31:8

It is the Lord Who goes before you; He will [march] with you; He will not fail you or let you go or forsake you; [let there be no cowardice or flinching, but] fear not, neither become broken [in spirit--depressed, dismayed, and unnerved with alarm].

Developing My AWE-GOD With An Attitude Of Gratitude!

2012 AWE-Father God Gratefulness! I don't know where to begin today, there is so much to be grateful for. Two grandsons born two days apart. I was so grateful for YOU, Lord, being with us every step of the way. We asked and YOU answered, simply significantly YOU were amazing through the labor to the delivery! Thank You Lord God! Our Lives Are In Your Hands!

My Life Is In Your Hands By Kirk Franklin

No Matter What Comes Our Way, Our Lives Are In The Hands Of #AWE-GOD! Trust God! Grow Through It W/Jesus #TWorship #LoveOn

No Matter What Comes Our Way Today, We Can "Grow Through" With Jesus! #TWorship #FullyFaceAWE-God

Matthew 6:34

So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.

Amplified Bible

Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life - a Daily Devotional

You Are Never Alone By Joyce Meyer

Grief and loneliness are major problems facing people today. The two often go together because many Christians and unbelievers grieve over being lonely. In my ministry, an increasing number of people request prayer for loneliness.

God's Word tells us plainly that we are not alone. He wants to deliver, comfort and heal us. But when you encounter painful losses in your life, you can lose sight of this simple truth.

Satan wants you to believe you are alone. He wants you to believe that no one understands how you feel, but his claims are false. In addition to God being with you, many believers understand what you are experiencing mentally and emotionally.

You are not alone now nor will you ever be, no matter what confronts you.

You may not understand much when you are hurting and the pain of loss is ripping through your soul, but know and hold on to this one truth: God loves you, and He has a future for you. Hope in Him and trust Him to turn your mourning into joy (see Isaiah 61:1-3).

Defend yourself against disappointment by focusing on God, meditating on His promises, confessing His Word, and submitting yourself/situation to Him in prayer.

Prayer Starter: God, I can't always see through my grief and loneliness, but I know that You never leave me. Help me to remember that You are near, and guide me to other believers who I can join with to fight off the enemy's attacks.

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

I know that is the truth! Why is it we always buy into the lie, settle in with the lie instead of the truth that lasts through the trial! I wish I was different in that way! I want to stay Holy Aligned with God's Freedom! It is my desire to learn how to consistently-courageously stand with God's truth in every situation I encounter - instead of slinkily settling in with the lies the enemy wants to feed me.

God has equipped us to handle life as it comes, which is why He tells us to only focus on today. He knows that if we spend time worrying about issues beyond our control, we will become tired and frustrated. Joyce Meyer

You don't need to waste time trying to change and control things outside your power. Set your mind to what God has placed in front of you and let Him take care of the rest. Joyce Meyer

Prayer Starter: Lord, I realize that I can't control everything, but I can trust You. Right now, I make a decision do my best with what You've given me and leave the rest to You.

I believe it often takes more faith to go through something victoriously than to be delivered from it. Put your faith in God and you'll come out stronger on the other side. Joyce Meyer

Worship Wisdom! Changing Me! Speaking God's Truth-Hope!

Blessed By Hillsong


#AWE-GOD Today! He Is Your Strength! Set Your Heart On The Father God Today! Get Some GOD Full Face Time!

Mighty Fortress By Christy Nockles

We Can Live Life Excellently! Why! Because Whatever We Are "GROWING Through" We Focus On Our Forever God! #AWE-GOD #TWorship

You Have Been So Good By Lenny Leblanc

God Has Been So Good To Us! #TWorship HIM Today With All Your Heart! He Is Good To Us! #LoveOn

Worship Wisdom! Changing Me! Speaking God's Truth-Hope!

ADONIA By Paul Wilber

Jesus Come Today W/Your Wisdom-Power Clothed In Your Honor And Strength! Come Open Our Eyes To Your Glory!


Hillsong: Your Name High

We Are #TWorship Living To Make Your Name High #Jesus

We Are Freeeeeeeeeeeeee Living To Praise You!

Holy, Holy,Holy #Jesus Christ Is Lord! Halleluiah! Surrender Your Life To Him COMPLETELY! #TWorship

#Jesus Consume Us – Control Us Completely! Embrace Our Souls In Your Embrace! WE Cry Out PRAISE


Brook Fraser: Lord Of Lords

#TWorship! Surrender! Pure Adoration! Holy Alignment! Praise-Power-Purpose! Glory! Honor! Praise! #Jesus #LoveOn

Kari Jobe: Oh The Blood

Jesus! What A Sacrifice Of Salvation! You Saved My Life! Thank You! Jesus My Victory! Praise #Jesus #TWorship #LoveOn

God Is Listening! Pray It UP Today With Strong Faith Believing In Him Completely! @worldprayr #TWorship #LoveOn

King Of Glory: Jesus Culture

Jesus! We Praise You King Of Glory #Jesus You Are Glorious! Sooooooooooooooooo Glorious! #TWorship

None Like Him

You Could Search Everywhere And Not Find Anyone Like #Jesus! No One Like Him! AWE-GOD! #TWorship

Get To Know #Jesus Christ! No More Running! He CAN Change Your Life Forever! Believe In Him! #TWorship #LoveOn

Never Been A Greater Love Than Jesus Christ! He See's Your Heart And Can Change It For The Better #TWorship

STILL! God Loves You Soooooooooooo Much!

We Don't Deserve His Love! He Reaches-Accept HIM! #TWorship #LoveOn



Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life - a Daily Devotional

How to Fight the Good Fight

We are to "fight the good fight of faith" against the enemy - but what does that look like practically? Here are six key strategies:

1. Think aggressively. Plan and calculate, like a general preparing for battle, how to engage and defeat the enemy.

2. Pray fervently. Hebrews 4:16 instructs us to approach God's throne confidently. Step forward with confidence and tell Him what you need.

3. Speak fearlessly. First Peter 4:11 (AMP) says, "Whoever speaks, [let him do it as one who utters] oracles of God." You and I are to have a spiritually commanding voice against the forces of evil.

4. Give abundantly. The way we give is the way we receive (see Luke 6:38). Live a life of generosity.

5. Work intently. Whatever we put our hand to, we need to do it aggressively (see Eccl. 9:10). Stir yourself up in the Holy Spirit and get the job done.

6. Love unconditionally. As children of God, we must love others as God loves us, unconditionally and sacrificially.

Take these steps, and when the enemy comes, you'll be filled with God's power and unbeatable.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I don't want to sit back and miss the fight You've called me to. As I move forward, show me how to apply these six strategies in my fight against the enemy.


Isaiah 30

God is speaking about devising plans that are not HIS and sharing HIS anger about those that do.

He describes rebellious people as those who do not hear the law and instruction of the Lord

Verse 5  For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In returning [to Me] and resting [in Me] you shall be saved; in quietness and in [trusting] confidence shall be your strength. But you would not,

Interesting verse… how it says if we turn to the Lord and rest in quietness, trusting and confidence in God we would have strength …. But you would not… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

God waits, He wants to be gracious to us, but He will not breach our will.

VS 18 For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are all those who [earnestly] wait for Him, who expect and look and long for Him [for His victory, His favor, His love, His peace, His joy, and His matchless, unbroken companionship]!

If we put our expectations in God's Hands and look to HIM, Fully Face Him, not our situation, but HIM, longing for HIM 1st, we will be blessed in every season of life.

20 And though the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide Himself any more, but your eyes will constantly behold your Teacher.21 And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.

Even though we are "growing through" hard times we can still see Jesus and hear His perfect wisdom for our next steps.

We have the seed to grow our food and that came from God, and even the rain that waters it comes from God. ''

Isaiah 31

Starts out by the Lord sharing his displeasure towards those who rely on things other than HIM, they don't consult HIM. The whole chapter is pretty much about God's disdain towards those who lean on other things, people and earthly knowledge instead of HIM.

Mark 7

These people [constantly] honor Me with their lips, but their hearts hold off and are far distant from Me.7 In vain (fruitlessly and without profit) do they worship Me, ordering and teaching [to be obeyed] as doctrines the commandments and precepts of men. 8 You disregard and give up and ask to depart from you the commandment of God and cling to the tradition of men [keeping it carefully and faithfully].9 And He said to them, You have a fine way of rejecting [thus thwarting and nullifying and doing away with] the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition (your own human regulations)!

I could see in this chapter the Lord was really hitting hard on the issue of religiosity. How the law replaced the heart and the tradition was dead without the life that a heart after God brings it.

A Seasoned Servant Of God Has Encouraged Me Today

Psalm 138:8 

8 The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.  Do not forsake the work of your hands.

Dear Bob and Kim,

I praise God for my calling to the pastorate, to being Polly's husband, and to father/grandfather-hood.  I love my life.  But sometimes it all becomes overwhelming.  I know you know what I am talking about.  Do you sometimes feel like a ship with a broken rudder?  Do you spend parts or even entire days responding to the next emergency that some other person as caused?  Do your plans for the day get trashed before you finish breakfast because someone else's plan for you is more important?

If the answer is yes to one of these questions, then the LORD wants to talk to you.  Your life and time belong to HIM.  He allows you stewardship of it.  That means He gives you the time to take care of it and be responsible to use it for HIS glory.  

Pray Bob and Kim, and take time to sit, stand or kneel, lie on the grass, walk in the woods… but get quiet before the LORD and let Him set your pace, your direction and your daily goal.  He will reveal Himself and His will through His Holy Bible and in a small, quiet voice.  Do this early in the day, before the world invades that rare and precious quiet time with your Heavenly Father.

So, I pray this morning for you and me, "Lord, grant us a quiet time with you today.  Grant us, O Lord, a quiet Spirit that we may hear you through the precious Word of Truth with an unclouded mind and heart.  Grant us the wisdom to follow all that You show us that Jesus Christ may be glorified in and through us this day."  Amen.

Pastor Elliott

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

I guess I just learned a while ago that it is really not "my day"  it was "His Day"... complete surrender really flip-flops those two terms for you and you become less frustrated with the "God Interruptions" because it is "His Day".... What  a blessing it is to be alive and to be used by HIM.  My 1st call everyday is to GOD and through that, He orders my steps... I don't have my hands on anything anymore, my life is not compartmentalized is is full out "followship".... it is easier when you finally get to this place and realize that nothing I do eternally matters if it is not done in the flow of God's Kingdom purpose and the only way I can get positioned there from day to day is bowing before GOD surrendering the day He has given me back to the life that matters most... HIS!


Week Of March 4th

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Psalm 57:1-2

BE MERCIFUL and gracious to me, O God, be merciful and gracious to me, for my soul takes refuge and finds shelter and confidence in You; yes, in the shadow of Your wings will I take refuge and be confident until calamities and destructive storms are passed. 2 I will cry to God Most High, Who performs on my behalf and rewards me [Who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them]! ~ Amplified Bible

Developing My AWE-GOD With An Attitude Of Gratitude!

2012 AWE-Father God Gratefulness! Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father God, I am so thankful that my Triune God is faithfully putting a song of hope in my heart. In a song today the Holy Spirit encouraged and strengthened my faith, in the Word today Father God gave me His Promise of future hope, in His Name Jesus brings me great courage. I am grateful for the songs of God's purpose playing in my heart, they are the shadow of God's Wings of hope for me. AWE-Father God. Thank you!

The Bible is not an end in itself, but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God, that they may enter into Him, that they may delight in His presence, may taste and know the inner sweetness of the very God Himself in the core and centre of their hearts.

A. W. Tozer

A Seasoned Servant Of God Has Encouraged Me Today

Debra Ray Sent This:

Psalm 57 1 BE MERCIFUL and gracious to me, O God, be merciful and gracious to me, for my soul takes refuge and finds shelter and confidence in You; yes, in the shadow of Your wings will I take refuge and be confident until calamities and destructive storms are passed. 2I will cry to God Most High, Who performs on my behalf and rewards me [Who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them]! ~ Amplified Bible

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

I love that! I love how he recognizes that God's purposes are all around him, and God is bringing them into play in His perfect timing to complete the Sovereign Will of God in that situation! Very Cool! Thanks! Have a great day sweet friend!

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Precious Online Servant Warriors! Praying For Us Today! Listen To This Beautiful Song Called All To Us By Chris Tomlin – May It Awaken Your Spirit Today In A Sweet Way!

I Pray God Will Be Our All.

I Pray His Passion Will Light Up Our Online Campus – Always And Forever.

I Pray Our Lives, Being Called To Him 1st Will Be A Holy Flame That Burns Righteously All-IN With Him.

I Pray His Love Will Be The Measure Of Our Lives As WE Completely Believe-Trust-Rely On Him In The All Of Our Everything!

Let It Be So Jesus! May You Be ALL To Us! We Believe In YOU Jesus – We Believe You Are Faithful To The End! You Are All To Us! AMEN! Love On….

Notes From Television Show by joyce meyer ministry

You have a good reason to feel sorry for yourself but NO RIGHT to because of the possibility-promise of Jesus Who lives in You. Joyce Meyer


What you don't have or can't do on your own will not stop God from accomplishing it. He can do all things through you. ALL Things! Joyce Meyer

.If you lived a season of life riotously, you will have consequences to live in and you should keep a Godly attitude and grow through them. Joyce Meyer

Jesus helped those who came to Him. Cry out to God and He will show you what to do. Joyce Meyer

Humble Yourself! Be The 1st One To Make Peace And You Will Take A Huge Step Toward Spiritual Maturity! Joyce Meyer

God has your deliverance planned if you would just step into His Kingdom purposes, humble persevere and submissively obey with a good attitude! Joyce Meyer

Worthy News Brief

Kimberly, time to step up!

Esther 4:14 For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

Tonight begins the feast of Purim, which celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from one of many of Satan's attempts to purge them from the world. Mordechai gave Esther a great challenge then, "and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

This is a challenge for all of us! As each generation is raised up, God appoints men and women to rise up to the challenge of that age. We are alive in this day and in this hour (an amazing day and hour, at that) and God is saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" He is awaiting those who will come forward and say "Hineni" here am I, in Hebrew! And if we fall short of this challenge, "deliverance may arise from another place!"

Kimberly, let's not let that happen -- God wants to use us! Let's rise to the occasion! God has great things ahead! Your family in the Lord with much agape love, George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah

Negev Desert, Israel

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

I have been so discontent with my life and the way things I planned out for this season of life, are so far away from what I planned. It was hard for me to accept my life the way it is now, being so transient, not having a home to stay in and roots to dig deep, yet God has a plan. I know He has a plan and it is not about me, it is not about my comfort, it is about HIS Kingdom and the piece He has chosen for me to play in it. There comes a time where complaining has to end and surrender has to begin and this is where I find myself. Letting Go of what I wanted, learning to live in this strange season of life and be content where God has put me, even if I can't see why, I believe He has great purpose and I live for Him, each day, digging my roots deeply into Kingdom soil, clinging to His Infinite love, I am blooming here where I have been planted.

Worship Wisdom! Changing Me! Speaking God's Truth-Hope!

All To Us By Chris Tomlin

Precious Cornerstone – Sure Foundation! Jesus! Faithful To The End! We Believe You're All To Us


We Believe You Are All To Us!

Let the glory of Your Name be the passion of the church.

Let the righteousness of God be a holy flame that burns

Let the saving love of Christ be the measure of our lives. We believe You are all to us

You Are Everything Jesus! You Are The Promise! Jesus You Are Everything To Us!

Let The Righteousness Of God Be A Holy Flame That Burns! We Believe You Are All To Us

For Such A Time As This: Wayne Watson

For Such A Time As This We Are Here To Be His Voice Calling The Lost To His Salvation To Their Eternal Destiny #TWorship #Mwanted #LoveOn

For NOW! We Are Here To Be God's Voice Calling The Lost To Salvation -Their Eternal Destiny #TWorship #LoveOn

We Are Here NOW For Such A Time As This! Kingdom Purposed To Be God's Voice – His Hands – His Heart – His Feet To Those Hopelessly Lost And Ensnared By This Culture! We Are Here To Share With Them Their Eternal Destiny In Christ Jesus Love On… Pray For The Lost… Engage With This Culture And Impact Their Lives With The Love And Message Of Jesus Christ

We Are Here NOW Purposed To Be God's Voice To The Lost! Share With Them Their Eternal Destiny In Christ Jesus

Gods Got An Army By Carman

Relationship is truly all that matters and God showed us that when He sent His Son to die in order to reconcile our relationship to HIM. Relationship matters more than anything to God, so be like HIM and do what it takes to have God's peace in every relationship.  God is in the relationship reconciliation business and He does it good!  AMEN! KimberlyMac

talk it up! twitter

AWE-GOD RT @aheartforgod: Don't worry about what others think. The only thing that matters is what HE thinks :)#Jesus #Tworship #mkbiblechat

Let The Saving Love Of Christ, Be The Measure Of Our Lives Today! @worldprayr

Jesus Is All To Us!

Forever We Will #TWorship #Jesus You Are All To Us! Let The Glory Of Your Name Be Our Passion Today! #LoveOn

#Jesus You Are ALL To Us! Yes You Are! WE Are All-In With Your Passion-Holiness-Love! We Believe In You Are Our All! #TWorship #Love On

"We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God."

Acts 14:22

Morning devotional By Charles Spurgeon

God's people have their trials. It was never designed by God, when he chose his people, that they should be an untried people. They were chosen in the furnace of affliction; they were never chosen to worldly peace and earthly joy. Freedom from sickness and the pains of mortality was never promised them; but when their Lord drew up the charter of privileges, he included chastisements amongst the things to which they should inevitably be heirs. Trials are a part of our lot; they were predestinated for us in Christ's last legacy. So surely as the stars are fashioned by his hands, and their orbits fixed by him, so surely are our trials allotted to us: he has ordained their season and their place, their intensity and the effect they shall have upon us. Good men must never expect to escape troubles; if they do, they will be disappointed, for none of their predecessors have been without them. Mark the patience of Job; remember Abraham, for he had his trials, and by his faith under them, he became the "Father of the faithful." Note well the biographies of all the patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and martyrs, and you shall discover none of those whom God made vessels of mercy, who were not made to pass through the fire of affliction. It is ordained of old that the cross of trouble should be engraved on every vessel of mercy, as the royal mark whereby the King's vessels of honour are distinguished. But although tribulation is thus the path of God's children, they have the comfort of knowing that their Master has traversed it before them; they have his presence and sympathy to cheer them, his grace to support them, and his example to teach them how to endure; and when they reach "the kingdom," it will more than make amends for the "much tribulation" through which they passed to enter it.

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

The thought that God designs everything that touches our lives is comforting and it shows the level of control He has and how He allows things to touch our lives because He knows that they will help "finish us" as He works to create the perfect design of our lives. Nothing touches my life except by God's design. He allows the trial, it's length-strength-type with specific purpose of finishing His design in me. He is in complete control.

Nothing touches my life except by God's design. He allows the trial, it's length-strength-type with a specific God purpose that shapes me!

Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life - a Daily Devotional

John 11:40 Jesus said to her, Did I not tell you and promise you that if you would believe and rely on Me, you would see the glory of God? Amplified Bible

God Can Raise the Lazarus's in Your Life

Remember when Jesus visited Mary and Martha after their brother Lazarus had been dead for four days? When He finally arrived, Martha said, "Master, if You had been here, my brother would not have died" (John 11:21 AMP).

Martha was clearly in a state of despair. Then, "Jesus said to her, 'Your brother shall rise again.' Martha replied, 'I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day'" (vv. 23-24). I don't think she really understood what Jesus was saying. She was looking toward a future possibility, not a present reality. She didn't really expect things to change.

A lot of us are like Martha, stuck in our troubles, not realizing that God can turn things around. But Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and He can raise the 'Lazaruses' in your life.

Don't lose hope. You might be hurting now, but out of every disaster, God can bring a new beginning. Believe in God, and watch Him show His glory in your life.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I know that You will work every situation for Your glory. Instead of getting caught up in my problems, I believe that You can raise the 'Lazaruses' in my life.

Whatever you do, wherever you live, if you belong to Jesus Christ, the call from heaven has come to you to the highest honor a human being can experience. The Son of God is spreading His love, His lifestyle, and His life-saving message across this planet and you know what? He has summoned you to join Him in His glorious Administration. Don't settle for anything less. Quote By Ron Hutchcraft

Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.

Mother Teresa #LoveOn #TWorship


Isaiah 28-29

The Lord is powerful and storm like a driving rain in a flooding downfall, He will trample pride and throw it to the ground.

Fig ripe for harvest- The Lord will be a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgement. A source of strength.

Priests reel from beer, stumble when making decisions, there is not spot without filth. Do and do and rule on rule a little here a little there. God will speak to this people, this is the resting place, let the weary rest… but they did not listen…. And they will fall backward

The word of the Lord, scoffers who rule, you enter into agreement with death. Falsehood is your hiding place.

I lay a stone in zion, a precious stone and the one who trusts will never be dismayed

Justice is the refuge… The agreement with the grave will not stand.

The Lord will rise up to do His Work, stop your mocking or your chains will become heavier. Destruction is decreed against the whole land

Does the farmer plow continually, and plants wheat as God instructs and teaches Him the right way. Carroway is beaten with a rod and grain must be ground to make bread…

Lord Almighty wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom

A Seasoned Servant Of God Has Encouraged Me Today

Debra Ray, God bless her ministry!

Darlene Zschech The Potter

Philippians 2 - The Amplified Bible 

1So by whatever [appeal to you there is in our mutual dwelling in Christ, by whatever] strengthening and consoling and encouraging [our relationship] in Him [affords], by whatever persuasive incentive there is in love, by whatever participation in the [Holy] Spirit [we share], and by whatever depth of affection and compassionate sympathy,

2Fill up and complete my joy by living in harmony and being of the same mind and one in purpose, having the same love, being in full accord and of one harmonious mind and intention.

3Do nothing from factional motives [through contentiousness, strife, selfishness, or for unworthy ends] or prompted by conceit and empty arrogance. Instead, in the true spirit of humility (lowliness of mind) let each regard the others as better than and superior to himself [thinking more highly of one another than you do of yourselves].

4Let each of you esteem and look upon and be concerned for not [merely] his own interests, but also each for the interests of others.5Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility:]

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

Recently in my life I had a year and a half silence with someone I loved. They would not take my calls and I had no way of getting in touch with them. I just kept leaving messages, humbling myself and sharing love. Keep Loving! Don't give up because God's Love wins out in the end. This person called me this past week and there is peace! AWE-GOD! Boyd Bailey

Comparison's Crazy Cycle 

"When Peter saw him, he asked, "Lord, what about him?" Jesus answered, "If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me." John 21:21-22

No one wins when comparison is the criteria for being valued. If people are the plumb line for a sense of success—then there are always those who are smarter, prettier and richer. An unrealistic appraisal of others feeds a feeling of failure. On the other hand, pride puffs up with a subtle notion of superiority when it looks to others as a standard for living. Jesus smiles and says, "What is that to you?" Comparison is not a win for anyone.
Yes, we can be inspired and instructed by a life that seeks to emulate the Lord, but we are not to idolize any individual. Of course we are wise to learn from the mistakes of others, but not with a secret delight that believes we look better, when the unfortunate look bad. Our discontent is compounded under the demanding nature of comparison. We cannot enjoy what we have for the allure of what we don't have. Comparison kills contentment.
"And I saw that all toil and all achievement spring from one person's envy of another. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind."
Ecclesiastes 4:4
However, a heart that is focused on following hard after Christ has no room for looking to others for affirmation of worth. Our heavenly Father does not have favorites among His children—He loves them all the same. What God expects is for us to be faithful with the gifts and opportunities He has given us. Jesus whispers, "You have all you need in Me." The Lord is enough for a surrendered life. His grace is an extension of His blessings.
Therefore, look to Christ alone for your sense of worth. He loves you for who you are: His precious child created in His image. He loves your looks, your smile, and He is attracted to your tender heart. He is proud of your ability to relate well to people and your desire to grow in grace. He affirms your vocation that brings Him glory by your excellent work. So, ask what Jesus thinks of you, and then rest in His caring confirmation.
"We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise." 2 Corinthians 10:12
Where do I need to stop comparing and start receiving Christ's caring commendations?
Related Readings: Proverbs 8:11; Ecclesiastes 4:5-6; Romans 12:15; James 3:14-16
Post/Tweet this today: Comparison kills contentment. #comparison #contentment

A Minute With Maxwell

Self Talk! The most important person you will listen to today is yourself. A lot of voices clamor for our attention. The most positive and negative upside or downside is us talking to ourselves. If I speak to myself in a positive way I have a core belief that things are positive. Our thoughts come out of the heart and out of the issues of life. Your self talk is one of the most important things in your puruit of success. Speak positive to yourself because you are always listening!

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

That is so true. I am the only one who can talk myself out of doing something or talk myself into doing something! So my "self talk" is very important to my overall accomplishments each day. My "self talk" is directed by the attitude of my heart. I know this without a doubt. So I guard my heart and am careful with what I "take in" to my heart! I take in a lot of God's Truth, and this helps my heart keep a positive, upbeat, hopeful attitude. When I stay in God's Word, applying it to my spirit, walking it out in my life, my heart attitude is upbeat and positive and my self talk is full of promise. I have felt the more I develop an AWE-GOD gratefulness in my life, the less my life leans on my abilities, the more I depend on God in me! This trusting God relationship, keeps my self talk more God centered with lots of possibility and hope.

William Jennings Simms · Top Commenter · Senior Pastor at Christian Life Church, Nassau, Bahamas

The Law of Navigation says, "Anyone can steer a ship but it takes a leader to chart a course." Real leaders take responsibility for the Thoughts they think and the Words they speak.. "Life and death are in the power of the tongue." Prov 18:21.

James says, the tongue is like a rudder on a ship, though small compared to the size of the ship yet it can change the direction or the course of that ship. So when it comes to self-talk always speak what can be not what is. Use positive affirmations like,

"I am Blessed and Highly Favored." "I am Healthy, Wealthy and Wise." "I am alive, I am alert and I feel great." This charts the course of my day. "This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it." Don't make affirmations based on feelings but based on choice and the desired end in mind.


When you become consumed by God's call on your life, everything will take on new meaning and significance. You will begin to see every facet of your life - including your pain - as a means through which God can work to bring others to Himself. Charles Stanley

Verse Of The

Psalm 139:23-24 Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

24 See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

New International Version (NIV) Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica

Thoughts From Listening To Psalm 139:

The Lord Knows Me! He Knows My Thoughts! He Knows Exactly Where I Am Right Now!

God knows my words before they hit my tongue.

I can't go anywhere God is not, He is always with me.

God will continually guide me. He is always being.

The darkness is not dark to God.

God created me and I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I was made by YOU. You ordained my days.

God's thoughts are precious and they would outnumber the grains of sand in this world.

The wicked speak of God with evil intent and misuse your Name.

The enemies that rise up against God, I hate.

Know my heart, test me and know my thoughts, see if there is any offensive way in me.

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

This is one prayer I hope the Holy Spirit always answers, is always showing me the path of my heart and correcting it when I go astray. I love that God see's my thoughts and I know I need to get my mind under His control, be more disciplined with my mind, not letting it run wild with any thoughts that are not the fullness of truth. Thoughts of rationalization can pop up in my mind, I need to cast them down with Truth. Thoughts of doubt will rise up in my mind and I need to cast them down with belief. Half truths will rise up and I need to cast them down with the fullness of truth. Fears will rise up in my mind and I need to cast them down with faith. Assumptions will rise up in my mind and I need to counter them with the Promises of God! Trumping them with the power of God's Truth!

Sweet Tea By Lori Frank :

The Cure for Loneliness Posted: 06 Mar 2012 07:58 AM PST

I recently was visiting with an acquaintance who came to me for advice. She was on a path in a relationship that I could see was going to lead her into heartache. I tried to plead with her to wait, to deny herself for the moment in order to gain a greater joy in obedience later. Her response to my counsel pulled me up short. She said bluntly, "What would you know about loneliness?"

God-Im-Lonely! I wanted to cry. I wanted to make her a list of the ways I've know loneliness. Anyone who's ever been a leader or married one knows the isolation that comes with it at times. Many things cause loneliness. We can even feel alone surrounded by a crowd. I think of the widow, the orphan, the divorced, the shunned, the betrayed, the ill, the poor, the rich, the famous, the obscured, the new kid, the grieving, the exhausted, the misunderstood. Who is there who has never tasted the bitterness of loneliness?

Even the Lord Jesus was no stranger to this feeling. He felt it fasting in the wilderness, praying in the garden, and hanging on the cross. My word to you today is the same one I had for her that day. You may feel alone. You may think the darkness will swallow you at times. You may hear the voice of the enemy in the silence. But you are NOT alone. Refuse to let it overwhelm you. Refuse to fill the void with despair or sin or cheap substitutes. Run to the Lover of you soul. Listen to the words of David: "Nevertheless, I am continually with You; You hold my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory. Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, that I may tell of all your works."(Psalm 73:23-28 ESV)

Loneliness is part of life on this fallen planet. It is a reminder that this is not our home or our final destination. It stimulates us to long for glory and completion. I'll close with a link to a song that has come to be such a hiding place for me. It is a prayer of faith and ends with the singer placing her heart in a position of worship, looking away from the troubles of this life and into the throneroom. Look to the God who loves you and will never leave you.

Worship Wisdom! Changing Me! Speaking God's Truth-Hope!

God I Look To You – Bethel Church!

Lord I Love You!! I Look To You For Wisdom! I Will Sing To YOU: Halleluiah God You Reign! Forever All My Days I #TWorship You

Lord I Love You!! I Look To You - I Sing To YOU: Halleluiah You Reign! Forever I #TWorship You #LoveOn

10 steps on the digital road to reaching millions

By Tami Heim

Important NOW

Keeping perspective in a world full of high-tech and high-touch shiny gadgets demands enormous energy and capacity. The velocity of change can blur your daily thinking about what's most important – if you let it.

And what's most important in all of it?  Right now One Spirit-filled voice has everything it needs to reach millions with a single post and click.

Coming Soon

And soon this cyber world will be even bigger. Instead of reaching millions, the number of people will grow to billions. Between mobile technology and satellite placement, this generation will more than likely live in a world completely WiFi enabled. A world where messages instantly travel to the ends of the earth. And while no one knows the day or hour of His return, believers with an alert heart feel the urgency. The revelation of what God is making possible compels them to take action. They know it's time for digital disciples to unite, man their posts, and infiltrate the front lines of the cyber mission field.

God's view

God's status update regarding the world hasn't changed: I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. ~ John 4:35, NIV

God's expectation

Christ's final commission hasn't changed either: But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. ~ Acts 1:8, NIV

Do you wonder how this all comes together for you?  Open your heart and listen closely.

10 Steps on the digital road to reaching millions

Millions are desperate for the Hope that's alive in you. Today, they are within your reach.  What are you waiting for? It's time. Let's roll.

Post / Tweet this:

Fill the world with the wonder and awe of the God you serve. Share Truth & be His light online. #LiveSticky

My Thoughts About This = Miraculous Musings! J

I believe my most effective way to share online is to stay within the boundaries of LOVE and TRUTH.  Every tweet must have the fullness of God's LOVE - God's Truth.  God is the same way, He does not give us His Sovereign Will alone, it is always accompanied by His Infinite Love.  Have you noticed that in your life? I have in mine, every time God's Sovereign Will seems so hard that I can't even bear to swallow it, there is His Infinite Love right there with me, helping me "grow through"! So I feel the same way about my online ministry, some people may have issues that the truth slaps right in their face and it hurts when they hear truth, so I keep it Truth and Love,  truth sometimes hurts, love always heals. Does that make sense to you? It does to me in my little world of being God's exhorter.  Truth and Love! Together how good they are! Apart from each other hmmmmmm think about it! Truth without love sometimes read as fiery judgement and love without truth sometimes reads as luke warm tolerance. Truth and Love are powerful together because Truth stands forever strong with the Love of God undergirding it. God's Love Is The Way-Maker Of Favor For His Truth.  They work hand in hand. God's Love Ushers In Truth By Way Of His Great Favor!  Truth and Love stand the test of time when they are balanced by the Holy Spirit's timely discernment and Say So! Truth is put into your heart through Your personal relationship with the Father God, it is seasoned by your relationship with Jesus, by the passion of His heart and love for people and it is prompted by the Holy Spirit's timing.  So relationship with the Triune God creates a heavenly spiritual rhythm in my every online tweet of Truth and Love!   I guess I want to be known online with a reputation that says: She believes in God's truth with great compassion and speaks it confidently with great love! Truth And Love! I saw it in Jesus' life, I hope for it in mine! 

Check Out My Website For Further Encouragement-Exhortations From God! Enjoy!

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I have written an amazing book, actually God wrote it to His Bride and I penned it. It will be an incredible journey for you with AWE-GOD. It will be available in 2012 online. If you are interested send me your email address at I will make sure you get notified when "The Bridegroom's Voice" is ready to be purchased online. God Bless You Huge!


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