Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th 2008! God Is Faithful!

September 11th 2001! 7 years ago! I still have not forgotten! I still treasure the freedom our military fights so hard to defend and preserve! I cling to the Future and Hope I have In Jesus Christ and I remember His Faithfulness!


A United States Marine Wrote This Poem On September 11th 2001; it was his response to a very overwhelming day! Today, it shows us some awesome "Heavenly Hindsight"! OUR GOD IS MIGHTY TO SAVE! OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL! REMEMBER HIM TODAY!



One heart - one blood - one soul

Freedom is our ultimate goal!


Freedom from terror and fear

Freedom that we now

feel is not so near


Freedom from the

anguish and the grief

Freedom from that terrifying thief


We have all felt the terror

and shock that he brings

From the poor, to those rich as kings


This tragedy has touched

us all first hand,

there is sorrow and grieving

throughout the land


We must now fight

for the freedom we once had

We must bury the hatred

and take the good with the bad


This course in our life has been set

What took place that day

we will never forget


But don't be dismayed

for true freedom comes from within

It is a battle that we will always win


The broken hearts will eventually mend

And justice will prevail in the end

Be strong for our loved ones that are gone

And with our strength America will live on



Written By

Sergeant Christopher McCarthy USMC

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