Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Bridegroom’s Cafe


Welcome To

The Bridegroom's Café!


Hello Precious Family and Friends!

Make sure you take a time out this week at The Bridegroom's Café and sit with Jesus and enjoy a meal He has prepared for your soul to be completely nourished.

The Very Present Inspiration Of This Café Is The Bridegroom, Jesus Christ! Today, He Invites You To Enjoy The Intimacy Of Fine Cuisine, Christian Style Dining! Pick And Click On Your Preferred Table Below And Dine With Him. I Hope You Enjoy The Meal and Your Fellowship With Jesus Christ!




Sunday, Week Of September 20th, 2009

AUTHOR TABLE        Freedom            

BREAKFAST TABLE    Tighten Your Belt        

FAMILY TABLE        Way of Truth            

LISTENER TABLE         Dead Traditions        

SERVANT TABLE        Godly Virtue            

MILITARY TABLE        Never Deserted        

SMORGASBORD        Incite Or Inspire        


Check Out Each Table Menu: Excerpts Below!

The Author Table: Freedom

Freedom! It is so sweet to live with liberty and justice for all! Freedom is a fragile thing and must be protected, defended and preserved.


The Breakfast Table: Tighten Your Belt

When I am challenged, I can be impulsively bent with the intent of defending my honor, reputation and rights! Yet, when my belt of truth is tightened around my soul, I am more likely to inspire than incite, more likely to turn the other cheek instead of slapping back with biting, devouring words. Therefore, every day is a good day to put on your belt of truth! Tighten Your Belt Of Truth Today!


The Family Table: Way Of Truth

AWE-GOD! I long for the way of truth for my family! There are so many choices in this world and I feel bombarded by them at times. Should I go this way-that way-which way? American Families Are "Choiced Out"! You can prove this statement by simply going into the grocery store and trying to pick a cereal out of the 100 or so choices! For my family this day, My heart longs for the simplicity of Your Truth, Lord Jesus! I am hoping huge for Your Way of Truth to be what our families know, what we see, what we respond to and who we are as a family!


The Family Table: Way Of Truth Side Dish: Water It

I love Your Kingdom Way Of Truth, where You teach us from Your Kingdom textbook in our earthly classroom.


The Listener Table: Dead Traditions

"The vision of My Church must be for the purpose of a renewed inner life, born out of a spontaneous 24/7 relationship in My Presence. The divine character and supernatural existence of The Body of Christ must be transformed-renewed daily, by My Spirit! It is my heart's desire for My Church to grow and to be a personal organism, not a programmatic organization. "


The Listener Table: Dead Traditions: Side Dish: Think On It

Lord, I hope that my calendar and my stuff that I "have to do" is never 1st over my heart relationship with You


The Servant Table: Godly Virtue

Seasoned Servants, it is Jesus' Virtue, His Name we wear and His reputation we reflect! Spiritual warfare is the unity of our lives with Him: His purposes, His intents, His plans weaved into our lives through worship, Godly virtue and service unto Him.


The Military Table: Never Deserted


ALWAYS! The Best Thing About Deployments Is Our Common Denominator!

Jesus Christ! Deployments Are A Huge Emotional Challenge For Families. Our God Is Up To That Challenge! Seek Him! Find Him! Pursue Him!


The Smorgasbord Table

Life Or Death?


Which do we choose this day in America? Shaping the will or breaking the spirit? Truth and love or assumption and arrogance? Civility or inciting? Life to the spirit and unity of our Country or death to the spirit of freedom we have loved and enjoyed for so long? Which one will it be, because one choice affects the whole!


Hope Huge Your Visit To The Bridegroom's Café Is Always Life Changing!


Take a peak at Heavenly Hindsight! You will be soooo glad you did!


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