Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Triumph Over Suffering By Celeste Li

Triumph Over Suffering

Oh My Gosh, so many people I know are suffering through all kinds of things right now!
I am hosting a 12 week online class for Christ Fellowship Church.

This class is life-changing! How do I know? I took it- I have been so changed!

The class is called "Triumph Over Suffering" - is written - produced by Celeste Li M.D. I will be hosting the class for 12 weeks - Tuesday Nights 7pm EST starting 9/15.

Sign Up Here:
This class is so AWE-mazing! It helped me so much! I was healed of memories that I had in my childhood, given such hope about God's Sovereign Will and how it works for my best in my all and everything! I uncovered a lot of hidden strongholds of exchanged lies that I had in my mind and I replaced them for some real freedom-truth, which has alleviated a lot of fears that had pestered me for years ! The best thing I took away from the class was the complete realization that God's Sovereign will, even suffering… is never, never far from His Infinite Love. The two go hand in hand. I can't tell you how this truth has changed me; it has proven its value in great courage and strength during my times of trials and suffering! AWE-GOD!

The online class is so sweet because you are all growing through it together and there is time to chat in the beginning about things you learn during the week as you do the homework; then the DVD plays with Celeste teaching and she is AWE-mazingly anointed, there are no words to describe her anointing for this except: AWE-GOD!! And then we chat again about what we learned from the DVD lesson that week and we encourage one another and pray for each other. It is just too cool, so I thought I would share it with you all! Enjoy Your Day! God Bless You Much.
Remember this class starts September 15th, so sign up today! Sign Up Here:

I am hosting this12 week online class for Christ Fellowship on behalf of their Internet Pastor, David Helbig.

The class is part of Christ Fellowship Church's Life Groups! For More Information About Christ Fellowship go to

The class will livestream here on Tuesday 7pm EST and you can join the chat, enjoy a lesson from Celeste Li and be encouraged by others. How cool is that!

Starting Tuesday, September 15th

7PM EST- Chat About Last Week's Class

7:30- Triumph Over Suffering Lesson With Celeste Li

8:00- Chat About This Week's Class/Encouragement/Prayer

Hope To See You!



Sunday, Week Of August 30th, 2009

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