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Constant Conversation Aug-Sept 1


Make My Life A Constant Conversation With You!

Because of moving, I have not posted this in a while, but I hope to be more constant from now on. I have posted a little bit from the end of August before we moved until now. Enjoy and Be Blessed! Kimberlymac

End Of August -September 1st 2009: I hope huge to glow His Glory as I stand in AWE of Him!

I, Kimberly Ann McCarthy will diligently pursue You, Father God, this day as my constant connection, conversation and courage. Jesus, be the common denominator of my thoughts that I might walk in HUGE HOPE this day! I, Kimberly Ann McCarthy am destined to live in the glory of Your strength and not worry or fear anything, because all things belong to You. I will turn to You in prayer in all the circumstances and situations of my day. Jesus, name above all names help me, Kimberly Ann McCarthy this very moment to have in mind only the thoughts of God, that point out to me the way to the Kingdom of God and position me in Your Grace that I might be filled with Your Spiritual Vitality and walk in the verdure of love, trust and obedience.


Praise God! Thank You Lord Jesus! AWE-mazing God!

Jesus I praise You, Our Provider, Our Strength. Thank you for all You did in the move, the strength You gave, the way you made when it felt like there was no way.

Jesus thank you for helping me through a dark emotional time, being My Joy, my strength. Praise You Holy One Of Israel. Praise You, Healer Of My Soul


Hosanna Paul Baloche

Praise You Lord God On High!

Praise You Father God For Your Strength- Might!

Praise You Holy Spirit For Your Constant Presence- Omnipresent

Praise You Lord God, My God Who enlightens my darkness. God Of Light!


Hosanna Paul Baloche

Praise You Lord God On High!

Praise You Father God For Your Strength- Might!

Praise You Holy Spirit For Your Constant Presence- Omnipresent

Praise You Lord God, My God Who enlightens my darkness. God Of Light!

Praise God! Our Healer! Trust In Him Today With All Your Heart! Believe In Him


Jesus heal my friend Penny by Your Powerful Healing Touch. Be The Final Word Of Her Medical Diagnosement! Jesus! Name Above All Names!


© Glow His Glory! Just Do It! Glow It! ©


God He Reigns Hillsong

God You Reign! Praise You! Glory To You Today, Through Our Lives, Completely Submitted To You! Praise You Lord! Reign In Us This Day!

I praise You, My Rescuer. I called and You answered with peace that surpasses my situation.

I praise You, Our Healer. It is our huge hope to feel the touch of Your healing hand this day.

Jesus! I praise You, Way Maker. You make the best way even when there seems to be no way at all.

©Prayer! I Pray Your Will! Jesus!May It Be So! Amen! ©

  • Jesus, strengthen my husband beyond his natural ability and be his ability in his all today.
  • Jesus touch Penny, I pray for a miracle of Your Hand, Your Healing Hand to touch her body, I pray Lord Jesus for Your final Word, a good word of healing to be hers on Sept 14th. May it be so Lord Jesus.
  • Father touch Jeremy M, guide and direct his steps by Your Spirit, give him the strength and wisdom he needs to pass his medical exams and make a way for Jeremy to move back to the East Coast by Your Spirit. Jesus.
  • Father God I pray that You would provide a job for Ryan M by Your Provision, open the doors for him Lord Jesus.
  • Father God open the doors for Bob, the doors of Your Provision.
  • Father Touch Debra P, be the strength of her choices today, help her to make good choices for her diet and health by Your healing touch, by Your powerful influence. Jesus, ditto for me. Thank you Lord.
  • Father be with Virginia today, strengthen and encourage her, make a way for her where there seems to be no way. Open the doors of her life with Your powerful favor. Jesus.
  • Jesus touch my friend Penny, heal her totally, completely restore her health by Your Healing Touch. Jesus I pray for a miracle of Your Sovereignty over the diagnosement of men.
  • Father touch Jeremy M. Make a way for him and his family to move to the East Coast, give him favor with his superiors and touch him as he prepares for his exams.
  • Father God touch Ryan M, bring him the perfect job, provide and meet his needs. Father God Provider. Jesus!
  • Father God touch Lynn P son, draw him to You, bring him into complete fellowship with You.
  • Father God be with my husband today, give him favor in his job interview and strengthen his body by Your Spirit. Jesus. King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  • Father God, Way Maker- make a way for Virginia H where there seems to be no way. Jesus be her Way Maker, bring out Your best in her situation!


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What I have been learning lately is through experience, that even in the toughest transitions in life, God is tougher and that my friends is tooooo cool! Enjoy Your Day!


Stand For You Tree63 

No Matter What You Lead Me Through Jesus, I HOPE HUGE to make the right choice of standing for You.

Jesus, last week my emotions sat on my soul and I stayed down with them in the pit of pity dug especially for me by a shovel load of thoughts. I am sorry Lord, please forgive my unbelief in you, please forgive me for exchanging lies for truth and expecting you to attend my pity party! This week, I am happy to say! I am standing for you, through it all and in my everything today. AWE-GOD!



\ / TODAY'S VERSE from HEARTLIGHT -- http://www.heartlight.org/


September 1, 2009


He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the

shadow of the Almighty.

-- Psalm 91:1



At the end of the day of summer's scorching heat, where did you

find your shadow of protection and refreshment? When we place our

lives in the care of God Most High, we find that his shadow of

protection and refreshment covers us. Even in times of difficulty,

we know that he has protected us from the worst of Satan's

withering attack and that his presence offers us strength that we

may not often see but always can trust.


Give me eyes to see, O LORD, and a heart to believe that you are

there when I cannot see any evidence of your presence. Please be my

protection in times of attack and my refreshment in times that

bring soul-withering despair. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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Today it is my huge hope Father God, to stay positioned in Your Grace and diligently pursue You 1st in my all and everything

Constant Love, Constant Peace, Constant Hope because You, Jesus will be my constant choice, conversation and consideration today!

Today, It Is My Huge Hope For All Of Us To Stay In A Holy Alliance With God And His Powerful Word. SO BE IT!

Tweeters! Hope Huge God Is With You In All His Majesty- His Peace The Main Thing That Saturates Your Soul-His Hope Fill Your All

Good Morning Tweeters! May God be with you, in all His majesty, may His peace be the main thing that saturates your soul today-His hope fill your all - everything. 

I pray Our Father God of the now, our Ever Present- Sovereign God will keep us on His path of Kingdom Purpose today! So Be It Lord Jesus! AMEN!

Never dwell on the tomorrow; remember, that it's God's and not
ours. Quote By: -- Edward B. Pusey



Sunday, Week Of August 30th, 2009

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