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******** FREEDOM! ********

Today's Appetizer Is: Matthew 12: 20

He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. Finally he will cause justice to be victorious. 21 And his name will be the hope of all the world.
New Living Translation (NLT) Holy Bible. New Living Translation copyright © 1996, 2004 by Tyndale Charitable Trust.


Main Course: From The Author's Journal

Freedom! It is so sweet to live with liberty and justice for all! Freedom is a fragile thing and must be protected, defended and preserved. Such is the liberty of this great nation as it rests upon the foundation of God's Power and is daily looked after through His Warriors, our military! I am so thankful to God and to our Military for my freedom. I do not take the sacrifices of our United States Military for granted. Thank You! Thank You for protecting and defending our freedom in such an honorable, courageous and excellent way! You are Appreciated! Always Remembered, Lifted Up In Prayer To Almighty God! Freedom! I Love It, I treasure it! AWE-GOD!
I still have not forgotten! Have you forgotten? Never Forget!
I treasure the freedom our military fights so hard to defend, protect and preserve! I cling to the future and hope I have in Jesus Christ and I remember His Faithfulness and favor that our Country, The United States Of America is securely positioned in! As 2009 unfolds, there is some disunity, unrest and insecurity in our country as we endure growing pains as a nation; yet the heart of this nation, the state of our union remains steady and sure in the foundation our forefathers laid down as we became One Nation Under Almighty God- Indivisible With Liberty And Justice For All.
Americans, May Our Gratefulness To God Ring Loud And Clear!
AWE-GOD! Never Forget Him!
Even through the tragedy of September 11th 2001, the heart-beat of Americans rings loud and clear; we are grateful to Almighty God for all He has helped us endure and grateful that in our weakness, He shows Himself strong. Always Remember Our God, For Without Him We Can't Do Anything That Significantly Matters In Light Of Eternity!
Our God Is Mighty To Save! He Is An AWE-Some God! Remember Him Today!


A United States Marine Wrote This On September 11th 2001!

One heart - one blood - one soul
Freedom is our ultimate goal!

Freedom from terror and fear
Freedom that we now
feel is not so near

Freedom from the
anguish and the grief
Freedom from that terrifying thief

We have all felt the terror
and shock that he brings
From the poor, to those rich as kings

This tragedy has touched
us all first hand,
there is sorrow and grieving
throughout the land

We must now fight
for the freedom we once had
We must bury the hatred
and take the good with the bad

This course in our life has been set
What took place that day
we will never forget

But don't be dismayed
for true freedom comes from within
It is a battle that we will always win

The broken hearts will eventually mend
And justice will prevail in the end
Be strong for our loved ones that are gone
And with our strength America will live on

Written By
Sergeant Christopher McCarthy USMC

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Don't Be Oblivious To The Cost Of Freedom!
My son who is currently serving this country in The United States Marines, wrote a poem called "The Reason", when He was fighting over in Iraq. After I read it my heart was heavy, because I feel that in America today we are oblivious to the real sacrifices of our military and their families as we selfishly enjoy our freedom and we need to be more alert and aware of the true reality of our situation and the reason why these warriors choose to endure and fight the fight to defend our freedom!


Don't Be Complacent About Your Freedom!
The Spirit of the United States of America unified and rose up out of the ashes of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center when terror attacked our homeland; but now we sit back in complacency and have become disjointed by our self preservation in political aspirations and our focus is no longer a united vision. Our prevailing attitude is shown in the dropping of the polls as those who once favored the war on terror, now have lethargically forgotten the alarm of September 11th and instead of alert, have adopted a campaign to erase the blackboard before we have learned from what was written on it that fateful day of September 11th 2001.


America! Let Them Work- Let Them Live!
Our enemy has a strategy! This predetermined scheme of our enemy is to destroy our unity as a country and therefore our liberty! These political attitudes that place human life second to party gain, is so dangerous for our military, our sons and daughters and it also creates casualties of memory as we forget our gratefulness to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us to keep our liberty and protect our freedom. Our Military willingly go to a foreign culture, leave their families and everything they know and put themselves in harm's way and then because of political policies, they don't have the support they need to stay alive and fight a good fight! What is up with that? That is not the America I know! She would never leave U.S. Marines stranded on the ground without air support and fire'power to protect their back; She would never just let them die like that! She would do everything in her power to give her Military what they needed because She is the one who sent them into battle in the first place to defend her liberty!


Americans! Listen-Learn From Our Military!
Our United States Military are paying an emotional and physical price for our freedom and it is time that we wake up in America and see how easy we have it in this country. This is the generation of challenge and it is time such as this for us to selflessly, boldly and courageously stand up to this champion's challenge; a time for us to stop casually taking so much for granted without being willing to give in return and a time to live responsibility with our freedom and protect and preserve the unity of our Country by our words and actions. It is simple to say let freedom ring as we casually walk out our personal perception of liberty and it costs us nothing. We need to do what it takes to back our United States Military and realize that they have the firsthand information through their actual experiences with this terrorist enemy and trust that they know the reality of our terrorist enemies and the damage these terrorist enemies are capable of doing to our freedom and the value we place on each and every life in this great country!


Rally-Rally-Rally Behind Our Military!
We need to rally behind our United States Military and their families and sacrificially support them no matter what our political agenda is. Maybe it is a time such as this to sacrifice our political schemas for those who are sacrificing their lives for us, so we can have the freedom to be a democracy and have the liberty to even have a personal political agenda. Without freedom there is no politics – no Democrats and no Republicans, just plain old communistic socialism! If the military can't do their jobs without their plans, missions and military strategies being twisted up in political campaign, then democracy will not survive because we will defeat our liberty from within our own dysfunctional disunity.


Be Willing To Walk In Their Shoes Before You Talk Up Smack!
I challenge you to walk in the shoes of this United States Marine and listen to his heart that comes out of a true life experience with this enemy called terrorist! These warriors of freedom, who have for centuries and still do now, take very seriously the procuring and protection of your freedom and liberty here in the United States of America and they have the true perspective of the enemy of your liberty, justice and freedom! They have seen things that their brutal–vicious enemy has done and experienced the atrocities of their evil sick ways as they use their own women and children as weapons and send them to their death without any value for their lives. These brave, courageous and honorable men know how to procure and protect our freedom because they have walked it out! Don't play political games with the lives of our Military, Mr. President– Congress– Senate or their blood will be on your hands. They deserve better than that. Listen to them, they are the ones fighting over there! Humble yourselves, let go of your personal political agenda and listen to the wisdom of these great Military Warriors! Just Do It! Do It For The Sake Of Their Lives And The Freedom Of This Great Country You Serve!


Follow The Lead Of Our Troops Be: Selfless–Unified! Willing To Sacrifice For Others!
This United States Marine, He says it all and now I say, follow his lead and support our troops by being selfless, courageous and unified and let the spirit of brotherhood in the homeland of the United States ring clear in the ears of our troops in the Middle East as we unite behind them, giving them all they need to be victorious and believing in them and the work they service to preserve our National Liberty and Justice For All! God Bless America! God Bless Our Troops And May Your Hand Of Favor Be With Them, Guide Them, Keep Them By Your Almighty Sovereign Power!



What is the reason for all my pain?
Being here I have nothing to gain!

But in this desolate place I have everything to lose,
Whether I live to see tomorrow, I cannot choose.

I leave behind the one I love so dear,
But in my heart she will always be near.

In hard times like these I cannot see
Why America depends on someone like me.

For I am young and emotionally I am weak,
My views and my feelings I cannot speak.

I don't know how to change the problems in this foreign land,
All I do know is how to be swift and deadly with my right hand.

I eliminate criminals and terrorists from these lands,
I do it because that is what the Marine Corps demands.

So is it for the Marine Corps that I do these things,
And for My America where freedom continues to ring!

It is at that moment that I look to my left and right,
I see my brothers who have been suffering with me day–night,
And I realize why we push ourselves and do what we do,
It is for each other because it is not just about you!

It is for your fellow Marine that is always by your side,
No matter how big the fight, he will never run and hide.
So carry on for your fellow Marines and for the Corps
And together we will settle any score.

Written By Sergeant Christopher McCarthy USMC
During A Deployment In The Middle East In 2003

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