Saturday, October 18, 2008

JOY! Bling, Bling JOY!

Jesus 1st "J" Others 2nd "O" You 3rd "Y".



Where is my JOY? For a long, long time in my life I cried out for my lost JOY! It was my deepest heart's desire as I prayed for JOY continuously day after day!


I no longer search: Where Are You JOY? I found it as I positioned myself in His Joy, Holy Purposes Aligned In Him! Have you lost your JOY? Then begin by praying for His Joy which flows in this Holy Spirit, guided and anointed order:

Jesus 1st "J" Others 2nd "O" You 3rd "Y".

Pray for this kind of Joy and ask for the wisdom to be positioned in TRUE JOY! JOY takes the impossible of your situation and lines it up underneath Jesus= Jesus First In All Things!


Joy begins with…

1st    Jesus and all that is made possible because of Him!

2nd    Others is the Kingdom Purpose that flows out of Jesus being first!

3rd    You standing in Jesus 1st, being found underneath His Authority!


When you keep Jesus first, you naturally will secondly be found in the Promised Purpose He has for your life which is Others and You will thrive in Joy as you stay Positioned in His Grace! You put Him first= Jesus; His Kingdom purpose second = Others and your desires third = You

This Is TRUE JOY!!


The more He is first, the more He carries, the more others are second, the more you are fulfilled because the principle of seeking first the Kingdom of God will bring forth the promise that in all your everything God will work good out of your desires. This truth is contained in: Jesus Others You. JOY! True Joy is all about position which connects your focus with apposite flow and anoints your life in JOY. The apposite course of Joy is Jesus, Others, You=JOY!


Have You Gotten Off Course?

Let's say we have somehow gotten off course, which I like to say we have taken a "bunny trail" in life that is leading us down a crooked, lifeless path! Dead end "bunny trails" twist up our JOY through long and winding roads that always lead to a place we are not destined to be; a dead end consign of evil strategies that equals YOJ… a scrambled up mess of our JOY! I have followed so many of these "bunny trails" that always seem to begin with a road signed, "d as in 'd' for devil"! Some of these unfortunate "d" bunny trails I have followed are: disappointment, displeasure, disillusionment, disapproval, discouragement, defeat, distress, dejection, discontentment, dissatisfaction and depression… the list can go on and on! Have you also traveled on these bunny trails and ended up joyless?

Have You Lost Your Joy?

When you say you have lost your joy, it means you have probably taken one of the above "bunny trails" and it has twisted up your path to JOY and left you confused or better put, scrambled your Joy and rewritten it as YOJ, which doesn't equate at all to JOY, the joy you loved and knew! When you lose your way because of a "bunny trail", it is easy to become confused by the devil and exchange your clear focus of true JOY and that means somehow you have shifted your position so that you are seeing more of You first… YOJ!

Are You Joyless?

Where are you? Which "d" bunny trail have you wandered off on? Think about it! If you are joyless, you could be on a bunny trail of disillusionment because you are fixating on your worldly stuff by over thinking how you can handle it, arrange it and plan for it without putting Jesus first? Then you are therefore, exchanging your position and substituting your enlightened JOY for a perplexed mix of YOJ! It can happen so easily! Think of the many bunny trails you can take when you switch the order and put Others before Jesus as You assume you can fix everyone's problems on your own and instead end up on a "bunny trail" of discouragement that displaces J-O-Y with Y-O-J, creating a senseless mess and dumping you off in a heap of foolishness as your bunny trail dead ends on a path called defeat!


"Jesus" First

Relationships Others

Hopes for You




Are You Lost On A Bunny Trail?

Okay if you are lost somewhere on a "bunny trail", I know you are hopping or should I say hoping to get your JOY back in line and find a flipside to the life-tapestry God is creating for you! Don't give up! Just do what it takes to get repositioned in JOY; it is just a little behavior modification, an adjustment of "will to willessness" that places you back in harmony and gives you the right perspective of "complete belief" that always leads to JOY! If you are holding on to something so tightly that you "feel" is your "right" to keep, let me tell you from experience that your white knuckle grip is a sure sign of your will activating your own plan! As you keep trying and trying to keep what you believe you have a right to, you will become more and more discontent, disillusioned, dissatisfied and disunified with God; paralleling yourself with your plans and not His purposes and creating a life perspective that positions You first and changes you to YOJ = NO JOY!


Restore Your Postion Of Joy!

To get back to a Holy Alignment or should I say a Holy Alliance with God and take back your JOY, I suggest this: STOP right where you are and let go of everything that encumbers you; by taking off every human wish, expectation and yoke you have picked up along the way and put on your shoulders to balance. Lay them down, right now! STOP and be still and know God will come to where you are and rescue you and lead you out of this barren joyless wilderness! Yes God can and He is able and He will set you back on a straight path and restore your position of JOY!


Let Be, Be Still and Wait on God=JOY RESTORED!

Joyless One! Stop where you are! Call out to Jesus! He will come to You, He will set you on the right course, His designed life-path for you. Almighty God will realign your position to JOY!


Jesus! Others! You! JOY=Holy Aligned!

A Holy Alliance Of Joy! It Is Your Heritage As The Father God's Child! You Are Adopted Into His JOY! Walk In It! No one takes it from you, you surrender it! Lay Down Unnecessary Burdens, Jesus Has Already Borne Them… Yoke Yourself To Him! Pick Up Your Purchased JOY! Take down the white flag of surrender and raise up His Banner of Love! JOY! It is free, therefore it is freedom to wear the JOY Jesus purchased for His Bride. Take and put on what Jesus offers you: a spotless, pure white wedding garment made of unadulterated JOY found in:

Jesus 1st, Others 2nd, You third.



HIS JOY Is The Purpose, Promise And Provision Of Your Salvation!

Jesus 1st, Others 2nd, You third!

Inscribed on your heart is HIS JOY for a time such as this! Read it, Live it and GLOW HIS GLORY-JOY!

Wear His Name And Shine His Joy! Let It Be The Stick Pin That Keeps His Purposes Attached Firmly To Your Wedding Garment. You Are His Bride! Let His JOY Shine Forth For All To See! Bling! Bling! JOY! GLOW HIS GLORY BRIDE OF CHRIST!


*****WOOOO HOOOO! HOORAH JESUS!! Got your JOY back, now work out your salvation day to day to keep positioned, paced and purposed in HIS JOY! BLING! BLING! JOY!!


Jesus, Others You! Just Do It! Everyday In Every Way! JOY!

Jesus will use your everything, in relationship to everyone in your all in all, to work out His purposes in your life and theirs! Putting Jesus 1st you will understand His ways as you suddenly see His Glory Glow as He reveals His true purposes for your life-situation! He works in the unseen of your darkest circumstances and you must believe Him by faith as He weaves His intentions by the means of your situations, creating destined life-traffic patterns!


"I call these "U-Turns" that create "Round- Abouts", traffic loops on your life path; encircling your relationships with His purposes! Have you ever driven into a "Round About"? They are totally frustrating as you circle around aimlessly and what is the point? His purposes!!! He will create divine appointments "Round-Abouts" paved through your current state of affairs that change every life direction in your traffic pattern, by His destined purposes that come about in everything and everyone you pass by!"


You can make an eternal difference! Therefore do everything you can do to keep your JOY as you walk through each life situation on your path! All He asks you to do is believe in Him, focus on Him and stand on His Promises as He works out His purposes in everyone aligned to the current situation you are "growing" through.


Your Apposition As You "Grow" Through Life:

Keep it JOY! Jesus, Others, You!


Daily position yourself in the Presence of God step by step making Him first in your all and therefore, others being your everything as you fulfill His purposes one by one in your all in all!





JOY!! Bling! Bling! JOY!



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