Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bridegroom’s Cafe


Got Computer?


Get Connected To God!


At The Bridegroom's Cafe!

Opening February 14th 2009


The Bridegroom's Cafe Is A Very Unique Website Because It Is For You And God

To Connect, Hang Out Together, Talk Up His Word And Pray It Up!

  • The Bridegroom's Cafe has 7 tables to choose from! It is a very warm, colorful Café that is very easy to get from table to table, because it has been constructed by The Holy Spirit with fellowship with God in mind!
  • Each table has been prepared with a Christian Cuisine hoping to give you the flavor of a unique dining experience with a loving, Almighty God Whose heart desire is to fellowship and connect with you, Heart 2 Heart and Spirit 2 Spirit!
  • Every meal in the Bridegroom's Café will have side dishes available to you on the right navigational bar; these are specially prepared to completely enhance the meal you and at your leisure to enjoy each bite!

Got Computer? Connect With God!

You can come anytime you like to spend time with Jesus, The Bridegroom!

Visit any of these seven tables in The Bridegroom's Café!

He is waiting for you to join Him, and sup with Him!

The Author Table

This table has a special menu that changes biweekly.  It is prepared by The Main Chef Himself! Jesus! It will be a fully nourishing and strengthening biblical cuisine with personal exhortation! This table serves nurture as its main purpose! This table will have special side dishes that you can enjoy with your meal that will enhance the purposes of God in your daily cuisine.

The Breakfast Table

Good Morning- Good Manna! Oh my goodness, there is so much you can get into on the internet each morning! I say: "get some breakfast that will feed your soul, nourish your mind and invigorate your spirit!" Father God is waiting to enjoy breakfast with you! The breakfast menu at the Bridegroom's Café will stay up a whole week before it changes, so you can enjoy the good manna and pick up a couple of side dishes to go each day!!

The Family Table 

An amazing table in the Bride Groom's Café as the heart of God for your family is shared each week. Jesus will meet you at this table, with a meal fit for royalty. He always gives His best to families. He will pray with you, encourage you and listen to you about your family needs. This meal menu will change weekly and give you a great opportunity to pray with Jesus for your family members! You will find the side dishes at this table to be family flavored---scrump-til-i-ump-tious!!

The Listener Table

What a sweet table to sit at and enjoy a quiet and romantic meal with the Bridegroom! He will serve you personally and you will enjoy just sitting with the Bridegroom and Listening to His Voice! The side dishes are especially prepared by the Bridegroom for the nourishment of His Bride. Oh, that would be us! His Church!

 The Servant Table

 Oh what a precious delight these tables' cuisines will be for servants! A time to put your feet up with God and be encouraged, exhorted and fully fed by His Holy Spirit! Even seasoned servants take time out to eat the Bread of Life! Jesus Did! The side dishes for this cuisine are especially prepared for God's servants by Jesus Himself and they will be served for you by His personal touch! Very strengthening for your spiritual health! The meals on this table will be changed 1st of every month, because servants need plenty of time to soak in the nourishment and Grow 2 Go!

The Military Table

Everyone has one, two or three or so Military Warriors that you are praying for! This table has a special place in the heart of Jesus! His Military Warriors and their families are very important to Him! He prepares a special cuisine for them at The Military Family Table and it will feed them and their families with a strong flavor of wisdom, hope, courage and peace. Jesus prepares each side dish to add to the meal a touch of promise that enhances the savor of His love for His Military Warriors. At the side dish counter Pray It Up, You can partake with Jesus, a specially prepared side dish prayer for Your Warrior and you can pray for other Military Warriors and their families. Make sure before you leave to add your warrior's name to the prayer list! This menu will change weekly to encourage The Military Warrior and their families.

The Smorgasbord Table

This Table is going to be one big God Adventure! It will show off the creative flair of Chef Jesus! You never know what could be served here! Stop in and sit down with Jesus and explore the cuisine of the Smorgasbord Table. It is good for the soul! The side dishes at this table will always be prepared hot and spicy! Are you ready for an adventure with God! Just Do It! Be Courageous! Take the culinary challenge of this table!


There you have it! A two year God project, opening up soon to bless and encourage God's people in their all and everything! I am HOPING HUGE for God To Bless You Much Through The Bridegroom's Café! BE CONNECTED TO GOD! TALK IT UP!



To help me TALK UP the Bridegroom's Café at please send out this email to everyone on your email list! That will help me a lot to TALK IT UP!!


Thank you!

God Bless You!

Enjoy The Bridegroom's Cafe!







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