Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heavenly-E-Valentines Cards From Jesus!

Happy Valentine's Day From King Jesus!

You Have Two Love Cards From The Best Valentine Ever –Jesus Christ! Make Sure You Read Them! #BGC

I have had a magical love story with Robert McCarthy (my husband) who I met 36 years ago! The love of my life, Bob introduced me 36 years ago to the Real Indescribable-Incredible Love of Jesus Christ. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart on Valentine's Day, 1975 and two years later married the man who brought me face to face with my Savior, Jesus Christ! Today, I have the best of both worlds! AWE-GOD!

You can see now why Valentine's Day is a day of joyful celebration for me and why I love to share God's love abundantly on this day! I love Jesus! AWE-GOD! Everyday. Everyone. Everywhere. (Which by the way Pastor Todd Mullins said and I highly encourage you to catch a ride on this Godly Vision from the 3rd Message in the Nehemiah series at It will be a God adventure for sure)

Today, I hope huge to share with you how much Jesus loves you and how much I do too! God's love is abundant, mine is okay—not as perfect! LOL! I listened to God's Voice, and His Voice, it is pretty awesome! I listened and I wrote these two "heavenly-e-valentines" just for you, from Jesus. I know you wonder why not just one, why two? Well, it is kind of cool to get one Valentine on Valentine's Day, but God wanted you to have two, just so you knew that His love is more-most and abundantly-infinitely yours. It is kind of like Jesus giving you a box of chocolates that you can savor the flavor of love all week long!

The valentines Jesus sent you are found in the Bridegroom's Café Click on the Author Table that is where one is and the other one is found by scrolling down to the Smorgasbord Table.

I highly encourage you to open your love notes from Jesus and partake in full, all He has for you, savor the flavor of this valentine manna Jesus has prepared for you! You will be so blessed by His Holy Spirit!

Valentine's Day is a day for love, so make time for Your Perfect Valentine, King Jesus, time to sit in His Presence, go through each of the side dishes, Jesus prepared to enhance your Valentine meal to perfection; they are on the right of the main page, so click a side dish and partake of the fullness of these Valentines of Love, sent to you with Divine Valentine Devotion.

For a quick E-Jesus Valentine link click here:

For a quick E-Jesus Valentine link click here:

Happy Valentines Day! Heavenly Hindsight Is My Joy This Day! Enjoy Your Day! Love Ya!            

AWE-God Bless You Much…… Kimberlymac

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