Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Constant Conversation W/God 2/21

Monday, February 21, 2011


Make My Life A Constant Conversation With You!


I Kimberly Ann McCarthy will unwaveringly develop my AWE-GOD today, bowing before My AWE-God in submissive-surrender, reverent-respect, humble-awe. I lay down my will and pick up an attitude of gratitude. I hope huge for the strength of God to saturate my life-courage with a tenacity that is nothing short of miraculous! AWE-GOD!

****My Prayer! I Place All My Expectation In You, Almighty God!*****

Psalm 62:5 (amplified) My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation are from Him. He only is my Rock and my Salvation; He is my Defense and my Fortress, I shall not be moved.

Father touch Sherri guide her, direct her and draw her to Your strength. Heal her legs Lord Jesus by Your Healing touch.

Father be with Melinda and her family today, be their Way-Making strength

Father touch my family this day: Bob, Kim, Brad, Bonnie, Ky, Ry, Chris, Summer, Noah, Kenneth, Christina, draw them to You, enlarge their borders, may Your Hand of Favor be upon them. Jesus.

Father God be with Kenneth, strengthen him today, guide him through this transitional time with situational wisdom, Holy Spirit put a hedge of traveling protection around him and be his Waymaker this week.

Father God, strengthen Christina, heal her body and renew her endurance as she waits upon You

Jesus touch Summer, I pray "pink", give her the desires of her heart Lord Jesus.

Father be with Bob, I pray for Your Hand of favor upon him today. Strengthen Bob in Your might. Be His wisdom today!

Jesus, touch Ry heal her body, be with her Holy Spirit and comfort her. Protect the rest of the family from this sickness, put your hedge of protection around this family by Your Spirit. Jesus!

Father touch Noah by Your Spirit, strengthen his immune system and heal his body

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We pray for Your Hand of Favor upon us today Lord God RT @xtolz: Good people obtain favor from the Lord ~ Proverbs 12:2a #jesustweeters

@davidstarlingm All about who you is from God-even your sense of humor.Give your life to Jesus, He will make perfect sense out of His wisdom (MWL)

Our Advocate - Father God, is ever presently working on your behalf. Thank you Father God! Always and ever divinely working for us!

It is not all about what you do or what you say! What is the reason behind it? What is your heart motive. Is it All 4 GOD? If not are you?

You can't fix the world! That is God's job. Take one day at a time! Walk in the Light-Wisdom-Grace God gives you today!

A culturalized heart is a divided heart. Look into the eyes of your soul with the lens of God's Truth!

You belong to God 1st not to a race, country or a political party. Make sure your heart is not divided because of cultural issues!

Let God Work-Don't Transact His Business-It Makes Things Inaccurate! 2Wrongs Don't=A Right! Let God Do It!

We must never waiver from the foundation God's Word provides us=IT is the only litmus test for any-all circumstances Lori Frank #poiema

God uses each of us to grow each other through every day! We would be lost W/out God in each other! AWE-GOD!

Don't miss seeing Jesus or be blind to His ways, because arrogance will never see eye to eye with humility!

******Ramah From God******

Ramah Word! Selah …pause, and calmly think of this :

Psalm 129:4

The Lord is [uncompromisingly] righteous; He has cut asunder the thick cords by which the wicked [enslaved us].

Thankfulness for former deliverances.

The enemies of God's people have very barbarously endeavoured to wear out the saints of the Most High. But the church has been always graciously delivered. Christ has built his church upon a rock. And the Lord has many ways of disabling wicked men from doing the mischief they design against his church. The Lord is righteous in not suffering Israel to be ruined; he has promised to preserve a people to himself. (Ps 129:5-8)

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

My Thoughts About These Verses:

Uncompromisingly (openly- honestly- ingenuously- straightforward-directly-) righteous! This is our God! Head on in righteousness He openly, without any deceit is straightforward in His relationship with/for/to everything and everyone! Make me like You Jesus, Uncompromisingly righteous! Make my family like this too, touch each one of us Holy Spirit and draw us to an uncompromisingly righteous life-style that is founded upon a relationship with You. Jesus! So Be It!

Uncompromisingly Righteous – graciously delivered – preserved by the Holy Spirit is: Bob, Kim, Brad, Bonnie, Ky, Ry, Chris, Summer, Noah, Kenneth, Christina… so be it! Jesus!

#poiema Gospel Of John Study http://www.biltmorebaptist.org/poiema/

John 5:9b-15

Instantly the man became well and recovered his strength and picked up his bed and walked. But that happened on the Sabbath.10 So the Jews kept saying to the man who had been healed, It is the Sabbath, and you have no right to pick up your bed [it is not lawful].11 He answered them, The Man Who healed me and gave me back my strength, He Himself said to me, Pick up your bed and walk!12 They asked him, Who is the Man Who told you, Pick up your bed and walk?13 Now the invalid who had been healed did not know who it was, for Jesus had quietly gone away [had passed on unnoticed], since there was a crowd in the place.14 Afterward, when Jesus found him in the temple, He said to him, See, you are well! Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.15 The man went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus Who had made him well

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

My Thoughts About These Verses:

They were not mad at the man as much as the One Who told him to break their Sabbath laws. They completely overlooked and took the focus off the miracle that had occurred and put the focus on the law. That is exactly where our enemy wants us, back under the law, our focus off of Jesus. Jesus finished what He started in the miracle and told the man to stop sinning, repent, change your ways and follow after what is right. You can see the evidence of His salvation when he went back and told the Jews that Jesus healed him, He gave all the glory to Jesus.

Exodus 31:

He said to them, The Lord has said, Tomorrow is a solemn rest, a holy Sabbath to the Lord;

29 See, the Lord has given you the Sabbath; therefore He gives you on the sixth day the bread for two days; let every man remain in his place; let no man leave his place on the seventh day.

12 And the Lord said to Moses,13 Say to the Israelites, Truly you shall keep My Sabbaths, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I, the Lord, sanctify you [set you apart for Myself].14 You shall keep the Sabbath therefore, for it is holy to you; everyone who profanes it shall surely be put to death; for whoever does work on the Sabbath shall be cut off from among his people.15 Six days may work be done, but the seventh is the Sabbath of rest, sacred to the Lord; whoever does work on the Sabbath day shall surely be put to death.16 Wherefore the Israelites shall keep the Sabbath to observe it throughout their generations, a perpetual covenant.17 It is a sign between Me and the Israelites forever; for in six days the Lord made the heavens and earth, and on the seventh day He ceased and was refreshed.

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

My Thoughts About These Verses:

It was a special sign between God and man.

The jews filled it with oral laws not from God, made it a law, not a sign

A special day set aside for God, to rest in His Presence, to be refreshed by God

Sabbath was not about the law, it was about a special relationship time with Jesus, to be refreshed by Him, renewed by Him… it was not hard as the Jews wanted to make it, it was simply-significantly all about God, by God and for us.

John 5:16-23

16 For this reason the Jews began to persecute (annoy, torment) Jesus and sought to kill Him, because He was doing these things on the Sabbath.17 But Jesus answered them, My Father has worked [even] until now, [He has never ceased working; He is still working] and I, too, must be at [divine] work.18 This made the Jews more determined than ever to kill Him [to do away with Him]; because He not only was breaking (weakening, violating) the Sabbath, but He actually was speaking of God as being [in a special sense] His own Father, making Himself equal [putting Himself on a level] with God.19 So Jesus answered them by saying, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, the Son is able to do nothing of Himself (of His own accord); but He is able to do only what He sees the Father doing, for whatever the Father does is what the Son does in the same way [in His turn].20 The Father dearly loves the Son and discloses to (shows) Him everything that He Himself does. And He will disclose to Him (let Him see) greater things yet than these, so that you may marvel and be full of wonder and astonishment.21 Just as the Father raises up the dead and gives them life [makes them live on], even so the Son also gives life to whomever He wills and is pleased to give it.22 Even the Father judges no one, for He has given all judgment (the last judgment and the whole business of judging) entirely into the hands of the Son,23 So that all men may give honor (reverence, homage) to the Son just as they give honor to the Father. [In fact] whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, Who has sent Him.

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

My Thoughts About These Verses:

My father has worked and I too must be about "divine work"… He tells them the difference between divine work and work… divine work is always happening, God is ever presently working on our behalf. Thank you Father God! Always and Ever! Jesus showed the Pharisees by the miracle that He was One in the Same, Whatever He was doing, God was authoring. He showed them that in the future, they would respect and honor Him, or they would not be respected or honored by God. The traditional-cultural mind sets of the Pharisees where held on to so tightly, they were not able to move past their own personal perceptions that were deeply seeded by cultural opinions- views - attitudes. The door to their hearts were locked with a cultural bolt. I can see that in so many of us. We see through our culturalized eyes, by what the favored political opinion is, instead of through the lens of God's Word. We see issues with tainted viewpoints and we act out of them, creating a divided heart.

John 5:24-30 I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, the person whose ears are open to My words [who listens to My message] and believes and trusts in and clings to and relies on Him Who sent Me has (possesses now) eternal life. And he does not come into judgment [does not incur sentence of judgment, will not come under condemnation], but he has already passed over out of death into life.25 Believe Me when I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, the time is coming and is here now when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear it shall live.26 For even as the Father has life in Himself and is self-existent, so He has given to the Son to have life in Himself and be self-existent.27 And He has given Him authority and granted Him power to execute (exercise, practice) judgment because He is a Son of man [very man].28 Do not be surprised and wonder at this, for the time is coming when all those who are in the tombs shall hear His voice,29 And they shall come out--those who have practiced doing good [will come out] to the resurrection of [new] life, and those who have done evil will be raised for judgment [raised to meet their sentence]. 30 I am able to do nothing from Myself [independently, of My own accord--but only as I am taught by God and as I get His orders]. Even as I hear, I judge [I decide as I am bidden to decide. As the voice comes to Me, so I give a decision], and My judgment is right (just, righteous), because I do not seek or consult My own will [I have no desire to do what is pleasing to Myself, My own aim, My own purpose] but only the will and pleasure of the Father Who sent Me

My Thoughts About This:

Jesus is the message of resurrection and new life from His Father God! He offers Himself again to those who despise Him, He passionately and with compassion speaks the truth in love, with a firm authority, delivered from the heart of a Savior on the path of mercy, forgiveness and hope that they might come to know WHO He truly Is. Jesus tells them He will be the JUDGE, not God and in telling them, He does it with a compassion of a Shepherd, wanting to pull these sheep into His flock. He also talks about a willessness. He did nothing out of His own will, His own purpose, His own motives, but out of the Sovereign Will of God. This is a place we need to grow to, a place of willessness like Jesus had. He did nothing independently, or of His own accord. We can't live to please ourselves, therefore we must check our motives continuously. Is this about me? Is this about my aims? Is this about my purposes? Is this about my plan? Or is it all about the Will of God, The purposes of His Kingdom, The Way that will bring Him the glory!?

Hebrews 2:18

18 For because He Himself [in His humanity] has suffered in being tempted (tested and tried), He is able [immediately] to run to the cry of (assist, relieve) those who are being tempted and tested and tried [and who therefore are being exposed to suffering].

Jesus is our Judge and He brings to this position a unique view point of having walked in our shoes, which makes Him more compassionate. Therefore, maybe before we make quick judgements of people, we should walk in their shoes, put ourselves in their view-point. I know I have learned that the hard way. If I want to be more compassionate and less judgemental, I must learn to look outside my own experiences, look into the lens of someone else's life-view.

John 5:31-47

If I alone testify in My behalf, My testimony is not valid and cannot be worth anything.32 There is Another Who testifies concerning Me, and I know and am certain that His evidence on My behalf is true and valid.33 You yourselves have sent [an inquiry] to John and he has been a witness to the truth.34 But I do not receive [a mere] human witness [the evidence which I accept on My behalf is not from man]; but I simply mention all these things in order that you may be saved (made and kept safe and sound).35 John was the lamp that kept on burning and shining [to show you the way], and you were willing for a while to delight (sun) yourselves in his light.36 But I have as My witness something greater (weightier, higher, better) than that of John; for the works that the Father has appointed Me to accomplish and finish, the very same works that I am now doing, are a witness and proof that the Father has sent Me.37 And the Father Who sent Me has Himself testified concerning Me. Not one of you has ever given ear to His voice or seen His form (His face--what He is like). [You have always been deaf to His voice and blind to the vision of Him.]

My Thoughts About This:

Jesus called The Father God has His 1st Witness! His Evidence! God's Evidence is true and valid because it is not from man. Then He called on John The Baptist because He knew that they could relate better, they truly did not know the Father God as well as they knew John… how sad was that and how true is it in us today. Do we truly know God as much and more than we know those who carry His Word? He said the Father God testifies through Him-Jesus what He is truly like. Jesus said you won't know what the Father God is truly like, if You don't accept me, accept the works that I do are from Him. The Jewish leaders were not listening to God the Father as it was, they were so blinded by their mad made laws and traditions, they spent all their time upholding their humanism. Religiosity- YES! Relationship With God The Father- NO! They did not know Him or what He was like! Their culturalism of self-important religiosity, kept them so arrogant and lifted up that they could not come down from the platform of self, to meet the ONE TRUE GOD! They had no humility, they could not relate to it in any way and Jesus came in all humility. Their platform of pompus religiosity was built so high that their flesh could not come down off its high horse to see the very truth they knew in the scriptures. Religiosity Verses Relationship! Arrogance –pompousness – self righteousness - pride can't meet as one on the same level as humility! Don't miss seeing Jesus or be blind to His ways, because arrogance will never see eye to eye with humility! Hold no one and nothing closer to you than Almighty God! Cling to God 1st! Be led by God's Word And Life! Don't live your life systematically, live risky by an AWE-relationship with God

Excerpts From Bible Study:

Jesus' appeal was always to the Scriptures. He had nothing but the utmost respect-love for the Old Testament Scriptures. #poiema Christ is all-knowing, so there is no question as to how He knew these men did not have God's love in their hearts. But from our perspective we also have proof. If they had been filled with the love of God, they would have had compassion for the man by the pool. #poiema They would have celebrated the healing by Jesus instead of criticizing the action as a violation of their religious law. When we are striving to discover God in a personal and impactful way We must never waiver from the foundation God's Word provides us=IT is the only litmus test for any-all circumstances.

A Seasoned Servant Of God Has Encouraged Me Today

Pastor Elliott

1 John 4:7-12

Dear friends, let us love one another, because love is from God, and everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 The one who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

9 God's love was revealed among us in this way: God sent His One and Only Son into the world so that we might live through Him. 10 Love consists in this: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 11 Dear friends, if God loved us in this way, we also must love one another. 12 No one has ever seen God. If we love one another, God remains in us and His love is perfected in us.

Dear Bob and Kim,

Have you noticed (or remembered) lately how easy it is to show love to those who already love you? Do you find it natural to "love" a stranger at the grocery store as easily as you "love" each other at church or in your family? It's easy to love people who love us back. Jesus, our ultimate role model, loved people above and beyond what is expected and humanly possible in His life on this earth. His greatest commandment was to "love one another". Easy? No. But if you watch Him, you will know how because "loving" was perfected in Him. He teaches, and commands His followers (Christians) to surrender all their earthly ways to His perfection. He loved those who held the hammer and nails. He even loved us as our sins nailed Him to the Cross. When He spoke the words, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do", He was speaking about us. Now we can be His. All the hate and pain that is in us can be nailed to the cross with Him. Let go of your anger and unforgiveness towards anyone, so that His sacrifice is not wasted. Every time we allow anger to rule us, every time we withhold blessings because of prejudice, every time we resist loving one another, we have trampled the purpose of His sacrifice. This morning let us all just stop for a moment in prayer. Let us all confess and repent of our sins to God so that we may receive our cleansing and start this day with a fresh heart, and a face that reflects the LOVE of GOD. If we love one another, God remains in us and His love is perfected in us.

My Thoughts About This:

I just hope that there is never a day in my life that the Word of God does not convict me in some way…. So "DEAR" is great for me!! LOL! I think the Word of God personally singles me out every time we see it and I am so glad it does! Every day I want to be convicted by the Word, changed to be more like Jesus. Even today, I made a mistake by judging someone too quickly, by running with something God gave me and adding my own personal judgement with God's conviction. I realized I am to love, God does not need my help, He just needs me to obey Him to the letter and not add in my own stuff to what He has said. Today I felt offended for God, by the way someone used the Word of God as a brunt of a joke. I felt the Holy Spirit was grieved by that. The Word of God is to be used in respect because it is due great respect and we have to value it. Yet, I took what God showed me a human step further and I questioned their heart motives, doubted them and judged them. So God showed me we both were wrong. He should not have used the Word of God so casually, should put more value on it and I should not have judged His heart motives as a whole. To me that is what love is, working out Your Salvation and being willing to be convicted and changed by The Holy Spirit, and not thinking of yourself highly in any way. Thanks for sharing and even if you did not use DEAR… God still would!! I hope your back is feeling better!

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Facebook Message To: Melinda, Toni, Sandra, Elagrew

This was a conversation I had on twitter because I felt the Holy Spirit was grieved at the irreverent handling of His Word. He wants us to respect His Word, to stand in awe of it and I felt He was grieved by this and wanted me to share it. But, I took it a step too far and personally judged this person in a wrong way, which led me to block them and learn that two wrongs don't make a right. I must obey God to the letter and not jump into His business. He's Got It! I don't have to make it happen!

Yes and AMEN RT @faithclubdotnet: #Jesus #quote 1Cor9:31 Well, whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it all for God's glory.

They said: @Kmac4him In other words: drink Sam Adams, Bordeaux, and Maker's Mark, not Bud Lite, Franzia, and Aristocrat! :-)

I said: All about who you are is from God-even your sense of humor. Give your life to Jesus, He will make perfect sense out of His wisdom

They said: @Kmac4him Why would I give Jesus something He already has? I've been born again for a quarter of my life; why did you assume otherwise? I'm curious.

They said: That's actually a fairly accurate exegesis of that verse. Not mocking at all. What makes you think I was "making fun"?

I said: A question for a question! What was your heart motive behind your tweet of making fun of the word of God-Did it benefit God?

I Said: It is not all about what you do or what you say! What is the reason behind it? What is your heart motive? Is it All 4 GOD? If not are you?

I began to pray for him and the Holy Spirit gave me this verse

[ I Never Knew You ] "Not everyone who says to Me: Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Jesus told the Pharisees I do "Divine Work" and what kind of work did they do?

He DM me this:

I'm concerned. Is there something I said that offended you? I'm not talking about rationalizations here

I felt the Holy Spirit say to me do not waste any more time on this. You have obeyed Me. That was where I needed to stop. But I took it a step further than God told me to and I then defriended them. You know it is funny, I did not feel offended by the tweet, but I felt the Holy Spirit was deeply offended, I felt a righteous anger about the handling of the Word of God. The Word of God should never be used to joke in that way, putting it on the same level as our culture vices; we need to respect it more than this. People try to devalue it, lessen it, they feel joking can make it easier to handle, this is the broad road.

I realized by God's Holy Spirit being grieved I did not handle this right, so I went to my Christian friends and asked them:

Tell me would you have done or said anything different? I am just curious and looking for wisdom on how to handle situations like this. Should I have blocked him? Would you have? Thanks!

1st Friend Said:

Obey the holy spirit - don't waste time in debate with the spirit that has hold of him. I wouldn't block or now - just don't engage. That's the enemy Kim. If it goes crazy on your wall in the public stream - then block.

You have divine assignments - don't let this keep you from them.

My Thoughts About This:

It is funny how the Holy Spirit works. The Holy Spirit was grieved by his handling of the Word of God in such an irreverent way. When I read the stream, I saw this happening in a couple of tweets, so I took what the Holy Spirit showed me a human step further and I judged the heart motive, which truly was not my place, but God's place. The Holy Spirit was convicting, showing the way sarcastic-cultural humor was used did not give the homage His Word was due. They were not grieved by the lack of respect for GOD's Word… (which I kind of think He is truly dealing with us all in) God showed me I was wrong in blocking; I jumped to a conclusion that went further than the conviction God was bringing, because as I tried to talk to them about that conviction, they kept side stepping it with other things. Two wrongs=NO right! LOL… I am thoroughly convicted! God is amazing! How He teaches us! I sometimes think I may be too quick to block people and I know that I can't judge someone's heart motive by a few tweets…. Living and learning!! Thanks for your wisdom, it was perfect. I do feel that I should not waste time trying to help someone accept God's conviction; I should speak the truth and move on when they don't want to hear it. But I think blocking, it was my flesh because I was trying to hard to be Holy Spirit junior! Ouch! Oh well… live and learn!

2nd Friend:

I thought of this: Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. ~2 Timothy 2:23

And then I read more in the Message:

Refuse to get involved in inane discussions; they always end up in fights. God's servant must not be argumentative, but a gentle listener and a teacher who keeps cool, working firmly but patiently with those who refuse to obey. You never know how or when God might sober them up with a change of heart and a turning to the truth, enabling them to escape the Devil's trap, where they are caught and held captive, forced to run his errands. ~2 Timothy 2:23-26

My Thoughts About This:

Wow, I need to memorize that one, because I find the truth of that verse really clarifies a stumbling block I have! Thanks! I needed that! God asked me be His Voice, not His Convictor, He has the Holy Spirit for that. God's Got It, He doesn't need a holy spirit junior! I took things a step further, then became caught up with an argumentative spirit, which caused me to block them, which was not right! It was wrong of them to not respecting the Word of God, treating it too casually and that grieved the Holy Spirit, but I too grieved the Holy Spirit too by stepping out further than He asked, so we both were wrong! I tweeted this lesson:

Let God Work-Don't Transact His Business-It Makes Things Inaccurate! 2Wrongs Don't=A Right! Let God Do It!

Thanks for the wisdom! I love how we in the Body of Christ can be used to help each other grow through the every day things of life… what would we do without the God in each other! AWE-GOD!

3rd Friend

Thanks for inviting me to this discussion...so much wisdom already composed here. You ladies are awesome! What rang most, to me, in your message Kim- was a quote from stickyJesus book- "we are a holy whisper in a noisy land" This reminds me again of how we really do need to check our spirit when we get bruised or bump up against "distressed spirits" I definitely agree with the others-don't engage.(great verses Thank you.)

I've limited my time online recently. For me, I'd much rather respond to Dm's with prayer requests than waste time wrestling with foolishness. The Holy Spirit will do the convicting....I aim to be teachable and aware of the prompts the Holy Spirit gives to me. As far as blocking- I always remember what a friend said back when we were 1st getting acquainted online: " I don't want to douse the fire for somebody that really needs it." I try and be alert to that thought...but people will get under our skin & then we have to make a decision about it. Kim you are bringing a heavenly shout and joyous noise to the stream! Keep it coming! \o/

I replied:

A Holy Whisper In A Noisy Land! Awesome! That really ties up this conversation with a great truth! Thank you everyone! I have really grown today! What would we ever do without the God in each other! I am so thankful for you all!

4th Friend

Kimberly. This was a very interesting conversation you had with this individual. I believe you handled it exactly how the Holy Spirit wanted you to handle it. I would not give it another thought and would continue to spread the Word. There have been several instances on Twitter where almost the exact thing has happened to me. There comes a time when you have done what the Holy Spirit of our Lord has asked of you. To plant the Word. There also comes a time when we must admit it is not we who save people, but it is HIM. We've done our task. "We must decrease and HE must Increase". Do not look back. Your hand is to the plowshare. Keep going. Run the race. Finish the course.

--God Bless!

Thanks for your wisdom. I realized yesterday that I did feel the Holy Spirit being grieved by how they handled the Word with such disrespect, it didn't devalue it, of course they could never do that, but it grieved God's Spirit. When I shared that with them that, they wanted to go off on a bunny trail of how the tweet was "a fairly accurate exegesis"! And off I went with them chasing people who did not want to be caught! I was reading about the Pharisees in John yesterday, how Jesus went the extra mile with them; He spoke the truth firmly, yet in love and with hope that they would hear His heart. He took the time to repeat it in many ways, trying to help them understand. He said: I am about the "divine" work of my Father, trying to get them to see that their work was not "divine". Divine work has an eternal edge, an excellence with constant-consistency of Kingdom purpose. Divine work has a submissive-respect-awe for all the things GOD. I realized from this situation yesterday, this is where I always want to be in "divine work", not doing things in appearance that devalue the Word Of God, that devalue my Christian testimony, but being like Jesus was when He encountered the Pharisee. God showed me this in such a loving way and I realized that I tried to be "Holy Spirit Junior" yesterday and took what God asked me to do into a step farther, where He was not… then I devalued my testimony by being argumentative, blocking them… I realized Jesus would not have done that. Actually, the Holy Spirit has given me a guideline to memorize to help me to be more like Jesus was when He faced the Pharisees, to do a Divine Work, by speaking the truth in Love and leaving the impact of the Word, to the ONE Whose power CAN change a heart. I cannot change someone, only God can. I am getting your message was perfect this morning, I am moving on in "Divine Work"… with much more wisdom and hopefully learned a good lesson. Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. ~2 Timothy 2:23 Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to give me some really good wisdom. I appreciate it! Hope we both have a great day of "Divine Work"!!!

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As I embrace God's heart passion, My heart knows the reality of the true value of His life in me! AWE-GOD!

Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. ~2 Timothy 2:23

Jesus was always doing "Divine Work"! Divine work has an eternal edge-an excellence W/constant-consistency of Kingdom purpose.

Jesus always does "Divine Work"! Divine work has a submissive-respect-awe for all things GOD.


Holy Spirit Inspired…. He speaks, I listen and obey… Thank you for teaching Me!

Galatians 1:12 (NLT) I received my message from no human source, and no

one taught me. Instead, I received it by direct revelation from Jesus Christ.

Avoid even the appearance of evil. Making fun out of a Word designed to give wisdom, can be taken the wrong way, it does not lead people to Me. Using your sense of sarcastic-humor and wit waters down the Word of God and this is what the Holy Spirit was angry about, not so much mocking of the Word, but not handling the Word of God with Reverence. Father God does not want His word handled in an irreverent way. Did follow after Me today or did you kindle your own fire and walk by the light of a man-made fire? Did you obey me? This is all that matters. Check your heart. I wanted to confront about the way the Word was mishandled in such irreverence. No disciple of mine, will make light of My Word, not take it seriously or pay the deference it is due. It was My Word that spoke the world into being, my Word that keeps it precisely and perfectly in My Way. It is My Word holding everything in its place- moving all things forward moment by moment. Respect-Honor my Word, never take it lightly- never let it be the brunt of your humor. This is a good lesson for you too, do not think you can judge a heart motive correctly, that is My place; just follow after My lead, do not try to figure it out, just obey. Do as I ask you to do, obey Me and let Me do the conviction. I've Got This!

It grieves the Holy Spirit when we don't handle the Word of God with Reverent-Submissive-Awe in a way that reflects the eternal edge of its power!

Thanks for taking this God Adventure with me as I walk with God and talk up a constant conversation with my AWE-GOD! Please check out my site especially the sweet Valentine for you from Jesus at The Author Table!

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