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Constant Conversation W/God June 23

Thursday, June 23rd 2011


Make My Life Excellent In You-Constant In Your Courage!

I Kimberly Ann McCarthy will not participate in the ease and excess of my culture today, I will simply-significantly be completely Yours, being found on the path of Your Kingdom purposes at play all around me, therefore, stepping out in this day with an eternal edge keeps the sacrifice in salvation and makes a forever difference!

God is often silent when we prefer that he speak, and he interrupts us when we prefer that he stay silent. His ways are not our ways. To live with the sacred God of creation means that we conduct our lives with a God who does not explain himself to us. It means that we worship a God who is often mysterious - too mysterious to fit our formulas for better living. It means that God is not our best friend, our secret lover or our good-luck charm. He is God. Craig Barnes

a.w.tozer quotes from "the knowledge of the holy"

#AWE-GOD! Not man only, but everything that exists came out of and is dependent upon the continuing creative impulse. A.W.Tozer

One of the marks of God's image in man is his ability to exercise moral choice. A.W. Tozwer

The natural man is a sinner because and only because he challenges God's selfhood in relation to his own. In all else he may willingly accept the sovereignty of God; in his own life he rejects it. For him, God's dominion ends where his begins. For him, self becomes SELF, and in this he unconsciously imitates Lucifer, that fallen son of the morning who said in his heart, "I wil ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God… I will be like the Most High."

*My THOUGHTS: GODS THOUGHTS = My Learning=Heart Change*

Isn't this the whole truth. He just puts it out there, 100% Kingdom Truth! I love his writing. It is very eye opening. I have struggled with this my entire walk with God. Staying positioned underneath God's authority and not taking out on my own. Not kindling my own fires and walking by the light of a man made fire. I think the more we hear this, the more we see it, the more we change it to not be so! I think we were made to be reflection of God, not to be God. So the whole thing is whether we stand in God's Light and reflect it or we become our own source of Light!

My Heart Thoughts From This Song: Worship Wisdom! Changing Me!

I Trust In Jesus Third Day

I trust in Jesus, my Strong Redeemer! My great deliverer – Son of God! My Strong Defender!

There is nothing I can do on my own to find forgiveness. Trust In Jesus!

Give Your Life To Jesus Today! The Holy One! Strong Redeemer! Great Deliverer! Son Of God!

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Stepping out in my today with an eternal edge, determined to keep the sacrifice in my salvation and make a forever difference! #AWE-GOD!

Have You Bowed Today? Bow To Jesus! Humbly-Submissively-Willessly Bow! Worship Him Alone!


Have you bowed today? Bow! Humbly In Reverent Awe! Fall At The Feet Of Jesus! His Grace Is Enough! #tworship

Yes and AMEN! RT @NadiaSumolang: RT @worldprayr: "The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right." Psalm 84:11

Love it! RT @VeronicaSchultz: Patience with others is Love, Patience with self is Hope, Patience with God is Faith. by Adel Bestavros

Yes and AMEN! RT @sandrahersey: God is faithful w His promises - they r your armor & protection

Have you bowed today? Bow before AWE-GOD! Let Your 1st step out today be down on your knees before God! He will change your day, make it completely for Him. #Bow Submissively-Reverently-Willessly! Bow!

God's Love WILL reach you, I have no doubt! We are all loved... infinitely so! #tworship

Have You Bowed Today? Bow! Willess-Surrendar! Followship! Bow! Give God All!


Everything I need.

When every step is so hard to take and all my hope is fading away, You Jesus Carry Us!

You are strength in my weakness, You are refuge I seek. You are everything I need! Jesus!

When life is a mountain that I cannot climb, Jesus carry me. You are everything in my time of need. You are everything I need. When every moment is more than I can take, and all of my strength is slipping away and every breathe gets harder to breathe, You carry me Jesus, carry me. You are strength in my weakness, You are the refuge I seek.

Jesus, You are the strength in our weakness, You are the refuge we seek. AWE-GOD! Everything we need!


We all are working out our salvation today, "fleshing things out" and coming into a Holy Alignment with our God. Life can be hard, yet so very, very good in His Presence and in alliance with His Kingdom purposes, He makes His special way in us! Always remember He is everything we need: #tworship

Exhortation- The Shepherd's Communicated Love-Wisdom!

My God Thoughts About Online Ministry!

Just to follow up from what Oscar was saying about how we as chat hosts need to be more proactive in our chats, be more engaging in the conversations. Online ministry is such a whole new thing. God is doing something new and just like He asked us in Isaiah 43: I am doing something new. Will you not know it? I find that for myself, I have to let go of the old and let God lead and teach me about online ministry. As a chat host, it has been kind of a new God adventure for me. Honestly, I was not sure about online ministry when I first started. I kind of was like: Oh My God, are you kidding me? You want me to what???? I did not think it was viable ministry. I was used to face to face, teaching, sharing, discipleship and counseling where I had the visual aids of body language and sight! Online ministry has stretched me to a new level in my walk with God. I found it to be kind of like the old saying: The blind leading the blind! LOL! I had to change a lot of things, the way I did things. Actually God has changed them. From what I have learned these past three years, I realize the bottom line goal for online ministry is not tangible seen results by us, but is on our part a challenge to make sure everyone who comes into your chat, leaves your chat encouraged by God. Just like Oscar was saying Tuesday at our meeting, we need to get more involved in our chats, be used by God for what could be one of those once in a life time divine appointments.

One thing I have learned is you can't have your own agenda. I know in teaching, discipling, counseling you have a plan, most of the time it is a God-given plan and you stick to it and you feel like you accomplish it. But in online ministry-mentoring, it is spontaneous ministry that does not fit any plan because the variable is always new as God sets up divine appointments, it is kind of like a fraction where the common denominator is always God and the rest is always changing. So followship is key in online ministry. You kind of have to toss out the old way of teaching-discipling-counseling. As a chat host or someone in online ministry you have to be open to be reshaped by God, the old way doesn't fit into this new wineskin of online ministry. Online chat doesn't usually fit into the goal orientated teaching-discipling. I find it is more about well... I know this sounds weird but being willing to take the time to chase down a lot of bunny trails as a chat host, and directing the conversation by God's Spirit and Truth, detouring to the road of encouragement. 

People are always working out their salvation, that is what we do as pre-christians and Christians and in a class room or a face to face small group setting, you have more visual insight, but online ministry does not afford you that luxury to see, or even to make a good guess about the person's heart motives, to be able to even see if their motives for being there are pure. Online you are only being led by God's sight- by the Spirit, you have no glasses to make things clearer to you, you are depending on God's sight= discernment. 

The goal of online ministry is encouragement; everyone leaves your chat encouraged by God even if you have to deviate from your "plan" and take time to chase down a bunny trail with them. You have to give time to let people "flesh out" their thoughts and then you lead them by their thoughts to God's truth. This is true caring communication and that is the foundation to online chats and online mentoring.  In doing this, you value them, you value what they feel, yet they still end up with truth and they feel encouraged and they want to come back for more of God.  They are thinking and sharing feelings, opinions, perceptions based on what they see through their experiences with the truth at hand, you have to let that bunny trail stretch out some and then you detour it with truth. It is hard, the timing has to be God's, you have to be listening to the Holy Spirit with one ear as you listen to them with the other.  

Online chat is not always teaching-discipling something tangible, as much as it is making a divine appointment and following God and leading by the Holy Spirit's thoughts.  Going from face to face ministry where everything is tangible and you have a beginning point of surface relationship, can read body language to computer online ministry, where you have no relational focal point, can't always know or see everything visually, is such a tough transition, one I am still struggling with and growing by. Honestly if it was my choice, I would rather be in face to face ministry and not online ministry, but this is God's choice for me and He has given me a passion for it and for that I am thankful.  I want to do what He has called me to do, and I do it with joy. Jesus, Others, You! I also realize that online ministry is a huge open door right now for the gospel and as long as it remains wide open we have to follow God into it with His excellence.

So just as Oscar was encouraging us Tuesday, I too encourage you all to take up this challenge of online ministry, be more active in your chats by following the lead of the Holy Spirit, we may feel blind by not having all the tangible props of usual ministry where you can somewhat see and know the person you are ministering too, but we do have with us our Way-Maker AWE-God, who has never been blinded by any human condition and can always see clearly ahead with sight we could only hope for or imagine. So Who Needs Sight Props When We Have God! Trust God, follow Him and the heavenly hindsight of online ministry will be so very sweet!

Notes From: Battlefield Of The Mind By Joyce Meyer

Evil Forbodings

Proverbs 15:15

All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].

Amplified Bible

My anxieties are not real, they are not based on TRUE circumstances or situations. Joyce Meyer

*My THOUGHTS: GODS THOUGHTS = My Learning=Heart Change*

Wow, I can see that. I can truly see it from God's point of view. Everything we stress over, is not a finished situation, it is not truly done. We stress over things that are in part by what we see not the true God purpose, the truth that is being worked out in the unseen. Foreboding that is even more so not truth. That is supposition and worrying our way ahead of the day we are in, so there is no truth in that. The truth is God is here, right now with us and the part of our today that we see is not the finished picture, so therefore worry and anxiety is just a wasted energy. We may be anxious or worrying over what we see, yet at the very moment, God's purposes are in play all around us, working towards Kingdom good, which is always the best and only kind of good we should hope for. AWE-GOD!

My accepting of satan's lies, even though they were vague, was opening the door for evil foreboding. I was expecting something bad to happen instead of aggressively expecting something good.

Joyce Meyer

*My THOUGHTS: GODS THOUGHTS = My Learning=Heart Change*

The way I love to deal with anxious thoughts, worrying forethoughts is by prayer. I like to flip them to prayer. In doing this, I begin hoping huge in God, taking the pressure and stress off of me. Worrying puts dependence on me, prayer puts dependence on God! I would rather depend on God then depend on me. I can only make a temporal difference, where God is working for eternal change.

When our thoughts are miserable, we are miserable because they poison our outlook. Joyce Meyer

*My THOUGHTS: GODS THOUGHTS = My Learning=Heart Change*

I think we have got to say no to the thoughts that are full of evil foreboding. We need to flip them to huge hope in our #AWE-GOD! I think the root of these thoughts begins with us not believing that God's purposes are in play all around us, always and forever He is working out His Kingdom purposes for the best of His glory to be revealed in us and through us! AWE-GOD! Lord may we think your truth, act your truth and be your truth, so help us God! AMEN! 100% Kingdom Truth Proof!

Isaiah 40:31 "but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."


2 Kings 20:5 Thus Says The Lord, The God Of David Your [Forefather]:

I Have Heard Your Prayer. I Have Seen Your Tears; Behold, I Will Heal You!

God Will Heal You!

Jesus be with my husband today, give him Your strength. Jesus heal his headache, touch his body and renew it with Your healing touch.

Jesus be with Pastor David today, renew his strength and his health, heal his body by Your healing touch.

Jesus be with Rebecca today, give her a great breathing day by Your healing breathe upon her. Jesus.

Jesus I pray for a complete healing for Tonya, strengthen her today by Your healing touch, be with her family, encourage them by strength that they know does not come naturally, peace that surpasses this diagnosement. Help them to know You have the final word. I pray for it to be healing Jesus.

Father touch Igor, a precious little 4yr old warrior fighting for his life. Jesus hold him in Your healing hands, restore his life Jesus

Holy Spirit Inspired…. He speaks, I listen and obey… Thank you for teaching Me!

Galatians 1:12 (NLT) I received my message from no human source, and no

one taught me. Instead, I received it by direct revelation from Jesus Christ.

Come Away My Beloved By Frances J Roberts Page 89

For My people, saith the Lord, see the watch in the night time; yea rise and pray, and let not that hour come upon thee unaware. For the time is short, yea, the storm is gathering fast. Ye see clouds in the sky, and ye say rain is approaching. Can ye not discern the events that are currently shaping up the affairs of men, and be as keen to observe their import and know the disaster and holocaust are in the making?

    But thou art prone to fall into the same snare as others – to presume that prosperity and peace will continue, simply because ye wish so strongly that it might be so. Ye are not ignorant concerning the prophecies of My Word as some are, and yet ye allow the feelings and attitudes that are abroad in the land to invade your own personal life.

    Be more with Me, and let My Spirit pervade thy spirit, and then thou shalt be more influenced by Me than by the world around you. But be prepared for the fact that ye will then be of a different mind and attitude than those around you, and be willing to accept the difference and be able to ignore misunderstanding.

    For any will not accept a message of warning, because they have set their own personal ambitions against the will of God, and they are so intent upon their own pursuits that they refuse to tolerate the thought of possible interference of any kind.

    But you, beloved, be much with Me, for there is a great and heavy burden on my heart. For God taketh no pleaser in the death of the wicked. My long-suffering and grace have continued because I deeply desire that all men should come to repentance. But the grapes of wickedness are full, and the vat of the wine-presses are already beginning to receive the juice, and ere long they shall be running full. For the times of the Gentiles are drawing to a close, and I come. Yea, be thou ready, for I come quickly.

My Thoughts About This:

God led me to this by His Holy Spirit and I feel so…. Like you don't want it all to end, like you want to have more time to save the lost, you can almost feel God's heart pounding in your chest for the lost, how much He loves them, how much He wants them to be His… Simply-Significantly our time here on this earth is seriously short and we have got to be busy in Kingdom Work, making every moment count, being eternally valuable for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus. Things are not going to get better, I do sense that. We need to make preparations to be able to care for one another, but most of all we need more than anything to get our lives in holy alignment with God, be in a Holy alliance with Him constantly-consistently and in complete followship of Him from moment to moment.

Simply-Significantly time on earth is seriously short- be found in Kingdom Work, every moment invested W/an eternal edge

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