Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Constant Conversation W/God Tuesday 6/7

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Make My Life Excellent In You-Constant In Your Courage!

I, Kimberly Ann McCarthy, deliberately intend today to make God's purposes and plan the goal and end of all the thoughts and affections of my soul. In Christ and by His power, I, Kimberly Ann McCarthy, will serve His purposes and honor Him and Him alone with a whole-hearted love, from an undivided heart of deeply-attentive devotion… for Him only!

Developing My AWE-GOD Through Gratefulness

I am so grateful Lord God for Your Perseverance that comes in like a gentle cool breeze when I am in the heat of the battle. Enduring is not in my human condition. I want to quit more than I do to endure. BUT GOD… this is my thanksgiving today, that when I am at my weakest, when I choose to continue my dependence on You, clinging to You with all of my effort in the hardest of times, You always press me through to growth and victory. I am so grateful to You, Jesus. Thank You! I will cling tighter and dig my roots deeper in Your Kingdom, this is how I persevere! Jesus! Jesus! I love You!

The Knowledge Of The Holy By A.W.Tozer

"But everywhere and every hour in love, in wisdom, and in power, The FATHER SPEAKS His dear Eternal World" Quote By Fredrick W. Faber

Hebrews 9:14

How much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death,[a] so that we may serve the living God!

Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica

"Christ through the Eternal Spirit, offered Himself without spot to God; and there we behold the three Persons operating together."

John 14:15-23

Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

"If you love me, keep my commands. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be[a] in you. 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 19 Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. 20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. 21 Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them." 22 Then Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, "But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?" 23 Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.

New International Version (NIV) Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica

The Triune God In Action:

1 Peter 1:2

I, Peter, am an apostle on assignment by Jesus, the Messiah, writing to exiles scattered to the four winds. Not one is missing, not one forgotten. God the Father has his eye on each of you, and has determined by the work of the Spirit to keep you obedient through the sacrifice of Jesus. May everything good from God be yours!

The Message (MSG) Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

My Thoughts About This:

I love that we have a Triune God. A Three Strand Cord Not Easily Broken! #AWE-GOD!

Power in the Trinity! Jesus! Father God! Holy Spirit! I Worship You! I can see where our Triune God is working in my life every single day. How cool is that? #AWE-GOD! Just because we can't understand, does not mean anything, or stop the Trinity from being very powerful in this world.

"Every act of God is accomplished by the Trinity in Unity"

Love and faith are at home in the mystery of the Godhead. Let reason kneel in reverence outside. A.W. Tozer

Verse Of The Day@biblegateway.com

"Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night." Psalm 90:2,4 NIV

My Thoughts About This:

This verse speaks to something deep inside of me. Our God is HUGE! We can't even begin to imagine the depths of His love, the strength of His Sovereign Will, the power of His passion! #AWE-GOD May today be a day of righteousness lived out in AWE of You!

My Notes From Listening To Psalm 90:

Lord you have been our dwelling place for all generations… from everlasting to everlasting You are God. You turn men back to dust. 1000 years are like a watch of the night. We are terrified by your indignation. You set our secret sins in the light of Your Presence. Length of our years are 70 or 80, they qickly pass. Who knows the power of Your anger, it is as great as the fear that is due you. Teach us to use our days, give us Your wisdom. Satisfy us in the morning with Your unfailing love. Make us glad for as many years as we have seen trouble. May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us. Establish the work of our hands. Yes Lord.

Gleaming From Daniel- Learning:Growing! Chapter three

Beth Moore Daniel Workbook Chapter Three:

He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and disposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. Daniel 2:21

Every believer in Christ is called to extol the greatness of God and voice the manifold evidences of His faithfulness. Beth Moore

Wouldn't you like this said about you from someone who worships man instead of God!

Daniel 3:12 But there are some Jews whom you have set over the affaris of the providence of Babylon - Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego – who pay no attention to you, O King.

Daniel 3:8-12

At this time some astrologers[a] came forward and denounced the Jews. 9 They said to King Nebuchadnezzar, "May the king live forever! 10 Your Majesty has issued a decree that everyone who hears the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipe and all kinds of music must fall down and worship the image of gold, 11 and that whoever does not fall down and worship will be thrown into a blazing furnace. 12 But there are some Jews whom you have set over the affairs of the province of Babylon—Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego—who pay no attention to you, Your Majesty. They neither serve your gods nor worship the image of gold you have set up."

New International Version (NIV) Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica

My Thoughts About This:

If I was in that room I can imagine that their voices were raised in accusation and filled with spiteful hate in a derogatory kind of way. Their motive was hate. They hated what they did not understand and they wanted to squash it, put it out of being. But as we know, nothing can stop God from being, especially not people that hate and people that voice their prejudice by pointing fingers at those they know are different and don't understand why. They took advantage of the kings pride and knew of they could show the king that the Jews were making a fool out of him, he would respond out of his pride in a detrimental way. Jealousy was the primary motive, but anti-Semites they were. Jealousy is founded upon pride. Prejudice has these two elements pressing it forward: Jealousy-Pride

satan authors all anti-Semitism. He has been driven through the ages by two motivations. First he knew the Messiah would come through God's chosen nation and he tried everything possible to destroy them. 2nd satan hates God and since he cannot personally touch Him, he tries to hurt Him by hurting those He loves.

A sovereign powerful God sits upon His throne, and nothing misses His gaze. He will right all wrongs. I do not know how, but I know Who.

Galatians 5:15

It is absolutely clear that God has called you to a free life. Just make sure that you don't use this freedom as an excuse to do whatever you want to do and destroy your freedom. Rather, use your freedom to serve one another in love; that's how freedom grows. For everything we know about God's Word is summed up in a single sentence: Love others as you love yourself. That's an act of true freedom. If you bite and ravage each other, watch out—in no time at all you will be annihilating each other, and where will your precious freedom be then?

The Message (MSG) Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

"I am convinced that "biting and devouring" in relationships is also rapidly habit forming." Beth Moore You may say it better, but that doesn't make it right! Keith Moore

Gal 5: 15 Biting and devouring one another is an unhealthy and miserable way to live. Beth Moore

My Thoughts About This:

I love how the message bible puts it. We love our freedom, but we devalue it everytime we bite at someone else. We don't realize we are destroying our very own freedom when we devour someone else's reputation. The reasons we "word-bite" people usually are self centered and self indulging our will, instead of trusting God. We want to hurt them back for hurting us. We want justice. We want to get even. We want to put things in the right order, us first. Like Beth Moore said, we can bite someone with a remark that hurts bad enough that it can't be forgotten even when it is forgiven. I still have scars from "word bites" deep inside of me. I have forgiven the person, but the words stay within me to haunt me at times. I had a pastor say to me that I would never amount to anything, I was uneducated and stupid. I needed a degree before I could do anything for God that was worthwhile.

A term for one-sided biting is called backbiting. Have no part of it. When people bite, do not bite back.

Zechariah 2:7-9

Ho! Escape to Zion, you who dwell with the daughter of Babylon! 8For thus said the Lord of hosts, after [His] glory had sent me [His messenger] to the nations who plundered you--for he who touches you touches the apple or pupil of His eye: 9Behold, I will swing my hand over them and they shall become plunder for those who served them. Then you shall know (recognize and understand) that the Lord of hosts has sent me [His messenger].

Amplified Bible (AMP) Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

Galatians 3:29

And if you belong to Christ [are in Him Who is Abraham's Seed], then you are Abraham's offspring and [spiritual] heirs according to promise.

I am the spiritual seed of Abraham. Nothing touches me without touching God's eye. Nothing bites me without Him feeling it. He sees. He knows. He acts. And, best of all, He heals.

A Minute With Maxwell


It ain't what it used to be. We never have quite enough. The finiancial situation keeps us wondering if we will have enough resources. People make us millionaires. There is so much more important than money! Life- People- Relationships this is what makes us millionaires!

My Thoughts About This:

Isn't that the truth! I feel like a millionaire because my banker-provider is Jesus Christ. My salvation can't even be priced it is worth so much to me, it is my greatest treasure and it can be invested in others with great reward. Infinitely So!

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Thank God or His Amazing Word. Lord, Activate It Today In All Our Lives!

"But everywhere and every hour In love, in wisdom, and in power, The FATHER SPEAKS His dear Eternal World" Quote By Fredrick W. Faber

Praying for you this morning! Hoping huge for God's specific wisdom to be yours, for His healing touch on your dad and for you to have His peace in knowing He's Got This! Love you friend!

Yes, I agree! God is good ALL the time, ALWAYS. I love that about our God! I love His Omnipresence... a big word for a HUGE GOD. I like to do Omnipresent Reality Checks throughout my day, to make sure I depend upon God, choice by choice and my day is filled with Him and His powerful way! Have a great day! Check! Yes He is here and His Word is proclaimed!

***My Prayer! I Place All My Expectation In You, Almighty God!*****

Psalm 62:5 (amplified) My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation are from Him. He only is my Rock and my Salvation; He is my Defense and my Fortress, I shall not be moved.

2 Kings 20:5 Thus Says The Lord, The God Of David Your [Forefather]:

I Have Heard Your Prayer. I Have Seen Your Tears; Behold, I Will Heal You!

God Will Heal You!

Lord Jesus, by Your Holy Spirit give Melinda the specific wisdom she needs in the decisions about her dad, heal his body, Jesus, strengthen his spirit and draw him to You

Father empower Stutts today in a personal relationship with You, a strong dependency for the right choice when it comes to alcohol, choice by choice be with Stutts

Lord I pray for Your healing touch upon Jeff Cox, heal his heart by Your Spirit. Jesus.

Father touch Tonya, undergird her in Your strength, be Her source of power, hope and joy. Heal her Jesus. I pray for a Miracle of Your GRACE, Your Healing Power in her life.

Father undergird the Dearman Family in Your Peace. Jesus!

Father God, bless the Benjamin Family Road Trip, be the angels around their cars, the strength of their hearts, the peace of their soul. Be their only wisdom for every situation and guide them by Your Heavenly Angel Transport through this trip and into a New God Adventure. AWE-GOD!

Jesus open the doors for us with our bad mortgage situation, flip it right up by Your Power, show us Your Wisdom, give us Your Favor. Jesus!

Jesus touch Chris by Your Healing power, bring strength back into his hand by Your Provision of Healing Jesus. So Be It!

Father, I pray for the beginning of this new season in my life, be at the helm, the center of my life, guide and direct me Jesus, bless this summer with Your joy, bless my grandgirls and I by Your Spirit. AMEN!

Father touch Kat, restore her strength and health today by Your Spirit

Jesus be with Ashley today, help her body heal, be the strength of her life today, guide and direct her day and help her rest in You.

Jesus be with Rebecca, heal her Jesus, heal her by Your miraculous touch, give her a good breathing day today. Jesus!

Jesus touch my Uncle Frank, call His name, call Him to You, Save His Soul by Your Spirit, draw Him to accept You. You are the Way, Truth And Light, be His Salvation.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BxSXlS-oXo Jesus So Be It! May He Hear You!

Jesus touch our friends Randy and Joyce. Make a way for them, be their Way-Maker in the new season of their lives. Help them to step into the path of Your purposes. Strengthen them in You in all the ways of their new God Adventure!

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Reassuring Words

"Be assured that my words are not false; one who has perfect knowledge is with you." Job 36:4

God made His children to need reassuring words like: I love you—I am here for you—I am committed to you no matter what—I am extremely grateful for you—You are beautiful—I admire you—Your work is outstanding—You are a special friend—We will not go into debt—We will thoroughly pray before any major decision—God is with you.

Reassuring words ratchet up the value of a relationship, as it is not enough just to think or feel committed, but verbalized care creates confidence and security. Ambiguity feeds insecure illusions and false fantasies. Pride thinks it can keep quiet and somehow communicate care, while humility can't help but speak words of comfort and affection.

"If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ" (1 Peter 4:11).

Moreover, see your speech as a mouthpiece for God. He calls His children to be conduits of good conversations on behalf of Christ. What the Lord thinks about your spouse or work associate is the starting point for discussions. It's not always about your agenda; instead reassure them of their goals and aspirations. Reassurance brings emotional rest.

Fear motivated behavior normally lacks assurance. The fearful need to know that they are heard and are not alone in their concerns. They feel loved, because they hear genuine words back from a friend that communicates that they understand. Conversing with care must precede the pronouncement of truth—indeed this leads to constructive conversation.

"One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend" (Proverbs 22:11).

Most of all hear the reassuring words of your heavenly Father. He loves and adores you—He values you as the pinnacle of His creation—You are forgiven and precious to Him—Christ is your biggest cheerleader—He says, "I will never leave you or forsake you"—You are His friend, His servant, His child and a trophy of His grace. Listen to the Lord's loving words to you and by faith, you will receive His righteous reassurance.

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1).

What words of assurance can I speak to my spouse, friends and those I serve at work?

Related Readings: 1 Samuel 17:18; Esther 9:30; Acts 20:2; Hebrews 10:22

My Thoughts About This:

I think taking every opportunity to encourage people to take an Omnipresent Reality Check. Know God is with us, Know God is for us and talk it up in their lives, reminding them how much they are loved. I love the song: You Are For Me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tCXObtC_fk

My Heart Thoughts From This Song: Worship Wisdom! Changing Me!


Though I am not worthy Kari Jobe

Though I am not worthy to see your precious face, I bow before thee, pour out Your Holy Grace.

You alone can wash my sin and cleanse my soul so deep within. Heal me, wash me in Your Mercy.

Love me though I am not worthy. Cleanse my soul, make me whole again. Only say the Word and I shall be healed

I bow before thee, stretch out your healing hand. You alone can purify and heal these wounds so deep inside. Heal Me! Wash me in Your mercy. Mend these broken pieces of my heart.

Have you bowed? Bow B4 #AWE-GOD! Bow! Humbly-Reverently-Expectantly! Adore Your Savior Today! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJZCGWVtSLE&feature=related #tworship


Bill Jenkins Connect Group Study

Tuesday: Read John 15:9

John 15:9

9-10"I've loved you the way my Father has loved me. Make yourselves at home in my love. If you keep my commands, you'll remain intimately at home in my love. That's what I've done—kept my Father's commands and made myself at home in his love.

The Message (MSG) Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

How has the Father loved you? Does that motivate you to love others? What does it mean to remain in His love?

My Thoughts About This:

My Father God loved me with everything- He held nothing back. His love was sacrificial and pure in motives that were for us. Yes, this kind of love helps me love others better. To remain in His love to me, means to serve Him with my life, obey Him and follow Him 1st. To give Him my 1st devotion, my 1st adoration, allowing Him to be 1st in the all of my everything. Jesus!

Worthy News Brief @worthyemail.com

Kimberly, liberty, freedom and deliverance are on the way!

2 Corinthians 3:6 who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

When the Torah was given on Shavuot in the days of Moses, the sin of the golden calf resulted in the death of 3,000 men. Some 1500 years later at the same season the Holy Spirit descended causing 3,000 men to be saved! The Lord has never changed; His mercy and His holiness are the same throughout all ages. But the contrast of these two historical events during the same Holy Day may be seen as a powerful illustration of this principle: "the letter [of the Law] kills, but the Spirit gives life." (2 Corinthians 3:6)

Shavuot, or the Feast of Weeks, is celebrated fifty days from the feast of first fruits. The number 50 recalls the Jubilee cycle described in the book of Leviticus; a number which is associated with liberty, freedom and deliverance, since each jubilee cycle required that slaves and captives be set free and every debt cancelled. As such, the number 50 and its significance as a "Jubilee" speaks to us of freedom, deliverance, and salvation from our spiritual debt and the bondage of sin. The first "Pentecost" emphatically revealed this significance with 3000 saved souls.

So for us as believers, Shavuot / Pentecost recalls, on the one hand, our freedom from the power of sin, which is the law [1Cor. 15:56], our cancelled debt, our deliverance from the slavery of the old nature; and on the other, reminds us of the source of our life and the power of our witness and service, the Holy Spirit: "not in the oldness of the letter, but in the newness of the Spirit."

Kimberly, remember, you have been freed from the bondage of sin and dead works, and cannot please the Lord apart from His own empowering of your life and service. His Holy Spirit was given because apart from Him we can do nothing. Shavuot ought to be a powerful reminder of this amazing reality.

Your family in the Lord with much agape love, George, Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah

Negev Desert, Israel

My Thoughts About This:

How very interesting and how very true! Shavout! Liberty and Freedom. My human condition is a thorn in my spirit. I want to continually react to life in my own strength, instead of depending upon God. I am weak in impulsive spurts of "fix it" mentality idiocy, but God is strong in faithful persevering wisdom. I choose Jesus! Choice by choice is how I have narrowed my walk with God, it is not about the over all laws of God, it is all about the Spirit of God being with me. Omnipresent Reality Check! Yes, God is with Me, Yes His wisdom is before Me, Yes His Holy Spirit will empower me and Yes… God's Got This! AWE-GOD!

Isaiah 60

 1ARISE [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you--rise to a new life]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

My Thoughts About This:

I love that because that is exactly where I was last night. My enemy set me up to be upset. I had a choice to make- be sad, be depressed or choose to focus on what I have been given, not what I feel I don't have that I want, or what I lost, or the failure. Because my success has been bought for me, I have salvation and the hope of a bright future.

Congrats on your daughter. How cool is that! Very sweet! Enjoy this time and celebrate. Sometimes we forget to take the time to celebrate, truly enjoy the fruits of the blessings and favor of our AWE-GOD!

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Lift Up Your Face! Salvation Is Calling! Pray For The Lost Today! Make Your Most Wanted List And Post It On The Gates Of Heaven!

My Heart Thoughts From This Song: Worship Wisdom! Changing Me!

Jesus Saves! Pray For The Lost! Make Your Most Wanted List! Pray It Up To Heaven With A Salvation Shout!


Jesus Saves!

Shout the news to everyone… Jesus Saves! Mercy triumphs at the cross and love came to rescue us. Jesus Saves. Hope is hear, what a joyful noise we will make as we join with heaven's song to let all the world know that Jesus Saves. Raise A Shout! Let All The World Know Jesus Saves.

Broken Hearts Can Be Remade: Jesus Saves Sing Above The Storms Of Life: Jesus Saves

Join With Heaven's Song! Let All The World Know Jesus Saves! Raise A #Prayer Shout! Pray For The Lost!


Jesus Saves!

Be Found in a holy alliance with god and his word

1 Peter 4:11

If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.

New International Version (NIV) Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica

My Thoughts About This:

Father may we make straight our lives in Holy Alignment with this Word of Your Wisdom in 1 Peter 4:11. Our human character can be opposite from this at times. We are impulsive with our speech and do not think before we speak at times. Help us to live according to this Word, to be this Word in action in our lives. Jesus!

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