Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Relationships: Live Truly-Speak Truly-Love Truly

Angel Ministries Together Forever By Ann Graham Lotz

We eagerly await a Savior . . . who . . . will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. Philippians 3:20-21, NIV

As wonderful as my loved ones are and as much as I miss them, they are not perfect! And if your loved ones are like mine, your relationship with them on earth has not been perfect either. To think of living forever in the same home with my brother would give one pause! But when we get to Heaven, the joy of seeing our loved ones once again is immeasurably increased when we realize that all of us will indeed be perfect! There will be no more . . . disagreements or cross words, hurt feelings or misunderstandings, neglect or busyness, interruptions or rivalry, jealousy or pride, selfishness or sin of any kind! There will be nothing at all to mar our full enjoyment of being with our loved ones forever and ever! Blessings, Anne Graham Lotz


My Thoughts About This

I am praying for unity, unconditional love and peace in our family circles and if I have hurt you in any way over the years, I apologize and ask for your forgiveness. I know I am different! I have a unique GOD-calling on my life. If you don't want to be in a relationship with me, if you don't want to love me unconditionally, I am okay with that.

    If you are in a relationship with me because of the call on my life to be an exhorter for God, one who speaks truth always, you know that I will always speak the truth to you and I will know when you are not speaking the fullness of truth to me.

    Discernment and Exhortation are the gifts God has given me to love and encourage people with. It is the way it is and has always been since I came to know Christ, 35 years ago and gave my life to HIM, He has consistently used me in this way. I accept the way God has shaped me and I submissively walk in it to the best of my human ability. Have I messed up at times, yes! But I continue to move forward, learning and growing and hoping to live truly, walk truly, deal truly and love truly. This is me! And if you dared to admit it, you too have messed up in your relationships from time to time, but your desire is to love the best way you can in that special way God has gifted you to do so.

    The time on earth is short, the time in heaven is forever long and if you don't want the "GOD-Drama" that the fullness of truth brings into your life, then shun me from your life and unfollow me from facebook and look forward to a relationship with me in heaven where all things, all families and all people ARE PERFECT! Because here on earth there is no one who is perfect. No one and no family.

    Of course I would prefer you to choose the best choice and that is to have a relationship that includes both worlds here and there! To love me unconditionally the way God made me just as I do you. Just as you do other people!

    I don't need any emails telling me why you dislike me so much and how I have made your life miserable all these years because of the "giftedness of God" that I have for truth and discernment. I already know how hard it is to be chosen by God to be His "exhorter", and speak the truth, yet I still make the choice to obey HIM every time He asks! I know how hard and costly it is to be called to always speak and stand for the fullness of truth in a world that is so white-washed in rationalization and where truth spins itself out in the dank cultural perspective of the human condition. Truth! I live it and I choose the narrow path because that is what God has asked of me, personally. It is me and God's personal thing, something He has called me too, something I obey Him in. I hope to live truly, speak truly and love truly from every moment to every choice! Big Goal- BIG GOD!

    I love God with all my heart and want to serve HIM from every moment to every choice. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't read smutty books, I don't watch "R" Rated movies, I don't watch much TV at all, I don't go to bars, I take care of myself and discipline my eating and exercise habits, I am careful with where I go, who I hang with and what I see and hear and I protect my reputation… why? Not because I want to at times, I am just as human as everyone else, I get tempted and enticed every single day and when I get cut, I bleed! I do the things I do in my life because GOD has asked me to and I love HIM and I obey HIM out of that love! Today, I don't judge people by the perspective of what God has called me too, though in the beginning of my walk with God, I did. But as I matured in my walk with God, I have grown and learned to speak the truth that God asks me to speak and to speak it in love, not judgment.

    So I ask you to respectfully just keep your comments to yourself about how hard it is to live with me, because I already know how hard it is, because it is hard for me to be Who God has called me to be, so I can imagine how hard it is for you to be in relationship with me. If you are angry with me because of Who and Whose I am, then be respectful-civil and honor God with your reaction, that is all I ask. I have spoken and written some things over the years that would make your hair stand on end, but this is Who GOD has created me and shaped me over the years to be and I accept it. I will be The Bridegroom's Voice! I will speak the TRUTH.

    If who I am bothers you, if you don't want to be in relationship with me, it is okay, just move on without me, and enjoy your life and I will talk with you in heaven, where all things are revealed and the true heart motive of every matter seen. You can't hurt me by shunning me and unfollowing me on facebook, it is okay, I understand because the One thing that gives me inner peace every single day is GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS FULLY! GOD KNOWS ME, I am in a personal relationship with HIM and He knows what He has asked of me personally and He knows more than my actions and thoughts, He knows the motives of my heart and He knows exactly what He has asked me to say and do and my reason and purpose behind it all is HIM! I am called to God 1st!

    I have no personal agenda and no hidden motives from God, I am ALL-IN with HIM, this imperfect and flawed human being and I will do and say whatever He asks me to, no matter what the cost. He is MINE and I am HIS! Period! When I step out of Holy Alignment with HIM and step out in the flesh, believe me, He lets me know and yes it does hurt! Over the years, I have learned to do everything possible to stay in a Holy Alliance with God, because I want to out of My love for HIM. I want to be close to HIM… always!

    I love and constantly sacrifice for and encourage the family and extended family and friends God has given me, I will always put you first because JOY to me is lived this way: Jesus 1st-Others 2nd-Yourself last. I want to be in relationship with you, but if WHOSE and WHO I am is too much "God-Drama" for you to handle, then it is okay, I understand if you don't want to be in relationship with me. I won't chase after someone who does not want to be caught. It exhausts me and I rather use up all my energy doing what God has called me too. I will just let go and let God and pray, because HE KNOWS! God's Got This! God bless you! Always hoping huge in God and loving the same, KimberlyMac


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