Monday, August 6, 2012

God Family Drama?

Got Family Drama?

Shut The Door Of Your Family To Deceit In Every Form!

No More Devil Drama!


    All my life, through every trial, temptation and distress, I have eventually chosen, You Lord God. Even when I did not know You and knew of You, I chose Your Way as the best way. When I did not know God personally but knew of Him, I worked hard at being good, mustering up the will to do what was right in every situation I faced. I learned this from my parents, who lived truly with us and spoke the truth always in our family life and loved us with a passion of self sacrifice always…

    I worked hard for nine years of my young life, spent all that time in school and in the gymnasium, training as a gymnast and competing. I learned the value of discipline and hard work at a very young age through this sport. Because my parents dealt in truth and civility with everyone and modeled truth in every situation, it gave me confidence to do the same. I grew up in an atmosphere of truth. In my young age, confronted with the temptations of lying, stealing, drugs, alcohol, sex I said no and stood apart from others. I endured and grew through a sports accident that took away the ability to do the sport I had given 9 years of my life to. I did not give in to the despair that brought, I grew through it because of the support and love of my parents. The life I had known was gone and as I entered into my senior year unable to participate in the sports that had defined my success, that I had been a part of all my young life, I could confidently readjust and move towards a new career and continue in my integrity and hard work ethic to rise really high in a banking career at a young age because of the truth and love embedded in my life by my parents and my home. All my success as a young person was because of the courageous atmosphere of truth and love and the boundaries that firmly stayed up in my home life as I grew up. When the drugs were passed around at the parties, I passed it right by without partaking, when the boyfriends wanted to have sex, I said no and was able to say truthfully, I am waiting for marriage, to give my husband the gift of my virginity. When confronted to lie and cheat and take the easy road of life, I said no. Why? Because my parents dealt truthfully with me, established Godliness and obedience in me at a young age.

    We did not have the family drama that deceit brought into the mix, we had an atmosphere where every opinion was valuable and met with truth and love. There was never deceit or deceiving people, our family faced front with who we were, never hiding from others the truth. The women in my family were strong women, we faced our fears and ended up fearing nothing, able to shake off life's fears and we faced life as it came with confidence in who we were as we stood in truth. We knew of God, His Ways, but we knew nothing of having a relationship with God, we were religious people, who faced life with truth, dealing truly and living truly with others. I am thankful for having a religion, it kept me on the right path, because I decided that was what I wanted for me. I want to be and I was a person of integrity and truth.

    Truth is all I have known my entire life. My grandfather, My mother and my father were a models of truth, civility and integrity. My dad was my hero and so was my grandfather, they both championed a life of truth, integrity and civility. They served their family, their country, their community in truth and love. I know no other way, nor have walked in no other way. If you ask me something even to this day, I will tell you the truth. I am very sensitive to deceit and people who are deceiving me and playing me for their personal gain, or because they don't want to hear the truth. Relationship to me, means truth, dealing truly, living truly and speaking truly. You are not in a real relationship that will stand the tests of time if you are not in a truthful one. Truth is the foundation of every real relationship, without truth, you don't have a real relationship. Truth brings great freedom in a family to grow and become all God has designed for you. If you do not treat me with truth, if you play me with deceit, I feel devalued and disrespected by you, because truth to me is a valuable treasure to give and receive and you give truth to those you love and want a real relationship with, you deceive those you do not want a relationship with.

    As a young adult, I stepped into the world of business and climbed very high with my own ability, I made it to the top at a young age, because of the work ethic and integrity instilled within me as a child, and the ability I had to confidently deal truly with people, yet I still felt I was missing something. I had everything anyone my age could want and I still was restless and empty inside. I had respect, honor, integrity, a great job, a great home life, cars and lots of fun things of this world. I had friends, I indulged in the fun things of my world but not to an excess, I stayed within the limits of my religion and the law, because that was who I was, but I still felt empty inside. I went from boyfriend to boyfriend because I would not have sex with them, I was determined to wait and eventually that ended things because they were not the right one for me if they could not wait.

    One day I met the right one, I was introduced to Jesus Christ and I accepted HIM as my Lord and Savior, and the man Who introduced me to Jesus, who pointed me to the truth that no matter how good, how much integrity I had chosen to have, that without Jesus Christ, I truly had nothing that would last, without Jesus Christ, I did not have eternity. This man pointed me to Jesus and showed me that no matter how hard I worked to being a person of truth, a person of integrity, a person of civility, a person of respect for the law and religion, a person of business savvy, I did not have what mattered most, I did not have an eternal destiny. This man who led me to Jesus Christ, the Father God, had also shaped me all those years to be His wife and the mother of His children. This was my destiny. I was chosen and prepared by God for them, they were chosen by God for me and the family He would create. My husband was the one God had for me and He was the one I waited for all those years. We became a "three strand cord" that was not easily broken. Jesus, Bob And Kim. It has been this way for 34 years now, the three of us and God added three more to make our family and then later on He added more foster children to us that were not our blood, but His blood family! Because I was strong in my own strength and disciplined in my own way, I struggled as I grew in Christ and learned of God's way of letting Him lead, of giving way to His strength, His perfect timing and learning to give Him time to work and build my faith, knowing without a doubt "God's Got This". He showed me just how incredibly he could handle the things in life that were intended to steal from me and the tragedy of my Great Aunt, murdering both my great grandparents, that I had faced as a young child, that brought me so much pain and anxiety through my whole life up until that point of meeting with the Healer, My amazing God who took that tragedy and transfigured it, healed my soul and made it a great testimony of His glory in me. I raised my children to know of this AWE-God, Who I had learn to know and love and cling to in a personal way and I taught them to praise Him, know Him personally and to walk in respect for His truth and His Way. My husband and I taught them and modeled to them the truth and love of Jesus Christ in the way we lived out truth and loved God and served His truth in our family life, our church and our community. We have lost money, worldly titles, got fired from jobs, lost friends and family members all because of our commitment to be people of God's truth and integrity. I am still tempted and tried in so many ways, broken hearted by this life and brought to the brink of life ending despair, BUT GOD, He has consistently been the choice I have made as I have face this life courageously and triumphantly in HIM. I am here today because HE has been with me in Spirit and Truth and in the pit of my despair at different times of this life, offered me a way out, His Way, His Truth. I took it and I know the value and power of His Truth and His Way and I hope never to depart from it, I hope always to make the right choice the 1st time. I know about His Grace, but I also know His Grace does not erase our consequences. I would rather walk in truth the 1st time than face the consequences of dealing deceitfully.

    My husband and I always dealt truthfully with our children and as they entered into their teen years in a world gone awry, a world that wanted to steal their innocence and kill their future. The world is so enticing to teen agers whose hormones fill them with desires they are not ready to fulfill and make them feel invincible to the consequences of wrong choices. Our teens wanted to stray into that world, they naturally wanted what the world offered and we put up strong family boundaries of God's truth and love that were meant to guard and confine them with truth until they were able to make choices founded in God's Truth and out of a personal relationship with HIM. Deceit was the way they could escape those boundaries set up to protect them. Whenever God showed us that they were deceiving us, we confronted them with truth, whenever and however they strayed, we pointed them to Jesus, His Way, His Life And His Truth and we embraced them with love, grace and forgiveness as God was shaping their will. We gave them consequences so they would know that bad choices equals not so fun consequences. We taught them the truth that the degree of freedom they were given always matched the degree of responsibility they had to walk in.

    God gave us three children and many foster children that we raised all with integrity, truth and love and we have no regrets that we stood for truth in every situation we faced with them, that we confronted them if they moved away from God, and if they deceived us to go their own way, we continued to deal truly with them, with integrity, love and hope in God. If they strayed as young adults, making their own decisions, went their own way and got beat up by the world, we were there with God's forgiveness and grace to embrace them, point them back to Jesus, His Way, His Truth, His Life and do what it took to help them heal, pick up the broken pieces, help them "grow through" the consequences and once again move on and live in God's Way, Truth and Life.

    This is a relationship between my husband and I since the day we met on this earth, has always been devoted to God and His truth and from the day we committed ourselves before God in the sacrament of marriage, we have walked in His Truth and Love, spoke it and lived it and served God 1st, even if it meant confronting lies and stepping into the family drama deceit causes, we would rather obey God and walk in truth and have the "drama" that happens when truth confronts deception, than disobey God, and not have His power and favor in our lives. Some people look at speaking the truth and confronting deception, lies and rationalization as "drama" because they don't want to hear the truth that breaks apart their rationalization and shines a light on their deception. So yes, if you do not deal truly with us, if you lie, if you play us, if you deceive us, we will confront it, we will not play along and if this is your description of "drama" then you will get a full drama, complete with the fullness of God's truth, love and conviction of the Holy Spirit.

    The point about being people of truth and integrity, of dealing truly, living truly and speaking truly is that "God Knows" and we don't have to prove anything, the burden is on the Omnipresence of God. God Knows Your Deception! Family drama is created when people don't deal truthfully with each other, when you specifically plan to deceive someone, that creates drama, because when you invite the master deceiver into a situation, the enemy of all our souls, when you open the door through any kind of deceit to satan, there is drama and conflict. Where there is deceit in a relationship there is always devil drama! So if you don't like family "drama" then don't open the door to deceit, because where there is deceit and it clashes with truth, there is always drama and truth always stands the test of time and you who bring the deceit in, you lose God's Favor. Why? Because God Knows! God supports truth. So if you are sick and tired of family "drama" then deal truly in the fullness of God's Truth with those you are in relationship with and you will find there is no room for "devil drama" when truth reigns.

    In our family relationships, the only time there is "drama" is when someone brings in deceit, because we are confronters of it, we don't let deceit in our family and deceit, deceiving, rationalizations, white lies and playing others, whatever form it takes is always confronted with truth. If you look closely at your relationships that have a "wedge" between them, you will see it has a title and it is called "deceit". When you deceitfully hold someone at an "arms length" and don't get close to them, if you look closely that is because you are not being real, you are not truthful and you can't take your darkness close enough to embrace the Light of Truth in them that will expose your deceit. Be Who you are and stop playing games with your family members and the drama stops, because the door opened by deceit is closed.

    Deceit comes in and creates drama in a family when conversation flows and opinions are offered and you go along with that opinion like you agree with it, when you don't, then deceit comes in and creates all kinds of drama! You are misrepresenting yourself and this is a lie and the enemy comes in and creates drama. Opinions flow through every family in every way, style and through many different God shaped personalities. God created us for conversation! We communicate our opinions through our personal perspective and experiences. In a given week, we communicate thousands of these opinions in our relationships and when they are tossed around truthfully from one person to another, there is no family drama, just a good hearty, truthful conversation that builds the family unit in trust and love. There is no disagreement when you truthfully agree to disagree. But when you deceitfully agree to avoid a disagreement, you end up with drama. When one person in a family "plays" another person's opinion with deception, not speaking how they truly feel, the enemy is invited in and he creates "family drama" out of his favorite door opening of deception!

    If you are saying one thing to one person in your family, and acting differently with another person in your family, the wedge you create between you can't be blamed on the disagreement, it has a label, it is deceit. The wedges in your relationship with others is your own deceit. Our children can be assured, that we will deal truly with you, speak truly with you and live truly with you and family life will not have a lot of drama to it when you walk in truth with us. If you as an adult child want to live your life in a direction that the opinion of your parents does not agree with, then do it and do it openly, not behind their backs, deceiving them and insulting their intelligence by playing along with them to their face, saying what they want to hear and hiding something completely different behind their backs. You can create a beautiful play and present it with the intention to connive the real truth, a masterpiece of sorts, but truth always pokes holes in deceptions rationalizations and the truth always shines forth to those who walk in it.

    If you don't like family drama, then don't walk in deceit and play other people, because truth has a way of breaking through with such power, that drama will seem like a small thing compared to when God shines His truth on your deception. God always makes a way, like a picture snapped at the concert of life speaks a thousand words about deceiving someone, because it cannot lie! So if you are complaining about the level of "drama" in your family life, try looking in your own heart and ask yourself this: Did I open the door with ANY kind of deceit in my relationship with others in my family? Am I being completely truthful with them, or am I hiding how I truly feel from them? Am I conniving to hide from them things? Am I pretending I am in one place when truly I am not there, where I said I was, and I am pretending about where I am? Do I tell one side of my family one thing and the other side of my family another thing? Am I conniving to hide something from someone because I am afraid if they find out and they won't agree with me? If so the drama created by not walking in the fullness of truth, the drama created by deception, the drama I can't stand that I keep finding myself standing in, will end when I tell the truth, when I deal truly with others and live in the fullness of God's truth, the curtain call of the enemies drama will be closed. Deception Destroys Families Keeping Them In Devil Drama! Truth Sets Us Free To Live And Grow In God's Unity And Favor!

    You are only afraid of someone else's opinion, if you are hiding something in deception. Deception feeds fear and destroys personal confidence. There is never a time in family life where truth does not work. If you are walking in truth, not deceiving or playing others, then opinions flow freely and lovingly and are uninhibited by the devils drama. If you have a lot of family drama with one side of your family, it isn't about that side of the family, as much as it is about deceit that brings in the devil drama every time. If you have a lot of drama with one side of your family, it is because you are not dealing with them truthfully. Deal truly with your family members and there will be no devil drama, because your deception is what brings into the family all the devil drama! We always have and have had good and healthy family relationships when truth is present in its fullness. Deception brings in dysfunction! And deception is always the vehicle to hide dysfunction! Deception is meant to keep us from "growing through" life's situations. Deception even rationalizes that speaking the truth is hurtful to others. The truth does hurt at times, but it is never "hurtful" it is always helpful and best for you. It is within the bounds of our finite beings that are encased in "human condition" that the Infinite Sovereign Will of God, makes us face life truthfully and "grow through" it. God's Sovereign Will, feels hurtful to us at times, yet in all good God purpose it is very helpful. God's Sovereign Will is hard to swallow at times, His truth in our reality does hurt in His helpful way that shapes us for our future. The greatest truth about His Sovereign Will is that it is never absent from His Infinite Love, they go hand in hand. Truth hurts at times, but love is always the motive. Truth might hurt, but it is never "hurtful" always helpful in the end, unless you are walking in deceit, because in order to hold up your deceit, truth does hurt and it hurts and hurts and hurts until you let go of the deceit and embrace the truth and then truth heals and becomes your help and growth.

     When people in our family connive to play us, deceive us in any way, you can be assured that the door that is left ajar to the family, the enemy will slither in and create his family devil drama. Don't like drama, drama, drama, then look in your own heart and get rid of deceit, rationalization, conniving and you won't have drama! Truth is the best act in the play of family life and it always gets a curtain call from God from here to there unto forever! Truth sets your family free of devil drama, closes the door on it and makes a way for a family to live in unity and the peace and favor of AWE-GOD! Choose The Fullness Of Truth Always! It Matters! Deception Destroys – Truth Brings Life!

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