Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesus! The Way-Maker

Isaiah 30:21

Your ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way, walk in it," whenever you turn to the right or to the left.

Avail yourself of the Bridegroom's Voice and He will be your Way-Maker today from every moment to every choice, you will find His Way and know His purposes in play in your life; fully realizing their Kingdom potential in you and everyone you come in contact with today and everyday!
If we are available to hear God's Voice in a personal relationship with Him, He will lead us, there is no doubt about it.  God still speaks and He is an incredible Way-Maker.  God, by His Holy Spirit will speak and He will take full Kingdom advantage of your availability to HIM.
When you stay in a constant conversation with God, you will be hearing from Him all day, He will be speaking to you and using you for His Kingdom Purposes.  He will say: "this is the way, walk in it" and His Way-Making will lead you to the hopeless to share His hope; lead you to those in dark despair to share His Light; lead you to the forlorn to shed His Joy upon them; lead you to the restless to show the way to His peace; lead you to the lonely to embrace in His Love and companionship;  lead you to the wounded to touch with His healing hands; lead you to the hopeless to saturate their soul in huge hope in Him; lead you to the parched in this dry and weary land to give His Living Water to.
Be available to AWE-GOD, stay in constant conversation with HIM because He is speaking, guiding and wanting to be a part of YOUR life in such abundance that wherever you go, with everyone you meet and in everyday you live, you are splashing the SONLIGHT into every gray area and glowing the Gory of God into every nook and cranny of this life with the purposes of God in play through you, for His Kingdom.
Don't compartmentalize God's Voice into one hour or so of available listening time a day, be alert and aware of His Speaking into your life all day. Omnipresent Reality Check! Yes He Is Speaking - NOW! God is always with you, always speaking, always leading you by HIs Holy Spirit.  Are you listening?  Are you being led by God's Voice all day?  Say NO to compartmentalizing God's Voice, say YES to complete All-IN Followship of the Way-Maker, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. This is the Way - walk in it!
Listen, hear God's Voice and walk in followship of it, it matters... eternally so! When God says:"This is the way, walk in it", He  will lead your life in a full press into His Kingdom purposes in play for you and all those around you and  you will live in the abundance of HIS Life, HIS Word, HIS Way!
Father God, speak to our hearts today. Holy Spirit, guide us that we might be used by YOU to encourage someone, to bring Your Light to those in despair, to bring hope to the hopeless, joy to the downcast, peace to the restless, inspiration to the wounded warriors and love to the lonely.  Jesus, Only You Can Do These Things In That Special Way Of Yours! Anoint Our Lives As We Listen And Follow Your Voice, Anoint Us By Your Way-Making! We Will Listen To You All Day! AMEN!
Listen To AWE-GOD-The Way-Maker! Stay in a constant conversation with HIM... and your ears will hear a word behind you saying "This is the way, walk in it..." Followship! Let it be so!

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