Monday, August 18, 2008

Being His Glory Duster!

My Life Is A Journey.

I Must Travel With A Deep Consciousness Of God

Hebrews 1:17b MSG Bible


Matthew 11:28-30

"Come to me, all of you who are tired and are carrying heavy loads. I will give you rest. 29 Become my servants and learn from me. I am gentle and free of pride. You will find rest for your souls. 30 Serving me is easy, and my load is light." New International Reader's Version (NIRV) Copyright © 1996, 1998 by International Bible Society

*My Prayer-HIS-THOUGHTS:KimberlyMac Shining 4-Him- Glowing His Glory-Always-4Ever!*

God wants to be a part of all of our lives as we live out loud, glowing a deep consciousness of His Presence. We tend to be religious and compartmentalize God, the very One Who created us; Who made our personality, designed our giftedness and gave us our talents and Who knows our future destiny, even down to the very divine appointments we are having in this moment!    

We think God should be a part of our Sunday and maybe a little part of our lives during the week and of course when we absolutely have a big need that we can't handle, then He should be a part of that! I think, after reading the above scripture that He should not be a cubicle in the closet of our hearts, He should be yoked to us Spirit-to spirit in our all in all. God should be a part of the whole consciousness of the composition of our heart attitudes, not just one ingredient mixed in when we think we need Him.

We need to learn a complete dependence upon Him, which I think looks like a deep consciousness of Him in our all in all, a Glory Glow always Glowing! We were not created to carry such heavy loads of independence that we put on all by ourselves, (like a two year old has a habit of pushing you away and saying: "I can do it myself") especially in our fast paced very technical world. Serving God should be easy, yet adventurous with Him leading our way and us stepping into His Lighted Footsteps, shadowing Him like a fawn does, stepping safely into the Doe's footsteps that keeps her under the shadow of protection.

Sometimes I think the independent spirit that is so prevalent in our culture and in us at times, does lead us to a heavy yoke of pride. I know it is good to be proud of what you accomplish and proud of each other but the pride that makes us carry heavy loads that are performance orientated… I wonder if that is what makes us so weary on the inside of our souls. We should be living a life energized by Jesus, being His living testimony that continuously speaks, ("Talking Up His Life's Message") through our life actions; a portrait of Him, of His amazing faith activated in our all in all, being consciously impactive and saying: "Jesus is simply enough"!

Being Yoked To Him! Walking Out Our Life Continuously Looped In His Presence, Conscious Of Him In Our All In All! How Does It Look? We Can Be Visibly Seen As His Life Abundance Overflowing In Us And Through Us; Spilling Out Of Us As The Issues Of Our Life Leave His Glory Dust All Over The Paths We Have Walked! (Kind Of Like Tinker Bell… My Favorite Symbol Of God's Glory! Just Like Tinkerbell Does, Spreading A Glory Dusting Over All, Giving Them The Ability To Fly Free, Shining Within The Light Of God…That Is How I Want To Live!) Glowing His Glory Is Our Destiny, Is Our Living Legacy! Glory Glowers! Dusting All Those Around Us In His Glory, So That They Might Fly Free In Jesus Christ, Yoked To His Light, His Love And Living In His Glory Always And Forever!

SO BE IT! Being His servants is giving Him the video camera view of all of our lives! 24/7, being found in the Light of His Masterful Presence, free from personal pride and yoked only to Him. I pray that for us today! Because really, we think that He asks us to "do" so much, yet all He asks is to "be" with us in our all in all and for us to believe in Him completely by being yoked to Him, walking in the Light Of His Countenance!

John 6:29 (Amplified Bible) Jesus replied, This is the work (service) that God asks of you: that you believe in the One Whom He has sent [that you cleave to, trust, rely on, and have faith in His Messenger].

*My Prayer-HIS-THOUGHTS: KimberlyMac - Glowing His Glory-Always-4Ever!*

Lord, I pray That We Will Trade In Our Independent Human Manufactured Yoke And Put On And Wear The Yoke of Life Manufactured By Jesus And Designed To Fit Up Perfectly By Jesus! JESUS! NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES! You Are Simply Enough! AMEN! (Help us to take a clue from Tinkerbell and Shine, being Glory dusters in our all in all!)

PS… Put Your Name In The Prayer Declaration Below And Talk It Up Unto Jesus, Unto All….! Just Do It! Talk It Up! Jesus!

I Your Name Here step into this day shod with the shoes of gratitude that walk me into the Presence of Jesus with an undivided heart of timeless praise from now unto forever. I, Your Name Here, believe in You, I inhale Jesus Christ, therefore I, Your Name Here, speak and I exhale Your Spoken Word, Your Love and Your Passion for all to know You! I, Your Name Here will be Your Glory Duster! Glowing Your Glory, Being found as a reflection of Your Light, Lord Jesus. I, Your Name Here, will be found In You Today, Being Your Glory Glower And Glowing Your Glory upon every path You have destined my feet to travel today! Glowing For Jesus! Glowing Your Countenance In My All in All Today! Glory!




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