Friday, August 15, 2008




A Message To:

All Those Who Struggle In A Corrupted Business World



Jesus, Your Shepherd, By Way Of His Holy Spirit, Your Guide

And Because Of His Heavenly Father's Excellent Care….


This Voice Is For You, This Exhortation Is Your Light Out Of Darkness:

  • The clarity you seek is fogged in by the frustration and disappointment caused by the warped and crooked path of people's intertwined carnal natures; dysfunction associated together weaves a twisted path of business!
  • What a tangled weave of soulish sin, causing a human mess that seems to be unending and unsolvable. I AM in the mess, because I AM in You. It is a time for you not to join the wolf-pack with a display of the ugly side of human nature, that defines this crooked path, but to be self controlled by My Spirit and shine Your inner glory, My nature, My truth, My perseverance and My love; shine My Life as a bright radiance that overcomes the frustration, deception, greed, self-centeredness, betrayal and disappointment laid out by sin on this crooked path by human beings.
  • You must be a peculiar, bright hope for a new day in the middle of this tangled weave of humanness! Be set apart from the twisted mess of self-seeking professionals and start a new path to Me, to My Truth, My Life and My Spirit!
  • Be my Light and make this crooked place straight by your thoughts, actions, words and deeds being centered in My hope, My Purposes and My Life. If these people, (my very own destined to be children) whose lives the enemy has made a twisted, tangled weave out of, see Me in You… through your business life, then My purposes for staying and keeping you in the middle of this tousled interlace of human corruptions will prevail. I want you to visualize My plan, not your chaos!
  • If there is nothing you can do with these human beings, or with the mess that they have created and your frustration is at its highest point… (welcome to My world) then shine… shine My character, My wisdom, My grace, My mercy… Shine My life and point the right way out of the mess, the way to Me.
  • You may be in the middle of this knotted intertwine of flawed human relationships, but you are not of it when you allow Me to be at the center of your life. Don't roll in their mire! Clean off your spirit and walk with Me! You are My Seasoned Servant; You are My Head, not their tale. Do not sully yourself with this human nature run amuck! Stay above the morass and step up to stand on the purity of Holy Ground, in My Presence!
  • Where do you position yourself each day? In the middle of a man made mess, trying to sort it all out, or in Me? That is your choice!! I ask you to Choose Me and You shine My nature, My glory through this fogged in clutter of human striving. Choose to try to fix this carnal human mess, to undo the knotted jumble, untangle the corrupted weave and you will become a strand twisted into the human confusion and spinning out more of a carnal entwine to add to the already snarled up lives.
  • My Precious Servant, Just do it! Make the choice moment by moment, situation by situation to be found in Me and no matter how twisted the sin of human nature becomes, how crooked this path is because of the latter, you can always shine My Wisdom, My nature, My character… MY LIFE IN YOU!! I am still there, waiting to make this crooked path straight and give the way of salvation to all those who want to walk out of the knot of confusion, into a straight line to real life; to be found in Me freed from the master of the carnal nature into My forever life; a way of dependence on Me, a self controlled, satisfied and successful business path paved by My Spirit!
  • Be found in Me, at the center of my will and purposes. Shake off the discouragement and Shine The Truth and Light that will show the way to Me. Today! Just Do It! Make a way where there seems to be no Light… Shine My Life! Glow My Glory in a time such as this when man-made glory is failing and human hope is tangled up in the muck of dried up imaginings! This season of life, in this generation of humanity, You be My dream maker, the Hope of Salvation!

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