Monday, August 11, 2008

Step It Up! Be A Champion For Christ!

A New Cause For This Servant Warrior: STEP IT UP! Found at My cause today is becoming a Champion For Christ! Step It Up! Why you say is this a significant cause? Our Pastor has been speaking to us ( on Pursuing Gold… which to me is pursuing God… He is pure Gold!!! I have been inspired to Step It Up!!! To Be A Champion For Christ! That is stepping up… my spiritual and physical training so that I can be God’s Champion… An excellent Champion For Christ. So my cause is called: STEP IT UP! And it puts you in fellowship/training with God The Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ! LOOK UP TO GOD THE FATHER I encourage you to join my cause, Step It Up! How? Sit in God’s Presence and listen to His still small voice each morning and be determined as Your feet hit the ground each day that You will Be Found Being… His Champion. Just Do It: Give Him Your All, Be Excellent Today A Dedicated, Disciplined Runner On The Life-Path He Has Put You On. Be Positioned In His Presence, His Grace, His Power, His Holy Spirit As You Put Your Feet In The Running Blocks Of Your Life Course Today! STEP IT UP WITH JESUS CHRIST Step up your training, press towards the Gold! Train with Jesus to win. Be Excellent in all you do unto Jesus! Sit down with Jesus, talk with Him and find out how you can step up your training to lose the fat around your Spirit and Body and train like You are an olympic athlete pursing the Gold! Exercise Your Spirit in the Word and Presence of Jesus Christ! Exercise and take care of your body, which is the Sanctuary of Jesus! CHAMPIONS OF CHRIST STEP IT UP! STEP UP THEIR TRAINING EACH DAY TO REFLECT THE PURSUIT OF GOLD! TALK IT UP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT Get accountable with The Holy Spirit and TALK IT UP! The Holy Spirit is the unifier of Christians! Share your triumphs and defeats with other Christians and keep each other accountable as you run the race together to win! Encourage and Exhort one another to excellence through the anointing of the Holy Spirit! CHAMPIONS OF CHRIST TALK IT UP! How am I PERSONALLY going to do this? Make A Plan! WOMAN/ MAN UP WITH GOD!!! 1. I am starting with a spiritual fast and a physical cleansing using Arbonne 7 day cleanse. 2. I am stepping up my current training physically and spiritually, pressing towards the goal of being an excellent Champion of Christ, being the best I can be. 3. I am listening to God for a physical and spiritual training workout that will discipline my spirit and body and increase my stamina and perseverance, therefore causing me to run my race with excellence. 4. I am saying no to spiritual laziness, no to foods that cause me to be sluggish in my body. I am saying Yes to the Lord no matter how hard the training is, I will submit myself all of me: body, soul, will, mind and spirit to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords… completely… being His training Champion with an undivided heart of purpose to diligently press towards the finish line and win Gold! My Personal Training Will Include: Looking Up To My Father God: I will, as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning (which in this training time will be earlier than normal) I will look up to the Father God, to Jesus! I will position my life in His Presence and Grace and I will dedicate myself completely to Him. I take a moment to be motivated by The Great Motivator Of all Time, The Holy Spirit and I will be quiet and listen to His Still Small Voice, knowing that as a small subtle voice, it has a powerful significant impact on my life and will feed my passion, my desire to be a Champion for Christ! As a Champion in Training, I need to hear that still small, subtle but significant Voice before my feet take off to running! Stepping It Up: I will Step Up my current physical exercise and create a consistent habit of using my weights, walking and Pilates to strengthen my physical body. I will Step Up my current spiritual training by: 1. Reading a Psalm and a Proverb a Day. 2. Reading a devotional from one of the various books I own or an online one and I will listen and exercise the clarity of wisdom gained by writing down what I hear. 3. I will work out the truth in my mind, strengthening my salvation by using The Bridegroom’s Voice devotional, meditating on God’s Truth and keeping a Groomsman’s Journal. 4. I will listening to the Holy Spirit for any specific spiritual training that He has for me that day and just do it! 5. I will exercise my spirit by shaping my will through “quiet”, listening to God for His still small Voice. I will Step Up my diet by: 1. I will have a food intake of fresh vegetables, fruit and proteins. 2. I will daily keep a balanced diet with no sweets, no fried foods, no ice cream, no processed foods and no pizza included in it! 3. I will drink 8 glasses of water a day. 4. I will lose the ten pounds that I am overweight. 5. I will take my Arbonne Vitamins daily. I will drink one Arbonne Protein drink daily. 6. I will drink two to four glasses of Green Tea daily. I will Talk It Up: 1. I will Talk It Up with Jesus, sharing with Him as I train and press for the Gold, to be His Champion with an undivided heart in pursuit of His Life! 2. I will take time instead of being in front of a TV or watching a DVD, to communicate with others, open up my communication and being vulnerable, sharing at an intimate level and deeply encourage others in the faith. I will TALK IT UP… being a Champion For Christ! 3. I will encourage and exhort all those I meet using the training that the Holy Spirit inspires me with and pass the baton to the next runner with words of encouragement and exhortation! 4. I will stay in accountability with others, (FACEBOOK.COM, EMAIL, BLOGS, PHONE CALLS, LETTERS however and whatever way I can as the Holy Spirit leads) sharing my training ups and downs and being encouraged by their friendship to make the right choice to continue being found in Jesus, continue running as His Champion and training to be the best Champion For Christ that I can be! Being accountable will be a huge part of running my race with excellence, by the anointing of The Holy Spirit. 5. I will share the truth and encouragement that comes from being a Champion in training with all those divine appointments in my life path. 6. I will cheer others on, encourage them to become Champions of Christ Jesus and to pursue Gold, being the best they can be in Christ, to never be satisfied but always be training and pressing towards the goal, the prize of Jesus Christ… pure Gold! Will you join my cause! Step It Up! · Go to if you have never signed in, email me at and I will invite you as a friend and invite you to join the cause Step It Up! · Facebook is a great way to grow as Champions In Christ together… To Talk It Up together and break down the barriers of closed communication that have been put up in the Body of Christ. · Facebook is a good tool to use so that we can run our races together, sharing life together and encouraging and exhorting each other to become Champions For Christ and Pursue the Gold! · If you are already on FACEBOOK I encourage you to pass this Cause STEP IT UP on to others and invite them to join this cause to becoming Champions For Christ! PS… I highly encourage you to go to and listen to these messages by Pastor Tom Mullins on Pursuing Gold. I highly encourage you to join Facebook and start serving one another through encouragement of one another, being involved in someone’s life past the point of surface to service of encouragement, love, prayer and caring. Just Do it! LOOK UP! STEP IT UP! TALK IT UP! Kimberlymac

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