Friday, August 1, 2008

Requited Hope

REQUIETED HOPE! Ranting In Relationships Close To My Soul, Cause Me To Fall Into A Very Black, Emotional Hole. Set Up By My Enemy, His Plan Is In Motion! Destroying My Spirit Is His Awful Notion. Suddenly! I Find Myself Trapped In Despair, It Stinks Here! Without God’s Love In The Air, And I Lose Sight Of Good, Forfeiting All That Seems Fair. Darkness Is My Lair, I See No More Reason To Care! Locked In A Pit Of Despair, Deep In This Black Emotional Hole, My Enemy Whispers Unbelief To My Now Very Parched Soul! Affixing Death To My Spirit, Right Through My Mind, He Lays His Deceit, Leaving My Hope In A Bind! He Schemes In The Dark, And Stabs Me From Behind, Leaving A Wound Without Healing Hope To Find… Especially Such As A Loving God’s Kind!! I Think: “True Justice Has Been Carried Away, My Soul Is Parched, The Sadness Is Here To Stay. I Will Never Be Free, I Will Not Get Away. In This Pit, The Muck, The Mire…Forever I Lay.” Alone In My Pit, With A Soul Parched And Dry, Depression Surrounds Me, I Am Bound By A Lie. I Call Out Of The Darkness, As My Last Ditch Try! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me…. I cry! A True Light Shatters My Darkness, As God’s Hand Reaches Down! I Cling Tightly To HIS MIGHTY SALVATION, And Am Pulled Up To Holy Ground! My Soul Has Been Forever Bought, Parched Soul I Have Naught! Living Water Has Been Found, On This Precious, New Holy Ground! I Have Been Found! I Have Been Found!! I Was Lost, Now I Am Dancing On Holy Ground! Hope Washes Me, Refreshes My Soul And His Words Heal My Spirit… I Am Incredibly Whole! My Soul, Yes It Still Pants In This Dry Weary Land, Yet I Seek My Father’s Refreshment, Daily Found In The Palm Of His Hand. I Drink Of His Life, His Living Water Is Sound. It Gives Me The Strength To Explore His Holy Ground. I Step In His Footsteps, As A Fawn To A Doe, And The Pit Of Despair, I Will Never Again Know!! Written By KimberlyMac Inspired By Psalm 42 And The Song: As The Deer Panteth For The Water


eagles said...

Exceptional accurate description of His Heart for us to cry only "Help me". These very words were my cry in 1993 and true to Himself, He brought me out of the pit as well. Your poem speaks universal and eternal Truth.

Kimberlymac said...

I think that He is just so in tune to not just the words Help Me, but the heart that cries out, He see's the heart... don't you think that is so? I do! I am so glad that the Lord goes deeper in so many ways, never living on the shallow end of life, but always asking us to go deeper with Him. It makes life so exciting and so... well adventurous!!! Take Care! God Bless You!