Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Blue Collar Lunch Pail Thought!

My first thought after Michelle Obama's performance last night was that speeches don't make a person. Basically, we are not human doers, we are human beings! One of my favorite orators, Jesus Christ is the model that politicians need to take another hard look at. Jesus spoke, Jesus was… He did not perform a speech written for Him, He spoke genuinely of Who He was and from his speeches followed the depth of "being" found in the truth therein… a "being" that deeply portrayed the fullness of truth in His spoken word.

Hope spoken isn't real hope until it is being seen and heard outside of the platform of its originated speech. The hope that the politicians spoke of during the last congressional election was performance based hope in conquest of trying to win the senate; yet nothing came into being from that promised hope and it continues to "be" for us, the America people, (those who can count their houses with one finger) a downward spiral of dashed expectations, an unrealized hope! I believe the change America needs is deeper than performance based politically hyped speeches, where every word is calculated and every emotion is executed without spontaneity or true head to heart connection. I could see on that stage last night that Michelle Obama was "doing" a great performance, but I never saw her heart; she is an actress that lacks chemistry with her audience... As her young daughter evaluated her performance well: "She "did" good." Out of the mouth of babes…

Michelle's outward performance left me wondering… who will she actually be? To me, the Obama's are very good at synthetically performed emotions, picture perfect portrayals and a lot of words spun so tightly that they are bent without the genuine will to be! It is very inflexible; a good for all to see is not actualized into being good. It kind of feels like a stiff neck does where you are forced to see straight ahead and can't look to the left or the right.

The Obama's have no foundation that comes from "being" what they are willfully acting. It is words without the foundation of the truth of testimonial record. Most of their life legacy, their recorded reality, is not the same cuisine that they are force feeding Americans right now. They are not ready for the position that they seek because they only have the credit of their well done performances, not their actual being. They are not seasoned servants, therefore their portrayal of "doing" and portrait of "being" are not the same. Their doings, their actual record of service is very small, yet significantly prescribes their honest "being"; which seems opposite from their change of performance venue during this political race. They can testify that what they have done in the senate, those that they have associated with for 20 years, the things that they have said outside of the performance arena is not truly who they are, but they don't have the authentication of time spent serving their country "being" the characters they currently are performing on this political stage.

In the last congressional election, the Democratic Party asked us to participate in change, for a better America. They spoke it, and America bought into the recital of hopeful words and actually began expecting change for the better; yet since this congress performed on the political platform "the dance of change" our feet have been dancing to a different tune, a downward spiral of our good economy, of our good civility and of our good hopes because of a congress who doesn't want to "be" what they performed, and the only "be" that we have seen from them is the "be" of blame that has caused our country to "be lame"!

So, Yes I do have a difficult time believing the performance of Michelle Obama as she masterfully spun her words and emotions; I did not see the depth of her heart, the passion of her soul or the reality of her testimony that she loves deeply loves America. She "did" good. How will she be? Her spirit did not seem to match the performance of her will.

Our First Lady, Laura Bush she was ready to serve this country because she was a "seasoned servant" and what she said to us was backed up by a long record of "being" a life legacy that one could trust in the hope found therein her words. She spoke from her heart, she did not need to perform because she was already "being"; her testimony, her life legacy was her platform and it made her believable. She is by far the best First Lady, the most honest, forthright and genuinely hopes fulfilling First Lady that this country has ever had. She spoke it, she lived it.

Michelle Obama, she "did good" last night, but she is not ready to "be" our First Lady, she lacks the seasoning that can transform her performance from "doing good" to being. She "did good", yet how will she "be"?




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