Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet My Spiritual Father God!

The Father God is our Spiritual Father, and He in all His Glory has prepared so much for His children who love Him completely! He is our Father; we are His children, the family of AWE-GOD!

By faith we believe and we know, even though in our human condition, we can't see with perfect clarity, we accept as true that God's Kingdom Purposes are in play in our lives this very moment! Yes and Amen, we believe God has readied His Kingdom purposes for us, and in perfect preparedness they harmonize to bring forth His Voice, in all His Glory! Our Father God is sounding off His Sovereign Will in us as His Divine Objectives enter our hearts with His precise Kingdom Intent, at a time such as directed by His Holy Spirit towards those who love Him!

Loving God is honoring all HE IS and reverently-respectfully submitting our lives to Him in AWE of Who He Is; Obeying Him with our 1st choice, our hearts undivided and surrendered to Him alone, our lives called to Him 1st! Loving God, we are set apart completely unto Him; our salvation sacrificially serves God as we become His seasoned servants. Loving God includes sharing our gratefulness from every moment into a shout out of praise and thanksgiving into our sphere of influence!

We deepen and widen our love for God, as we develop in our soul a huge AWE of our Father God and we tell the world through miraculous musing, just how great our Spiritual Father God is!

AWE-GOD! We Love YOU And We Are Completely Loved By You, In Ways We Have Not Even Begun To Imagine Or Experience, According To Your Perfect And Precisely Planned Kingdom Purpose, Alive In Us And Working For Your Kingdom Good! AWE-GOD!

We Have The Best Spiritual Father God Ever Known! Our Father God Is Always Being, Always For Us And Nothing And No One Can Stop Him From Being With Us And For Us!

Meet My Father God Today! Give Him Your Life! Always And Forever His! AWE-GOD!

Isaiah 6:3 And one cried to another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory! Amplified Bible

Revelation Song By Kari Jobe

Meet My Father God Written By Kimberlymac

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I have written an amazing book, actually God wrote it to His Bride and I penned it. It will be an incredible journey for you with AWE-GOD. It will be available in 2012 online. If you are interested send me your email address at I will make sure you get notified when "The Bridegroom's Voice" is ready to be purchased online. God Bless You Huge!

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