Friday, February 24, 2012

Promises To Province To Purpose

I can have a faith that grows huge in strength and stability as I pursue the Promises of God! Marching across the length and width of their miraculous potential, I speak them into soul ownership and experience the possibility of My AWE-GOD through them.
When I pursue the Promises of my AWE-GOD, I will discover for myself the Kingdom Purpose within the province of God's Promises and I will experience God's Glory as His Kingdom grows in me and through me!
God's Kingdom Purposes Are Always In Play In My Life, With His Intention Of Growing Me Up With Excellence, As A Kingdom Of God Servant Warrior!
As I step out on the Promises of God each day, and I faithfully-consistently believe God's Words spoken to and for me, I confirm the province of their Kingdom Purpose for my life legacy.
We Have A Heritage As God's Children And This Inheritance Begins At Our Salvation And Grows Through Our Forever. Infinitely So! God's Promises Are An Earthy Bridge To Our Heavenly Inheritance!
God left us here on earth with a "Heavenly Hindsight" filled with Kingdom Promise! As you drive through your unchartered life journey of "Great God Adventure" here on earth, use your rear view mirror and occasionally glance behind you, remembering the God Promises spoken on your behalf; the miraculous musings of His faithfulness towards you.
With The Heavenly Hindsight Of God's Promises, You Can Fully Face Your Purposeful Destiny Today, With Confidence, Wisdom And Complete Belief.
These awesome God-Promises, which are maintained in God-Power and applied to your situation by your huge hope in AWE-GOD, will translate from His Heavenly Hindsight, to your foresight and make a way for you today, a way of great Kingdom Purpose, as you pursue God's Sovereign Will for your life.
The Path Of Kingdom Purpose Is Compelled By The Promises Of God, Which Constrain Us To His Sovereign Will!
Put the sole of your feet on the promises of God today and tread upon them, claiming the province of His Kingdom Purpose, for your life legacy to shine forth in His Sovereign Will! Walking on the path of God's Promises will eventually lead you to being "All IN" with His Kingdom Purposes!
There Is No Better Way To Live Our Lives On Earth, Then As Citizens Of The Kingdom Of God, Full Of God Purpose And Sovereign Destiny!
We who are heaven bound should step out daily on God's Promises, because they will glide us into the province of God's Purposes that are already put in play for us, by the intent of His Sovereign Will!
God's Promises help us to "grow through" our human condition to the province of His Kingdom Purposes, positioning us in "Holy Alliance" with His transformational nature, which assures us of His Sovereign Will for our today on earth, as it has been promised by His Heavenly Hindsight! AWE-Father God!
From Kingdom Promise To Kingdom Province To Kingdom Purpose To Kingdom Glory, We Grow To Go, Fully Into His Sovereign Will! AWE-GOD!
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