Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kingdom Purposes In Play

God's Purposes In Play



There are times in my life I feel are more than I can humanly handle. Why God? When I cry out of my human condition to You, Holy Spirit, You instantly intercede for me according to God's Sovereign Will and You simultaneously activate the flow of God's Kingdom Purposes in my life-story.  There is no greater prayer than for the Kingdom Purposes of Awe-GOD to flow in and through our lives!

God's Purposes are in play for us every single minute, creating our every miraculous moment. Every earthly minute exchanged in Kingdom Purpose always creates God Moments of Miraculous Musing; Good God News (The Bible) to reflect on and grow in God AWE! Kingdom Purposes in play purposefully develop our God AWE! Selah! Miraculous Musing!

God's Will is always in play for us, as He exchanges our worldly minutes for His Kingdom Purpose, which eventually, always blooms His Goodness in us.  When we live our lives called to God 1st, His Purposes engage and are in play in our lives, forming in us and through us His perfect Kingdom Will. 

Just as if we never sinned, God calls us according to His Kingdom Purpose, which is to shape our inner spirit in the image of His Glory.  Every day God's Purposes are in play in our lives to accomplish this charge.  When we are called to God 1st, His Kingdom Purposes become our major life goals.  We hope to be positioned squarely in the flow of His Kingdom Purposes, because in them we are shaped for Him, by Him and unto His Glory.  Kingdom Purpose in play in our lives may not look and feel the way we think it should.  God's Kingdom Purpose sometimes rubs against our human condition in ways that sharpen the Kingdom Life in us and lessen our lean towards our cultural sway.  Most of the time, God's Sovereign Purposes at play in our lives is a sour taste to our mouth, it is not the sweet taste our human condition likes to feed on and is very hard to swallow, yet it always brings forth His Sovereign Will for us. 

When God's Purposes are in play in our lives, the Sovereign Will of God is never separate from His Infinite Love, the two go hand in hand, and kind of taste like a sweet-tart! LOL! The Sovereign Will of God never separates us from His Infinite Love.  If God decides to put His Specifically Designed Purpose in play in our lives and they look like distress, trial, tribulation, persecution and unfairness, then we know without a doubt that the feel of God's purposes in play, does not separate us from the Infinite Love of God. This is the time we cling tighter to God's Love, and dig our roots deeper in His Kingdom soil.  God's ways are not our ways; therefore His Kingdom purposes at play in our lives might not always be the way we would choose to be shaped in His Image.

  Sometimes God's Kingdom purposes in play take us way out of our human comfort zone, they are not designed for our ease, but for our Kingdom growth. That is why when we feel God's Sovereign Will is too hard, unfair, hurtful to us, we should know that His Kingdom Purposes in play are always and eventually for our best-Kingdom Good!

No Doubt About It! When God's Kingdom Purposes are in play in our lives, His Infinite Love carries us through to His Amazing Sovereign Will for our lives! Yes! Miraculously Musing, I totally think that all that touches my life is eventually Kingdom Awesome - AWE-GOD Good! Cling Tighter To God's Infinite Love, Dig Your Roots Deeper In His Kingdom Soil, Because God's Purpose Is In Play In Your Life Today! AWE-GOD!


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