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Monday Manna Munch Jan23rd

Monday Manna Munch Digging Deeper:

We meet Monday Mornings! 6:30am EST And 8:45 AM EST

Come Join Us This Monday, We Will Be Chatting About God's Hope!

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Monday Manna Munch Digging Deeper:

If you would like to dig deeper into our topic of HOPE from today, enjoy the following:

Monday, January 23rd - HOPE

Listen! The Bridegroom Speaks About Hope

My questioning one, you may not see the perfect picture today, but in my heavenly hindsight, I have finished it and it is good! My ways are sovereign and mysterious and I choose to give you just enough pieces of My plan to keep you motivated, challenging you without overwhelming you. Even so, the puzzle may never fit together on earth as it is in heaven. I can't give you the answers to all your questions today, because I am protecting your human ability to appropriately handle the full conclusion of My Kingdom reality. To this day, I have only allowed you to know what you are ready to experience. I have good intentions, you must trust Me! I am asking you to wait expectantly, with hope for My revelations. I have filled this God-waiting room with My infinite love, therefore My questioning one, sit here silently-submissively with Me! My Bride, is hoping in Me not enough for you? Consequently, My answer to you is that I AM your Promised One, always and forever! Let Me Be Enough! I've Got This!

The Bridegroom's Spoken Word! His Voice Written On Your Heart!

Day 1 - 2         Day 3 – 4         Day 5 – 6         Day 7 - Selah

Matt.14:27-33          Genesis 18:10-14    Matthew 8:24-27      Revelation 21:1-7

John 14         Matthew 21:10-22    Luke 12:6-7         Matthew 25:11-13    

James 1:1-8         Psalm 85        Lam. 3:17-32         Hebrews 6:13-20    

My Thoughts About These Verses

  • I know that the desires of my heart are sometimes tainted with my human condition of selfishness.
  • God's favor will encompass my heart desires, cover them in a Sovereignty that is strong enough to relax my will
  • Hope flourishes and nourishes my soul the most when my will is relaxed in a position of personal surrender.
  • Dark, Darker or Darkest, it doesn't matter the degree, what is significant is that the Light of God's hope shatters all darkness. Hope In God!
  • The hope of my salvation is my joy and it helps me stay steady in joy through the all of the everything of my life.
  • God's Hope feeds my endurance in His joy and strength as I persevere through the hard seasons of life, as my Godly character is developed and my integrity formed.
  • I have a confident hope because it rests on my salvation, this hope will never disappoint me, dissolution me or shame me.
  • I can develop a natural habit of joyful-confident hope because of a supernatural love poured out by Jesus, invested in my Kingdom life.
  • Put all your expectations-hope in God and you will be encouraged daily by how He works out every discouragement for Kingdom good!
  • The one thing that trumps God's hope in us is an independent attitude: I can do it by myself! Dependence on God=HOPE grown!
  • Hope helps us to hold fast to that which God has already taught us and God's promises are the grip of our hold.
  • Expectancy is really key to our endurance. Am I putting all my expectations in God? This is hope!
  • Expectant – patient endurance is fed by hope and hope is guarded by the Spirit and Truth of God
  • Our hope must be guarded in times of trial and testing. What guards our hope? The Word of God's Promise!

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