Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sacrificial Salvation

Sacrificial Salvation

Genesis 22:6-18 AMP

Has the sacrifice gone out of your salvation? When I look at Abraham, I wonder if it has. It was so cool when Abraham raised his eyes to see that God had provided a ram in the thicket. God made a way out for Abraham, He provided a sacrificial lamb so Issac would not have to die. It was as if God was showing Abraham what would happen to all of His descendents, God would provide a Sacrificial Lamb, His Son, Jesus Christ, Who would die for our sins, once and for all, that we might have eternal life.

God showed Abraham a preview of what He, Himself was willing to do because of His Love for us. Abraham's heart mirrored God's heart of sacrifice for salvation from sin. Abraham chose to obey God the 1st time, even though his obedience would require an extreme sacrifice. God was showing us that salvation always is seeded by sacrifice.

When we work out our salvation, it is by obedient self sacrifice of our wants for His Will. We obey our God, because we have accepted His gift of sacrifice, Jesus Christ! We accept our salvation and in turn sacrifice submissively for our salvation to glow God's Glory. Salvation is exercised through obedience actively instituted by sacrifice. Salvation without sacrifice is not a call to God 1st. Putting God 1st requires sacrifice of our personal wants, hopes, dreams, expectations, plans and desires. When we gave our life to Jesus Christ, He gave to us His eternal life in a beautiful exchange. Salvation is freely given, yet it is not freedom unto selfishness, but unto selflessness.

We live because Jesus sacrificed for our salvation. Salvation always involves sacrifices of our earthly rights in exchange for heavenly freedom. We are the Bride of Christ, therefore there must be sacrifice in our salvation. What has happened to the sacrifice of our salvation? Bride of Christ, are we called to God 1st? Are we willing to sacrifice for our salvation the rights and things of this world so the Kingdom of God can come on earth as it is in heaven?

Abraham was willing and obedient, and God sent him a sacrificial lamb. God has also sent us a Sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ, His Son, Who willessly laid down for us His Kingly rights, and died as a sacrifice for our salvation. Does your salvation mirror His? Are you ALL IN with Jesus as Abraham showed He was? What have you sacrificed for your salvation? Is there sacrifice in your salvation?

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