Friday, January 6, 2012

Righteousness Highlighted

Genesis 8:1-22 (Amplified Bible)

I loved this 8th chapter of Genesis, because it showed the Sovereign Storm of God and how God used that storm to make things right and just upon the earth. Righteousness was highlighted as a keeper, a deliverer from the consequences of the unrighteous. I love the value and worth God placed on the righteousness of Noah. It was cool to see how God's reach pulled in the family of the righteous out of danger into His safety net of mercy. It shows the gift your righteousness (from every moment to every choice) can be for your family. God rewarded one man's righteousness with His Mercy. God showed Himself strong as a Way-Maker for the habitually righteous, even in the middle of a Deadly Sovereign Storm. The Father God keeps the righteous in the palm of His Mighty Right Hand! Noah walked consistently upright before God all the days of His life and God saw it and with His good pleasure rewarded it with deliverance from His judgement upon evil.

Righteousness is always rewarded with the goodness, favor, justice and care of our Way-Maker God and for that I am grateful, infinitely so!! God made a way for the remnant of righteousness to prevail. God protects the righteousness of men, even if they are "growing through" a Sovereign Storm created by the unrighteousness of others. God's way out, His path to deliverance was not comfortable or easy and probably not one we in our human condition, would have chosen to take. How difficult it must have been to prepare the Ark, get everything done God asked and spend one year in an Ark filled with animals, not knowing if you would survive the Sovereign Storm, having enough provision to even live through it. Been there and grown through that!

God provided for them during the Sovereign Storm in ways He Himself could only do. The Father God was their Way-Maker, to make available a perfect and safe way of escape for them from the Ark to a fresh new God Adventure. They stepped out of the Ark after the Sovereign Storm onto Holy Ground that had been purified by Almighty God. With great Kingdom purpose, their 1st step out of the Sovereign Storm was made upon the promise and blessing of God. God blessed them and promised that He would never curse the ground and would continue to be the Miraculous-Provision and God-Favor of every seedtime and harvest, every season change, every day and night! AWE-GOD!

The Father God took excellent care of the righteous man and his family and made a way for them to "grow through" the Sovereign Storm and break through to the other side of new life. I have had many "Ark" stories in my walk with AWE-GOD and I bet you do too! Times where I have been mercifully delivered by way of an "Ark" situation, where it did not seem the most comfortable way to ride out a Sovereign Storm, but eventually it ended up sooooooo GOD GOOD at the center of His Kingdom Purpose flow! Thank You Lord God!

As I read about Noah, I realized in the deepest of ways that "Righteousness Matters To God" - He Places High Value On It - He Rewards It With SOVEREIGN GOD-GOODNESS in that special way only HE can! Every time I see a rainbow, I am encouraged by God's Covenant to me. In the rainbow, I see God's value for righteousness highlighted and His faithful covenant to the upright. God continues to highlight righteousness through His rainbow and it gives great hope to those who consistently walk in covenant relationship - All In with God. AWE-GOD!

Fri, Jan 6, 2012



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