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Monday Manna Munch Digging Deeper:

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Monday Manna Munch Digging Deeper:

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Monday, January 15th - Believing

Listen! The Bridegroom Speaks About Belief

Dear Bride of Christ, I believe in you, do you believe in Me? Believe in Me and know the brush of My brilliant light of truth across your spirit! Experience My huge hope as it saturates your soul in My Promises! My Bride, I want you to stop living in the diffused shadow of your feelings! You may feel like you are in the wilderness and you may be for this season, but you always stand on rock-solid holy ground in My Presence! Don't just go through this desert season where your world is being rocked by change with a hopeless attitude, grow through this time. Learn from My Holy Spirit and cultivate your spirit by applying My Truth and standing on My Promises. I ask you Church to know in your heart, soul and spirit that My Truth is for you! I AM with you, I have not forsaken You - I never will. I AM always with you. Let Me be enough! Let My Truth set you free from your doubts, fears and despair. Believe in Me! Trust In My Faithfulness! Lean On My Truth! Truth is not an emotion and therefore, it is not fickle and does not change with the whirl-wind of times you live in. Choose My Truth over your assumptions and it will be the security your spirit stands grounded in now and forever! Believe!

The Bridegroom's Spoken Word! His Voice Written On Your Heart!

Day 1 - 2         Day 3 – 4         Day 5 – 6         Day 7 – Selah

Isaiah 43:10         John 7:38         1 Timothy 4:10 Jeremiah 29:11    

Titus 1:1-2         Colossians 2:7     Ephesians 6:14     John 16:13        

Luke 4: 1-13         Acts 7:33         Isaiah 45:5-10     Psalm 57

Romans 8:28         John 10:10         Jeremiah 18:4      Ephesians 5:27    

John 15:5-10         Isaiah 40:21-18     Genesis 17:7     Ecclesiastes 3:11

My Thoughts About These Verses

  • I hope that every doubt I get is dispelled by this verse alive in my soul. Truly Jesus, You Are The Son Of God!
  • I love that… how God identifies Himself in the face of fear. Take Courage! I AM! Stop being afraid!
  • When fear presides in my moment I need to have an Omnipresent-Reality Check! Yes! My God Is Always Being! He Is Lord- He Reigns!
  • I like how Peter identified God before He stepped out on the water. Lord Is This You? Jesus said: Come! May it be so in my life! Jesus!
  • Why do we doubt when the I AM is forever present in our day? From moment to moment His reality-His Truth is reigning!
  • Truly You Are The Son Of God! Jesus! May my heart always SHINE with this Glory

    Glowing Kingdom Truth!

  • Take courage in the I AM! I am activating my faith in Omnipresent-Omnipotence!#AWE-GOD! Always Present In Power And His Truth!
  • God always has the solution that is best for me and faith is believing in this great truth, even though I don't understand the expression of His answer, I can trust in His love for me.
  • Lord, I reach out my hand to you today, me the one with the little faith and I pray that this will be a new season for me of a faith in You, a trust that grows deeply as I grip the hand of My Almighty AWE-GOD!
  • I love that my AWE-GOD is always being! God always has a plan for us, His Kingdom Purposes are always in play all around us!
  • Have I been with all of you for so long a time, and do you not recognize and know Me yet? Lord help me to live my life so in love with You, knowing You more each day so You never have to say that to me. I hope so Lord. Increase my faith, increase my love for You, Increase in me!
  • Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in Me? I love that question because it aims at the core of our faith. Do I believe in the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit! Yes I Do. If so, then why do I question God so much, why don't I just believe!?
  • It is really a joyful thing when someone cares about you as much as God does about us, seeing that we lack in nothing. This is the Why of our trials and this should make us feel secure and joyful. God Cares!
  • God does a thorough work in us and He uses tests and trials to help us to grow up, mature into Kingdom readiness.
  • God's Joy cannot co-exist with doubt and does not activate in a dubious soul, divided in non pleasant ways by truth and lies.
  • If I want God's joy during a trial, I must keep a mind stable in truth-reliable in faith-certain in trust–active in hope!
  • Life is an unraveling mystery of God, He knows the outcome and we are living out the story with a one page perspective. This is hard and this is where my greatest point of needed growth lies.
  • I need to be willing to let go of the answer I want, before I ask the question, being willing to wait on God's heavenly hindsight as I trust Him for His solution.

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