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Monday Manna Munch Jan 9th

Monday Manna Munch Digging Deeper:

Monday, January 9th - God's Love

Listen To The Bridegroom's Voice: The Bridegroom Speaks About Love

As a Bridegroom, when I think of our love relationship, I have these questions for My Bride: Are you genuinely devoted to Me? Will you cherish and respect Me even when I admonish you and we disagree? Will My affection still inspire you when your life-path is sprinkled with adversity? When things do not go as you plan, will you still believe in Me? Will your heart still soar with faith and believe that there is nothing impossible with My love? When persecution touches your life because of Me, will this in any way modify your love for Me? Will you believe that My love for you remains constant and sure when everything else is changing? Will your love for Me sway with the winds of your circumstances? Will you continue to trust Me when I do not have the answers you need, when you think you need them? Will you let Me be enough? My heart's desire is that you discover how intimately I love you and learn to love Me with an undivided - personal fidelity. Oh, My Church, worship Me heart-to-heart! My Bride, I have asked you many questions, ponder them in your heart. Remember, I chose you and I will love you always and infinitely forever.

Excerpt From Book: The Bridegroom's Voice Written By Kimberlymac All Rights Reserved


The Bridegroom's Spoken Word! His Voice Written On Your Heart!

Day 1 - 2         Day 3 – 4         Day 5 – 6         Day 7 - Selah

Jeremiah 31:3         John 15:10-16    Revelation 3:19-21     1 Peter 2:20-25

Hebrews 12:5-7     Mark 14:32-41 James 1:17-18         Proverbs 3:11-18

Revelation 3:8-14 John 3:16        Romans 8:31-39      1 Corinthians 13:4-13

1 John 4:7-14         Deut. 7:6-9

My Thoughts About These Verses:

  • Jesus said: My Infinite Love, intermingled with your faith in Me, creates a beautiful-legitimate unity.
  • Create a unity Lord Jesus, between my finite life and Your Infinite Love! Create between us a beautiful unanimity.
  • Jesus Your Love is faithful through all… not just during my good times, the good seasons but the hard times, the struggling times, Your love forbears! Thank You Jesus!
  • Jesus consciously chose a sacrificial love! I decide today to prefer, select, choose You Jesus, Your Ways, Your Kingdom will for my all and everything! Jesus! You showed me how to love with a sacrificial love and I will follow Your Living Legacy of Salvation-Sacrifice!
  • Knowingly He died for me, intentionally, Jesus gave His life, sacrificing so I could be forgiven and live forever. The goal of His salvation for me was sacrifice. Jesus stayed the course. He suffered for my salvation! Do I do the same for others?
  • Obedience! Whole hearted obedience, where my will, heart, soul, mind and spirit are undivided in surrendered to God's Kingdom Purposes. This kind of obedience is the conduit of God's Love.
  • God's love was modeled to us, it was sacrificial. This is God's nature, the nature of His Love. He is willing and able to give all. This is how we need to love too. God has shown us the righteous way to love, the path to right living and we need to follow it in our thoughts, words, actions and deeds.
  • Jesus, telling all, being vulnerable and trusting us with His wisdom of the greatest infinite love ever, as our Father God looked on and hoped huge we would choose to follow it! God's Love is a two-way choice. We chose to completely receive it, we choose to wholly give it.
  • God's love is Infinite in nature! God's love is not stagnate in us. He seeds His living love in us. It grows, it bears Kingdom fruit in our lives.
  • What a love! Jesus stayed the course, working through horrendous human emotions until His will was broken and Kingdom love stood firm.
  • Jesus showed us that love is worth sacrificing for. He showed us that true love does not come easy. He taught us that temptations are strong to have a love that is self centered, a love that is not powerful in sacrifice.
  • Jesus showed us that our love walk is shored up by prayer and by laying down our will before our Father God.
  • Oh, to love like Jesus did. He choose to put His pure life into the hands of sinful men whose wills were bent by selfish disobedient pride. All for us! Oh what a love!
  • Jesus' dedication to God enriched His love with the strength of self sacrifice and a will bent outward, away from inner selfishness - towards Kingdom purpose
  • We were wanted! We were wanted so much that both The Father God and The Son, Jesus made an extreme sacrifice.
  • How can we not respond to so great a love?
  • Immeasurable - Incalculable love! We can't figure it out, we can't out spend it, we can't calculate the inestimable fathomless value of it.
  • Because Jesus' love stayed the narrow course of death on our behalf, it did not stray from its Kingdom purpose and we have eternal life.
  • It is a courageous love, a love that is not afraid of sacrifice, a willess love that forfeited its kingship rights to become a worldly pauper.
  • This love that Jesus has for the Bride of Christ is hard to wrap my earthy mind around as it saturates my heart with eternal hope.
  • So much was given up for me, for us that we might be able to receive eternal life. God thought of us as that valuable, that He gave His Only Son to be crucified. This impacting love demands an impacting response, a response from the all of us.
  • If I believe in Jesus, then I will respond to Him with a complete trust.
  • Trust is clinging to God when the world wants to pull you away.
  • Reciprocating love relies on the lover of its soul to guide the way in this world, so our affections are not wasted on temporary things.
  • I feel like God's love completed the circle of life in me, there is no more dead end. I have a future and a hope in my now.
  • God's love makes me whole-hearted, which to me means I don't have to do things completely by my will, my obedience does not divide me, it is will powered and heart felt!
  • A Loyal Love Relationship, this is what I have with my AWE-GOD!
  • It was only because of His Love, that He chose me. Yes, He chose me, who at times is the worst of the worst. He chose me!
  • God's Love is a freeing love, it redeems us now and forever because it is faithful and true.
  • God's love can stand the test of the grip of evil, it endures until all is set in righteousness, I can depend on this!

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