Friday, January 2, 2009

Grow 2 Go!

Today, January 1st 2009

I Am Starting On A Champions Road Trip

…A God Adventure For 2009

Called: "Grow 2 Go!"


Hey friends! Happy New Year!

I sense the Lord is taking me on a Champions Road Trip this year of 2009. I am going to "Grow 2 Go"! Jesus has promised to shake up some of my "natural" senses this year and help me to learn to live more in the "supernatural" light of God's Presence, Purpose, Promise and Provision by the direction of His Holy Spirit! I am hoping huge that I can learn to stay in Pace with God's Presence in my all and everything, from moment to moment with an endurance that is beyond what I could imagine or hope for! Grow 2 Go! G2G! That is my tall order for 2009! I know that this year, I am destined to learn "endurance that perseveres past the natural to the supernatural" so I can GROW 2 Go! I have a feeling that it will continue my last year's adventure of "willessness 2 completely"! HMMMMM! Okay now…. LOL! J

I guess the logical first thoughts are: where do I begin? Where am I now in view of my body and spiritual health? I usually stay on a pretty consistent diet of natural food, spiritual food and exercise. I call it a "lifestyle diet"!

*****MY BODY………………………………………………….

My body weight does not fluctuate too much, it pretty much stays the same; my spiritual attitudes usually are hopeful, my will is being shaped daily by God and my body is relatively strong for my age. Over the past five years I have learned to eat 80 percent of the time really good and 20 percent, I enjoy some things that I love: chocolate, ice cream, coconut cake, french fries, pastries and pizza! Which translates into looking like this: Monday-Friday a good diet and the weekends, a fun diet!!! LOL!

*****MY SPIRIT………………………………………………….

Spiritually, I ingest the Word daily, and stay in God's Presence trying to keep pace with what He is doing and be Holy Spirit led! I have not really read through the bible in years or done an indebt study on a book of the bible for a while because as an exhorter/encourager for God, my study is more topical.


In the past five years, I did very little physical exercise! Booo Hooo! I was really out of balanced in this area of my life and the only thing I did was walk when I could fit it in. This past year as Pastor Tom Mullins ( spoke on being a Champion In Christ, I was really convicted in the area of exercise and began exercising daily and also began a Cause to keep me accountable with those on facebook called: Step It Up!

The last two years as a Champion In Christ, I had a lot of ups and downs as the Lord was adjusting my will through situations: job losses, moving, family changes, relational problems, financial crashes and the shaping of a very strong will… therefore, unfortunately I did not stay as disciplined on my life-style diet and I gained about 15 pounds in body fat and probably a lot more in spiritual "fat"! I do believe though, that at the end of this Road Trip God Adventure of 2009, that I will have learned an "endurance" that paces me through life's adversities causing me to not just "go through to get through" but to "grow 2 go" and keep myself in a good shape, a body and spirit that is balanced, set and ready to "Grow 2 Go" …enduring until the end of my life race in Christ Jesus!


As 2009 begins, I sense that the Lord wants to teach me something about a "spiritual endurance" that comes as a result of learning to tap into His will power, His Mind, His Attitudes, His strength, His Purpose and His Word; as I learn to consistently stay in pace with His Presence, Purpose, Promise and Provisions on my life path. Yes, The Road Trip Adventure Of 2009 Begins! First, the Lord has asked me to Grow 2 Go, and I have decided to do it, this Road Trip Adventure with Jesus! So these past couple of days, I feel that I am being led into a "spiritual diet-fast" that is going to be somewhat very different from my past crazy diets! LOL!! I am going to take the next 40 days to shape up my body, soul and spirit in a fast of sorts that will be led by the Holy Spirit as I begin a new God Adventure in 2009 called: Grow 2 Go! I already know, I can't do this on my own! Help me Jesus, help me friends!


The adventure begins! Champions Road Trip 2009! Grow 2 Go! Want to join me? Take some time today and listen to God's Holy Spirit and let Him set your pace for your Champions Road Trip in 2009!

For the next 7 days the Lord has prescribed this fast for me:

Shaping My Spirit

First out of bed: ½ hour a day on my face, still before the Lord. All Day:No TV-DVD for 7 days. Read Through Book of Isaiah. Write Daily In A Road Trip Adventure 2009 Journal. Listen to the Lord for directions for the next week of my 2009 Road Trip! Pray for endurance to be able to Grow 2 Go!

Shaping My Body

Arbonne Cleanse: 7 day natural body cleanse, a dietary supplement that you drink with 32 ounces of water for 7 straight days.

Liquid diet for 7 days: Arbonne Protein powder shakes; Homemade Vegetable Stock Soup; Whole Fruit Smoothies; Green Tea-Natural Fruit Teas; Water 6 glasses a day. Daily Exercise At Clubhouse Gym: 20 min Walker; 10 min bicycle; Arms-Pilates Weights; Stomach Pilates Exercise

Shaping My Will

Grow and Go! Start a journal to express gratefulness, thanksgiving, gratitude. GTG! Grow To Go attitude shaper! Write at least 7 GTG statements a day!

Shaping My Soul

Led To Listen! Let the Holy Spirit lead me to two Christian songs a day during this 7 day fast. Listen and meditate on two songs a day and write out statements of praises to God in my G2G Journal.

Okay now… here I go with: Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit and little old me! One day at a time, each step, moment to moment determined to stay in Pace with God's Presence, Power, Peace, Provision, Promise and Purpose! If you want to join me in this Road Trip God Adventure of 2009:

  • Email me or facebook me and let me know.
  • Facebook:Kimberly McCarthy! I will post daily under my Cause: Step It Up! So Join This Cause and Grow 2 Go on our 2009 Road Trip With Jesus!
  • For those who are not on facebook, I will also daily post my Road Trip God Adventures at Yet, I invite you to join: I think it is an amazing place to encourage others and stay in touch: Talk It Up! Jesus Christ! Grow 2 Go!

Here are your choices for G2G!:

  1. Be A Prayer Partner: Pray for me as I take this Road Trip God Adventure in 2009!
  2. Be A Blog Reader: ( Be Encouraged, Learning From My Road Trip Journal!
  3. Be An Accountability Partner: Be One Of My Accountability Partners In G2G!
  4. Join The Road Trip: Keeping My Pace That God Daily Prescribes For Me!
  5. Join The Road Trip: Asking God For Your Own Pace For This Road Trip God Adventure In 2009!
  6. Join The Facebook Cause: Step It Up: Write Your Own Road Trip Journal Thoughts! Be Accountable! Post It On This Wall To Encourage Me and Others! Talk It Up!

Join With Me On This 2009 Road Trip God Adventure! BE Accountable!

Either which way… Just Do It! Take A God Adventure Road Trip In 2009!

Email me at with the subject G2G and let me know what you decide!


Get Set! Set Your Pace With God's Presence! Get Ready… GROW 2 GO!

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